Sunday, November 16, 2008

Camping Trip - Part 1

It was close to 8am when I finally got the truck packed for camping. I was heading down to North Carolina for some camping and fishing. I had packed for a week long trip in the woods. I had thrown in a big 4 person tent. A air bed with really fine cotton sheets. I had even brought along a big sleeping bag. I had thrown the canoe on the roof and the supplies in the back seat.

It was pushing almost noon when I need a break from the road. I also had to use the bathroom. I saw a sign up head for a gas station off the main highway. I was just outside Lenoir N.C. I pulled down the dirt road into the gas station to fill up. I filled up the truck with unleaded and headed inside to pay. There was a small diner attached to the gas station with a few people inside eating. I paid the clerk and went in the back of the station to use the bathroom. I walked back and got some cold beer and some chips for the road. I was standing there paying when I heard a women voice.

"Yeah, Yeah you had your chance. How many times can a girl wait for you. This is the third and last time you stand me up!!!" said the girl. I heard her click her cell phone. "Fucking men!!! Another wasted day waiting for a man to take me out." she said. I turned and looked down from my 6ft 4 bod. She was quite striking standing there with a upside down grin. Her hair was brunette with blonde streak just off the shoulders. She was wearing tight blue jeans and a red shirt stretched over her amazing breast. I looked down and she had on some brown hiking boots and a small duffel bag next to her purse.

I smiled and she finally looked up into me blue eyes. She smiled and shook her head to the side. She had put her hand on her hip just over her black leather belt. I noticed she had gold hoop earrings. Her finger nails were painted white on the tips and she smelled great. "Hi, My name is Buck. Are you ok Miss." I said. She smiled again. "Maybe, I finally got someone to watch my kids for a couple of days. I was suppose to go on a trip with this guy. We were going to his cabin in the woods. He decided to take his buddies instead. I guess I am not important, that Dick!!" she said. "Hmm, that is to bad. Sure is hard to find a baby sitter and get time off of from work. I finally got away from work for a week. But it does help you own the company." I said.

She looked down at her bag and than again back at me. "Where are you going. Your not from around these parts." she said. "I'm from Baltimore and I was going camping in the woods north of here. I got my truck outside and canoe for fishing. I have enough supplies for the week." I said. "Wow that's cool. well at least one of his going to have fun." she said. "Sorry!!" I said. "Oh by the way my name Crystal. Any ideas what I can do next?" she said. I shrugged my shoulder. Deep down I wanted to invite her to go camping but was kinda of shy. "Hey I got an idea. Can I go with you. I mean I grew up in these parts. I know them like the back of my hand. You won't get lost. I like camping. I can paddle and hike really good." she said.

Before I new it she was sitting next to me as we drove off. I tried to hit a few pot holes to see her jiggle in the seat next to me. She smiled and we made small talk as I drove. We played some music on the radio as he pointed out the scenery. We made fun of people riding in cars that we passed. It was almost 1:30 when we finally pulled into the parking spot of the State Park. We got out and she helped unload everything. I really liked when she leaned up and her boobs rub against the window of the truck as reached up to pull the canoe down. I hope she did not noticed I was getting hard watching her ass shake.

We put everything in the canoe and she got in the front. I paddled from the back. I locked the doors and she called her kids one last time. Her phone had a message and she laughed when we got about a mile down the river. "That son of bitch text me a message with another girl name. Mother Fucker!!!!!" said Crystal. I winced in the back. I watched as she pulled up her oar. She pulled up her shirt and pulled her collar out as she began to sweat. "Thanks for taking me Buck. This is fun. I really like camping." she said. "No problem Crystal glad your having fun.

We talked some more and made camp around 3pm. She went to gather fire wood. I pitched the ten and blew up the air mattress. I made the bed and threw on two big pillows and the sleeping bag. She started to fire. I got out two steaks and the beer. She made some baked potatoes and we finished the meal off with a some cheese cake she had bought for her trip. It was starting to get a little colder out. I put on a few logs on the fire. She got up and went into her bag and got out a sweat shirt. "I will be right back Buck. I have to powder my nose." she said. "Here take a flash light and call me if you need some help." I said.

It was almost 45 minutes before she came back. She had changed into a big grey sweat shirt and pants. She had kicked off her hiking boots and put on some big black fluffy slippers. She turned around and I saw her boobs flip to the right. I could tell she had taken off her bra. When she sat down in front of me and I looked down I could see she was naked underneath her sweat pants. I smiled as she moved her amazing ass back in front of my lap. I swung my legs open and she leaned back in to my chest. "Wow the stars are great tonight. A full moon. I did not even need the flash light. I saw you made the tent very nice inside." she said.

I smiled as she put her hands on my calves and rubbed them. She started to untie my boots and gently took them off. She took off my socks and began to rub the top of my feet. I began to rub her neck and outside of her sweat shirt on her back. She moved her head back and forth as I massaged her back. She leaned forward as I traced my fingers down her back. Crystal finally said. "Buck it OK. You can rub inside my shirt. Here baby." I watched as she pulled her shirt over her head and placed it on the ground next the fire. Her skin was amazing next to the flicker of the fire. I began to massage her naked back as her breathing increased.

