Thursday, December 18, 2008

Connecting Room

I was on strike at the local plant for better pay. I woke up late and did basically nothing for the last month. I would go down to the plant and picket every Wednesday with my co-workers. My wife had a full time job. We were not hurting for money but she decided to sign me up to help a local high school. I was assigned to help the marching band. I drove a van with all the equipment stored in the back. My first road trip was Friday and were to be back early Monday morning.

It was nearly 3:30pm when I got the van loaded up with the equipment and got directions to the hotel about 5 hours away from the high school. I was to follow the big yellow bus with the forty kids. The band director and one assistant drove in the bus with the kids. There were about 5-6 other mini vans with parents of the kids. I had packed a few beers in a cooler. I broke the first one out before we left the parking lot. I turned on the tunes and played follow the leader.

The bus driver drove straight to the hotel. He only stopped once for the kids to take a break. I jumped out and took a leak behind the van. I zipped up in time when I heard the band director come around the van. He was looking to make sure I was ok. He took a drink of one of my beers and smiled as he walked back to the yellow bus. I followed him and the bus another hour to the hotel. The kids unload the van. I got my small carry on bag out of the van. Before I got in to the lobby I was greeted by Chuck Weathers from the plant. He was Management for the company and was on leave as the workers were on strike. He busted my balls a few minutes before I got my key. I was on the 7ft floor down the hall from the band director.
Room 714. I threw my bag on the bed. I had two queen beds in my room. I took a shower and ordered some room service.

I heard the kids run up and down the hall. A few door slams and some giggling in the hallway. Every once in awhile somebody would scream for the kids to be quite. I was laying in my boxers having a steak and a beer when I heard a knock on the wall next to my room. A few seconds later there was a knock on the door connecting my room to room 716. "Wait a second!!" I said. Who the hell this could be. My TV was quite. I was minding my own business. I looked in the mirror. My short goatee was clean. My bald head was cleaned shaved. I put on a white wife beater and button my white boxers before I opened the connecting door.

As I opened I said "Yea What??" The door opened and inside stood Chuck. "Hey neighbor. Listen I am in kinda of a pickle. The wife and I have only one bed. Our daughter plays in the band. She was being teased my some girls in the horn section. One thing lead to another and she got kicked out of her room. there are no other rooms in the hotel. They are sold out." Chuck said. I paused "What are you telling me." I said. "I talked to the wife and I suggested maybe since I called down to the front desk and explained the situation. They told me you were next door and had two beds in your room." Chuck said. "I like my room, we can't switch." I just got ready for bed." I said. "Ok, Ok, Hmm. I snore really loud and we want our little princess to get some sleep before she performs tomorrow. Let me talk to the wife one second." said Chuck. Chuck turned around and walked over to his wife on the bed.

I went back into the room and called the wife. It was after 10pm. It went straight to voice mail. She must have gone to sleep or was still out. I turned when I heard a knock at the connecting door. I opened the door and Chuck was standing a few inches from the door. "Hey buddy, I talked to the wife. We were hoping you could do us a big favor. Just for tonight can our daughter stay with you. She can just sleep on the other bed. You won't even know she is there. In the morning she can some back to our room. What do you say. Be a pal." said Chuck. "Hmm NO!!!" I said.
"Ok, Ok how about a give you a few dollars to put her up for the night. Say how about $100." said Chuck. As I shook my head No!". Chuck reached in his wallet and pulled out 10 twenties. "Ok we have a deal. Give her a key if she needs to get back in your room." I said.

I stepped back and held the door open. Chuck daughter walked in with her pillow covering her front from the top of her knees to her chin. It was pink to go along with the pink shirt and pink shorts with the word "Junk in the trunk" spelled on it from one butt cheek to the other. She threw her small gym bag on the floor next to the spare bed. I laughed as her ass walked passed me and towards the bathroom. "Good night honey, listen to Mr. Buck tonight. You can come back in the morning. Go to bed Stephanie." said Chuck. I shut the door and locked the top.

I turned around and Stephanie had already shut the door to the restroom. I pulled back my sheets on my bed and sat on the edge of the bed. I heard a noise from next door. I got up and put my ear on the connecting door. I could hear Chuck and his wife going at it. A few seconds later the noise stopped. I heard Chuck bathroom door slam and his wife yell at him. I guess he struck out. I looked around the room. I took anther sip of beer as I was standing next to the connecting door. A few seconds later I hear the bathroom door from the other room open and slam again. The lights went out from the room. I began to itch my big balls inside my white boxer briefs. I took another sip. A few seconds later the door to bathroom opened and out came Stephanie.

I finally got a good look at her as she put her pillow on the spare bed. She was very sexy just like her mother. I had always liked girls with a blonde hair, large chest and a big butt. Stephanie was all of them with a little to spare around her mid section. She was about 5ft 7 with long curly blonde hair. Her shirt was stretched out in front and her butt filled out her small pink shorts. She spit out her gum in her hand. She threw it in the waste basket next to the bed. She stood standing next to the bed as she looked at me. I saw her eyes go from my feet to the top of my bald head.

