Monday, August 4, 2008

Grocery Shopping

I was just getting my shopping cart when I spotted you heading to the
produce section. You were eating some grapes and licking you fingers
as you pushed your shopping cart. You were wearing big gold hoop
earrings and had on a white top that barely covered your big breast.
You nipple was poking through the fabric as you ass shook in your
tight blue jeans. Your jeans were probably 2 size two small but they
hung low on your hips and just covered the top of you big thick ass.
You measured about 42 FF and 40 inch hips and a 38 inch big ol booty.

Your jeans stretched down you nice big thighs and stopped about 2
inches from your ankles just below your calves. I could make out
your tattoo and your finger nails matched your toe nails. I loved
the way you feet were accented in the 4inch wooden platform pumps. I
almost crashed into a display of Corn as you picked up a melon and
were feeling around the edges. I almost dropped a load in my pants
when you felt up a huge cucumber and rubbed it on your chest. I
watched as you picked up different fruits and vegetables and your
body shaked as you rubbed them in your hands.

I watched as you went down each aisle in the grocery store. First
only men were watching as you passed them but a few ladies in the
meat section stopped and starred when you smiled at the butcher. I
then followed you over to the frozen food section. You stuck your
body inside to get out some whipped topping and then some ice cream.
Your nipples were now erect under your white shirt. I smiled as I
followed you next to the Mexican section of the store and you bent
over picking out different items from the bottom shelf.

I was breathing heavy and just throwing in items randomly as I
followed your ass around the store. You finally went to the front
and check out. You made the cashier blush and the man bagging your
grocery had to hide is erection behind the paper bags. I pushed my
cart to the side and followed you out to the parking lot.

I stayed behind trying to think what to do next. I watched as you
put everything in your trunk of your car. I moved around the front
of the car. You then opened your door turned around and pushed your
cart back to the front of the store. I waited a few seconds and
slipped into the back seat behind the driver side. The car moved
slightly as you got in and you shut your door. You turned on the a/c
and then turned on some music. I heard the rear view mirror move as
you backed up and then put the car into drive.

I peeked up over the front seat and you were driving the car. You
smiled as you saw me look over your body in the mirror. I looked as
you were running your nails along your gear shaft of the car smiling
at me. You gripped the steering wheel with your left hand. I could
smell your sweet perfume and noticed your breathing had increased. I
whispered I love your body in your ear causing your face to blush. I
started to kiss your neck and gently bite your ear lopes causing you
to scream.

I started to massage you neck with my left hand. I brought my right
hand around your front brushing up against your erect nipples. Your
lower body squirmed on the leather seats. I smiled as you closed
your eyes and winked at me again. I slowly unbutton your white top
and freed you breast as they cascaded down your body stopping on your
seat belt. I tweaked and fondled your breast as you bit your upper
lip. You mouthed "Yes" as both my hands fondled your "Chi Chi's".
You leaned forward so your shirt fell on the seat.

I watched as you stopped the car at the next light and yanked down
your tight jeans onto the floor boards. I was excited when I saw
your thongs was laying onto top of your jeans. I could smell the
musk scent as I started to finger your pussy. You came quickly the
first time and then about 15 minutes later on my three fingers. You
followed a van around a hotel into the back lot.

The place was empty just your car behind two big green dumpsters. You
quickly got out the car naked. You pushed the seat forward and
climbed into the back seat. You climbed on my big cock and I held on
to your big thick ass. Got damn your pussy is so tight and you feel
so good on my shaft. My big balls slapped under your pussy as you
rammed your hot pussy on my cock. Before you could come again I
started to unload in your pussy. Then you orgasmed and fell onto my
chest. Your hair was in my face and I pulled out my finger from your
ass hole. I could feel your wetness drip down onto my lap.

You drove home and I helped with putting away the food. I walked over
and you gave me a big kiss and a hug. I got back to my car later and
checked my pockets. You had slipped me a grocery list for next week
and directions to a different store farther from your house.