Thursday, August 21, 2008


I had just woke up and turned on the weather channel. It was going to be hot today in the upper 80's as I rolled out of bed. I took a quick shower and put on my tight jogging shorts and a white cut off shirt to show off my abs. I laced uo my shoes and opend the front door. I lived near the Rose Bowl in Pasadena and loved to run around the outside of the stadium. I just moved here awhile back and decided to pick back up on my jogging routine.

I picked up some water just outside the metal fence that surrounds the Rose Bowl. I was jogging for a few minutes when I decided to sit down and remove a rock in my shoe. I took off my right shoe and removed my sock. It turned out to be a pennie. I must have dropped in my laundry basket. I took a sip and wiped away the sweat from my forehead. It was still a little early when I finally saw a few joggers pass by. They were listening to there Ipods and talking. First 2 girls then 2 set of guys passed by.

I bent over to put my right shoe back on. I heard a women giggle as she ran passed me on the bench. I looked up and watched as she jogged away from me. I jumped off the bench and follwed her. She looked amzaing in a pair of tight shorts and a loose top. I could see her sport bra was holding up a nice pair as she ran in front of me. I was sweating and trying to kep up as she still ran in front of me. I stayed back about 10 feet as I could hear her breathing. Her fine body moved as she ran. I saw her look over her shoulder a couple of times.

She finally stopped up ahead and I had drifted a little back. She was trying to get a drink of water from a fountain. The fountain was not working and I stopped nect to her. She was till trying as I pulled out my bottle of water. "Would you like some. Nice day for a jog!" I said. She smiled and took my water drinking it. Little droplets of water fell down the bottle onto her chin then onto her chest.

I smiled as her top got a little wet. She put down the water and gave me the once over with her sexy eyes. "My name Buck. What's yours?" "Laura!! Thanks for the water. I jog here some times and have never seen you before." "I just moved here from Maryland!" I said. "That's nice. Are you going to follow me or run next to me, now that we know each other a little more.' said Laura. I smiled and ran next to her for some time.

She smiled as she watched my stomach and short shorts move. I saw her drift back and check out my asss as I ran a little harder for her. I dropped back also to check her nice ass, then watched as she tried to show off her delisciuos cleavage. We did this for some time before we took a break near some trees.

She sat dwon first as I held her hand untill she got comfortable on the grass. She looked up into my eyes. My knees got weak as I looked into her eyes. We made some small talk for about 20 minutes before she said. "Do you live around here?" "I'm not sure how far I live away from here." I said. "I noticed your pretty hot and sweaty. Your shirt is really wet. I live, not to far away and I can dry your shirt while you wait." said Laura. I miled as we jogged back to her place.

We got back to her place and we walked through the frontt door. I saw all the pictures off her family and friends around the house. She gave me a quick tour. I loved her red couch in the living room and she got me a cold drink from the kitchen. She sipped it first then handed it to me. I took a small sip and smiled. "My dryer is just inside here. Hmm, that's if you still want it dried." said Laura. I smiled as I pulled it over my head. Laura reachd up and ran her long nails up my back helping me take off my shirt.

I followed her into the laudry room and she placed it in the dryer. I smiled when she bent over to start the dryer. "Well that's that. We have a few minutes Mpph!!!" said Laura. I had leaned in to give her a kiss on her beautiful lips. She retunred the kiss with passion and I pulled her closer to me. I reached around her sexy hips and down her back holding her just abouve her nice ass. She closed her eyes as we kissed more haevily. I could feel her breathing increased as she pushed her chest into my body.

She smelled very sexy as her hair was on my back as she sucked on my neck. I could feel her stand on her tippy toes as she draggged her nails down my back to the top of my ass. After a few minutes we both came up for air. She parted my mouthe with her tongue had let out a big Muwah!!!! Laura grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the laudry room. I followed her as we walked through the kitchen into the living room, she spun me around a pushed me on the red couch.

She stood in front of me and looked down at me. I reached up and she gently began to straddle my lap on the ccuch. We started to kiss more passionatley as I rubbed my hands all over her body. She reached down and rubbed my nipples, giving them a soft squeeze at first then harder. I reached up and massaged her back as she rubbed her ass on my now erect shorts. She looked down at my lap and smiled. She grapped my hands and placed them onto her breast. She removed her top and then her sexy sports bra. They were amazing as I touched and gently rubbed them. Laura smiled and looked nto my eyes as she held onto the back of my head.

