Monday, August 4, 2008

Balcony Fuck

I had just moved into my new Condo when I was siting on my balcony on
the 20th floor over looking lake Michigan. I could hear the vacuum
cleaner noise coming from the condo to my right. They had left the
sliding glass door open.

I leaned back in my chair and took a peek into the living room of my
neighbors. They had some box's on the floor and a few articles of
clothing laying around on some chairs near the window. I heard the
vacuum cleaner get closer when I spotted the women who was making so
much noise. She was a hot thick blonde women who wore a black two
piece bathing suit that barely contained her big ass and breast.
She measured about 46EE and her ass was about 40.
My mouth dropped as she was vacuuming in her big wooden platform shoes
that caused her body to shake as she strutted around her living room.

I froze for a minute as she got close to the open door to the
balcony. I got off my chair and climbed over the railing separating
our condos on the 20th floor. I was now standing inches from the open
door as she continued to strutt around her living room. A few
minutes later she stopped the vacuum and went to her kitchen sink.
She filled a container full of water and headed back toward her

I looked around to hide but it was too late. She walked passed me
and smiled. She was pouring the water into some plants on the
balcony near the railing I just climbed over. She smiled again as
she looked over her shoulder and stared into my eyes. Her big thick
ass was bent over and her tits hung down to her waist.

I walked over to her and put my hand on her ass. She did not move
but kept pouring water on to her plant. I was getting very hard and
when she did not protest when I moved her bathing suit bottom and
touched her pussy mound, I freed my big cock from my Dockers.

I found her wet opening and shoved my cock all the way into her tight
hole. She had straighten up and was holding the metal railing as I
fucked her pussy faster and faster. She tensed up and came on my
cock making me fall out her pussy and slap the inside of her meaty
thighs. I quickly put it back and continues to fuck this thick
Latina with my big hairy balls slapping her ass. I gripped her big
hips and thrusted one than two times before I pulled out. She
quickly got on her knees and I blasted thick white streams on her
face. She licked her fingers and scoped up my cumm into her hot

I watched as she got up off her knees and headed back inside her
Condo. I pulled up my pants and climbed over to my balcony. About
two hours later when I was taking a shower I heard a vacuum cleaner
inside my Condo. A moment later the curtains to my shower open and
in came the blonde from next door. She got the Super to open my
Condo and had cleaned my living room. She was a little sweaty from
cleaning and wanted to take a shower before going home. My dick was
getting hard as she soaped her big ass.