Sunday, November 16, 2008

Math Class - Student vs Teacher Buck

I was new at the school. Only been there for about month before classes started in late August. I was the track coach part time and did not start training for croos country until the end of September. I kept in good shape with flat abs to go along with my 6ft 4 frame. I had to run to keep up with these kids at the school.

I did not start until 2nd period on Mondays, so I got in early to set up my desk and write my name on the chalk board. The bell rang and the door to my class open. In came each kid and they took a seat alphabetic to there last name. I took a quick roll call around the room. Everyone was present accept for Summer Smith. I waited a few minutes and about 15 minutes into class the door open and in came a cute blonde about 5ft 5. She looked at the chalk board and said "Sorry I am late Mr. Kelly but I was in the principal offices." I looked her from head to toe. She was very hot and had a nice big chest. Long legs and a very tight butt inside her black leather mini skirt. "Take a seat up front right over there." I said.

She walked over and sat in front of my desk. I figured she was late might as well take a peek while she is in class. My wife left me about a year ago for not being home alot because of teaching. I Had gone out on a few dates but needed a fresh start. The week went fast and Friday seem to come faster than usual. I was drinking some coffee in the teachers lounge. I finally got to meet the principal who stopped in to say hi. Mindy White was about 5ft 8 in heels with long curly black hair over her shoulders. She had a perfect tan from head to toe. She wore big hoop earrings and a gold bracelet that hung on her wrist. She wore bright red lipstick and every male teacher followed her in the teachers lounge.

Another two weeks went by and all my kids in my class were doing well. A few were late but nothing out of the ordinary. I was only worried about one kid and you may have guest it was Summer Smith. She missed a few days and forgot to turn in last week assignment. I was grading some papers about half hour after last period. I heard the hallways clear out and the janitor sweep the hallway.

I went and locked my door. I pulled the shade up and looked down the hallway. It was almost an hour after classes and the school was empty. I was putting my test papers in my briefcase when I heard a knock at the door. I walked over and open the door. As I stuck my head around the corner of the door I saw Summer Smith standing inches from the door. "Hi, Mr. Kelly. Do you have a minute? I was wondering if I could talk." she said. "Sure come on in. Why don't you sit at your desk." I said. I pointed and closed the door. It locked behind me as I walked behind her towards my big metal desk.

Summer had put her hair in a big pony tail. She painted her lips and finger nails pink. She had a pink Hello Kitty t-shirt pulled over her enormous chest and tiny white mini skirt that barely covered her ass. I sat down and looked over my desk straiting my tie. I looked over and my sport coat was on the stand next to the front door. "Summer what brings you to my class room today? How come you have missed some days and assignments?" I said. "Mr. Kelly I have been having problems at home. My Dad and Mom just got a divorce. He is leaving us and moving in with his secretary. I got my mid month grades in the mail. Your class is the only one I am not doing good in. I was hoping for some extra credit or something. I will do anything not to fail." she said.

"I am not sure there is anything I can do at the moment. You need to buckle down and hand in your home work." I said. "Well I am trying but I don't think I am smart enough. My Dad says I am going to end up like my Mom dancing for tables at the airport. I was hoping there might be a better option for your class. I mean with in reason." she giggled. I frown and looked around the room. Was she coming on to me. Was the door locked. Had anybody seen here. Was I hoping or just over imaging this girl advances." "I am not sure I can help." I said.

"What would it take to get a passing grade. I mean a C or B not an A. No one would believe that. Math is hard Mr. Kelly." She said. I put my hand under my chin and looked puzzled. Summer sat in her chair and crossed her legs. I followed her subtle legs as I stared at her lower body. I saw her pussy was all trim with just a small patch above her cunt. I then saw her move her hand down inside her legs. She scrapped her long pink nails up the inside of her thighs. "Mr. Kelly you looked flushed." she said "What did you say. Umm Umm what are you doing." I said.

Before I could say anything she had moved out of her desk. She moved around my desk with a big smile on her face. She bent over my chair and her hair ran into my face. Then I felt her left hand go down my shirt and to the top of my pants. I looked at her eyes as she felt my hard chest. She stopped and began to kiss my lips. I was french kissing her as she bit my upper lip. I moved my hand around her small hips and felt her firm ass next to my face. She was a little unsteady on her platform shoes and leaned against me for balance.

I unbuckled her mini skirt and it fell to her ankles. She stepped out of it and smiled. I saw her pussy was glistening and I rubbed the top of her mound. She stepped back as I got to my feet. She dropped down on to her knees on top of her mini skirt. She reached up and unbuckled my pants. They fell to the floor along with my underwear. I took of my white cotton button down shirt and tie and through them on my chair. She had already licked of a big glop of pre cum on the end of my hard 9 inches. She then started to suck and run her tongue down the length of my cock. "Mr. Kelly it's so big. I never -- UMMpgh" as I stuffed my wet cock back into her mouth.

I reached down and played with her pony tail as she continued to suck my cock. It had been a few weeks since I had cumm. I had watched my neighbors one night and cam in my hand as I looked out my bedroom window. I looked down as Summer ran her tiny pink nails on my hair balls and she finally deep throated my cock to the base. She smiled as she realized she took in all 9inches into her hot mouth and back of her throat. I smiled as she spat it back out and it made a big suction noise "POP!!!!"

She had her right hand on my hair thigh and her right hand was now playing with her pussy. I saw her pull her hand out and her pussy orgamsed for the first time. I took my hands of her pony tail and place them on her chest. I ran my fingers around her big nipples and fondled her huge chest. She smiled as I twisted her nipples. "Damn Mr. Kelly you now how to handle my big boobs. yeah baby!!!! Damn your cock is hard. Spit -" she said. I pulled her boobs around my cock and began to titty fuck her. She smiled as this may have been the first time her breast were used in this manner.

I picked up the tempo and began to really fuck her breast harder and harder. Her face and lips sucked the top of my penis as it came thought her cleavage. My legs started to get weak and I looked at her little pink lips. She realized what was going to happen and grabbed my dick with her little hands. She began to pump my big cock aiming the end at her mouth. She opened wide pen and he first big spurt flew and it her chin. She adjusted and caught the second and the third and place my cock into her mouth. She slurped and sucked my cock dry.

She was still on the ground when we heard the principal over the loud speaker. "The School will be closing in ten minutes please clear the school." Summer passed me my pants and I handed her her Hello Kitty shirt. "Here Mr. Kelly. This is my address and phone number. My Mom will be home late tomorrow. Maybe you can stop bye and help me after school. I need a passing grade." said Summer.

I smiled as I walked to my car. I ran into Principle White and she told me that Summer Mom would be at the PTA meeting next week and wanted to see me about her daughter grade. Mrs. White asked me to come to school early before everyone else she needed some help in her office. Turns out her husband left last week because she spends to much time at the school.

More to cumm.

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