She brought my head up to her soft breast and I began to kiss and lick her breast. I payed closed attention to her nipples, Sucking each one with my big lips. I used my tongue and took small bites with my open mouth on her aeroles. I closed my eyes as she squirmed on my lap. I felt her began to rub my chest getting lower to my crotch. She got off my lap and was now sitting next to me as she leaned back over my chest to rub it. I could feel her right hand inch lower down my thigh. She scraped her nails along the inside of my thigh.

I next felt her left hand trace my upper abs. I smiled when I fianlly felt her trace the outline of my erect cock in my shorts. She gently rubbed her middle finger on the tip of my cock. She began to kiss me again as she began to tug on my shorts. I shifted my body to give her better access to my memeber. My shorts finally were pulled down half way down my legs. My shorts were on my shoes as my legs were spread open.

I could feel Laura start to play with my cock. She gripped it with her sexy hands from the base and pulled up to the top. My cock was fully erect after just 2 strokes froom this goddess. She ran her finger nails on my hairless balls as she cupped my big warm balls. I layed my neck back as she stopped kissing me and began to feed my cock into her hot mouth. She took him slowly before she got almost all in her hot mouth. She was licking the tip and squezzing my shaft as she picked up the rythm.

I reachd over with my left hand to fondle her brerast. My other hand was stuck undera pillow next to the arm rest. She reached up and tossed the cushion on to the floor. I placed my hand on her head as she made slurping noise's on my cock. I reached over with my left hand and puled down her shorts. I could smell a sweet musk smell as she help pull them to the top of her shoes. I gently reached over between her legs. I rubbed the outside of her pussy. I rubbed her juicy lips and top of her labia as she opended her legs farther. I put one finger inside her as she pulled off my cock and let out a big "Sighh. O fucking yes!!!!"

I watched as she got off the couch. She bent over pulling her shorts and flung her shoes onto the chair next to the couch. I jumped off taking off my shorts and shoes. She sat facing me with a big smile on her face. I got down on my knees and starred over her pussy mound into her eyes. She leaned back as I ran my hands up her thighs and around her stomach.

She gasped as I stuck my tongue into her pussy. She tasted sweet as her wetness came over her body. I kept playing with her clit and sucking on her juiscy lips. I put in my middle finger than my index finger into her tight pussy. I turned my fingers so the palm of my hand touched the front of her pussy, She closed her eyes and pulled on the back of my neck as I ate her wet pussy. After two more orgasm I gently got on my feet.

She leaned up and took my erect cock back inot her mouth getting him all nice and wet. She leaned back into the couch and moved her pussy over the edge. I crouched down and slapped my dick on her pussy mound. She gasped again as I slowly inserted my cock into her tight pussy, Damn she was tight and felt great as my mmeber slowly slid all the way in. I reachd up to fondle her breast ans he ran her nails down my back as we fucked. First soft than harder and harder. My sweat was beating off my body onto her chest. She gripped my small ass and squezzed as I slammd her body harder.

I opend my eyes and could see her eyes were glased over as she breathed harder and harder. I reached up to the red couch trying to get a grip as I plunged deeper and harder into her. My cock was coming out slow but slamming back inot her hot pussy. I could feel her warm walls coat my shaft. My big purple haead slammed passed her lips to greath depths. I closed my eyes and grunted a few more times as she screamed.

I had to think of different things so I would not come before I flipped her over on to her sotmach. I had to see her ass from behind before I came. I stood up and she got on her knees and looked over her left shoulder like she had at the Rose Bowl. I almost came right there but I slapped her ass. She pushed her face into the couch and I got right behind her. I slowly slid my dick inside her. Now at a diffrent angle she screamed and held onto the top of the couch. I rammed my cock in to her as I held onto her hips as her body shook from another orgasm. I could not last any more and pulled out as she looked over her shoulder. I aim my cock at her ass and big white spurts off cum blasted onto her ass. My cock head opened up and she shook her ass as it hit all of her juicy ass,

Laura reachd back and scoped off some off my sperm. I closed my eyes and fell backwards onto the floor. I was laying there and looked up as Laura was standing over me. Her body was dripping of sweat and her vagina was still wet as her thighs were all glistening. She reached back with her fingers to scoop some more off her butt.

"Are you ok?? That's good!!" As I shook my head "yes!!" "I hope you got more where that came from Young Buck. I got the day off and you ass is mine!!! Follow me to my bedroom I am going to give you a spponge bath, I'm a nurse honey!!!

"Nurse Lala if your nasty!!!!"

Love Buck

Hope you liked
I konw I did.

I'll be back for more shirt tomorrow. (LOL)


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