I watched as she began to massage higher up my leg to my thigh. She leaned back and ran her hands under my shirt feeling my hard abs tighten. She closed her eyes as I leaned down and began to kiss her neck. I heard her moan for the first time as she pulled my hands around the front of her waist. I could feel her large boobs on the top of my big hands. Her nipples were hard as I tweaked them with my two fingers. She gasped for air and jammed her ass back into my crotch. I think she felt my erection for the first time. All 8 1/2 inches was hard inside my jeans.

I watched as she got up and began to unbuckle her tight jeans. She placed the black belt around my neck and pulled me to my feet. She was now naked and ripped my shirt off my chest. She ran her hands and kissed my nipples. My abs and flat stomach contracted as I felt her soft boobs on them. I then felt her hand unbuckle my jeans. They fell to the ground. I had on my white cotton briefs. She looked down and traced my hard cock with her right middle finger. She could see my purple head was engorged as she pulled down on my under wear. First the tip and then the whole length hit my stomach as she forced off my briefs in front of the fire.

I looked down as she got on her knees. She sucked the precum off the tip of my big cock. She then spit on him as she sucked harder and harder. Her whole mouth was full as she made huge slurping noises. I could hear the trees moving and a few owls and birds in the distance. I looked down as she stroked my big balls and dick. I felt her move her hand around my butt giving it a nice squeeze. I felt her hair hit my stomach as she deep throated my cock. i could feel her breast rub against my thigh and knee cap. I saw her drop her right hand to play with her pussy, I reached down and fondled her chest causing her to close her eyes. I picked up the pace and began to fuck her face faster. She pulled off my cock after 20 minutes and yelled. "Fuck baby give me that cumm. Show me how you like it. Show me some big boy. Fuck yes!! Come on Come on!!!" I leaned back as my knees got weak. I looked straight ahead as she aimed my cock at her mouth. The first shot hit the back of her throat then next her chin. She quickly leaned forward engulfing my cock. Spasm after spasm filled her mouth. She did not miss an ounce swallowing me whole.

Crystal got up and I held her hand back to the tent. I unzipped the tent and she crawled in. She way lying on her back as I got between her legs with my face. I reached up with my right hand and began to fondle her breast. She look down her body as I smiled above her pussy mound. My eyes got bigger as her pussy lips got bigger in my face. I used my free hand to trace circles on the outside of her thighs and pussy. I stuck one finger in my mouth and then slowly inserted it passed her cunt lips. She closed her eyes and bit her upper lip. I then ran my large tongues on her labia causing her to breath heavier. I swirled my tongue clockwise then the opposite way inside her pussy. I held on to her stomach and tits as she squirmed around. I felt her release her juices into my mouth after a short period.

"Fuck baby!! That's it!! I'm cumming, You made me cum camping boy. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck me big boy. Put the huge cock in my pussy!!!" she said. I kept eating her pussy for another 30 minutes and two more orgasm before I got on my knees. I slowly leaned forward inserting my hard cock into her tight pussy. She was on fire inside as we picked up rhythm. I slammed her faster and faster as she moaned beneath me. "Damn baby your pussy is so god damn hot. I love fucking you!! Fuck!! grunt grunt!! Grunt AArrrggghhh. I was cumming hard and she tensed up and orgasms on my cock. Are juices mixed as I continued to fuck her.

I heard the birds chirp outside the tent. I could feel Crystal breast rise against my face. I felt her hand release my ass as I rolled over. My cock was semi hard as I looked down at her. Her breast had small red marks from my biting and sucking them last night. I had cumm at least 4 times before we fell asleep. I went outside and made us breakfast. I fed her in bed as she kissed and made out before we got dressed.

She help me put the fishing poles and bait in the canoe. I slapped her ass and we kissed as we paddled out in the middle of a lake near the river. It was nice and calm as we had a beer and set are lines. We both smiled at each other. I watched as she moved back to where I was sitting. She was on the middle wooden seat that was large in the canoe. She smiled as I saw her hand go inside her daisy duke shorts. She then pulled her shirt over her head causing her big tits to fall out into the open air. "Buck I need some help. Fishing makes me so horny." she said. I laughed and said "You make me horny baby."

I got in between her legs in the canoe and ate her pussy again getting it nice and wet. She turned over and got on her knees on the seat. She reached forward as I inserted my hard cock into her pussy. Damn she wet and her pussy came on my shaft again after a few strokes. I started to fuck her doggy style as the canoe shook in the water. I slapped her ass and pulled her hair as she cried out. I fucked her harder and harder as she screamed. She came again as I reached around and fondled her breast. I fell back on my seat as she got up and straddled my lap. Her ass fell down on my thighs as my cock went insider her pussy, We kissed and her breast rested on my chest. She rode my cock faster and started to bite my neck causing me to pick her up slamming her down on my cock. I was finally all the way in as she rode me for twenty minutes before I came deep inside her.

I am pretty sure the reason we did not catch any fish that day was from us screaming and fucking but I tell my friends some good fishing stories. It was only day two and there is more to the story. I think I will go get some baby oil to help my cock remind of part 2 of our story.

Crystal & Buck Camping Trip