"My parents still fighting or what? Did they get mad and go to bed. OMG there not doing it next door and you were listening. Hey wait a minute." she said. She walked over and leaned in front of me rubbing against my shirt as she put her ear on the door. She looked at me and smiled. She put her small hand on my beer can. I let go as she brought it up to her lips and took a sip. She put the beer can down on the dresser next to the TV. I could tell she had taken a big swig of beer because the sound was empty inside. She stuck her ear back on the door. "My Dad can be a big dick sometimes. He gets mad over the littlest things. I can't bileve he would let me stay with a guy right next door. He must have wanted to get it on with my Mom real bad." she said.

I laughed as I watched her put her ear back on the door. She turned her head looking me over again. I was starting to get kind of excited and my shorts were beginning to get tight. I think she saw because she dropped her head to the right and swung her butt i front of waist. I stuck my hands straight up not wanting to touch her. I watched as she picked up the beer can and finished off the rest of the beer. She smiled as she dropped the beer can in the waste basket. She walked over in front of my bed and reached into the cooler. She took out another can and tried to open it put her big pink finger nails could not open the top. She bit her lip as she walked over and handed me the beer can. I smiled as I opened it up and she grabbed the can from my hand. She took a big sip and handed it back to me.

"Do you think there a sleep yet?" she said. I nodded yes as I threw away the beer can into the waste basket. "Damn you sure drank that one fast. Do you do everything fast Mr. Kelly." Stephanie said. "Not everything. Call me Buck." I said. "You can call me anything Buck. I think they went to sleep too. Did you hear anything. I mean before I came out of the bathroom." she said. "No just your Mom mad and a door slam. Then the lights went off." I said. "Yeah my Dad either shot his load to fast or could not get it up. They fight about there sex life all the time. At least that what I hear."

I was puzzled and a little taken back by Stephanie mouth. I guess this is how they talk in school. I walked toward my bed. I sat down on the edge of the bed toward the top were my pillows hit my back. My two legs were on the ground and I was facing Steph as she continued to drink another beer. She smiled as she swung her legs underneath her her big butt. She sat on her knees as she moved around sipping her beer. I watched as she put down the beer on the night stand between us. She proceed to roll around on the covers. A few minutes later she was bouncing on the bed. I swung my legs up on the bed and leaned backed on my pillows. I watched as her big juggs bounced on her chest. She was clearly not wearing a bra. A few times I thought she might give her self a black eye from her big boobs.

I was starting to get more aroused as she was bouncing on the bed. Her shirt was moving up and down showing off her round midsection. I saw the bottom of her big boobs as they almost fell out her shirt a few times. She smiled. I think she liked teasing me. I looked down and my dick was half erect inside my boxer briefs. It looked like big worm as it grew down my upper thigh. I caught her checking me out as she stopped bouncing and walked to the edge of her bed. She was now staring as she looked at my cock outline in my white cotton briefs.

Her breathing had increased. I saw her take her right hand and moved it under her left breast. She took her free hand and was scratching her big butt. "Turn around Steph and let me see what your hiding behind you." I said. She smiled as she turned around showing me her nice ass. She began to shake it and look over her shoulder at me. She got down off the bed and was shaken her ass pretty good next to my bed. "That is one nice booty there Steph. I think there is a lot of junk in that trunk. I cleared my throat." I said. "Thanks Buck, my girl friends think my butt to big. They make fun of my size. That's why I got into a fight tonight. They made fun of my booty and my stomach. Those mean btches!!!!" she said.

"I can tell you a lot of guys like a women with a little extra." I said. She now turned around and put her hand on my bed. She gently touched my leg running her hand up my large calf all the way over my knee. Her eyes got bigger as she moved her hand over my thigh. She watched as my dick got bigger in my briefs. She leaned over touching my flat stomach as she looked into my eyes. I looked over at the connecting door and the room was still dark. I gently peeled my boxers down over my knees and my cock sprang out.

Steph moved her hand as my cock hit her on the back of her small hand. She turned her head and looked down at my cock. "Omg your dick is huge. Damn it makes my Dad looks so small." she said. There was a little pre-cum on the tip. She was nt sure what to do next but she placed her two hands around the shaft. She gently began to jack my big cock. She went from the base to the tip. her two hands where small compared to the large 9" in her hands. She was getting a pretty good rythm going. I thnk she had given a few hand jobs over the years. She was now hitting my balls as she moved faster and harder on my cock. her hair hung down on my chest and smelled of cocnuts. I reached down to feel her left breast under her shirt. They were so big in my large hand. Her nipple was fully erect in my palm. her knees were weak from me fondling her breast. But she kept jacking my cock. I could see the head of my cock getting dark purple. The main vein was huge as she kept up the pace. "God you have last the longest of anybody from my hand job. OMG you probly have ahuge load in those wrinkles balls. Come on blast me. Let see some goo. Yeah baby, do it for Step. Show me the money shot!!! Yes!!" said Steph.

I tensed up and my feet point straight out. I could feel it going up my my shaft to my cock head. My eyes watered as she kept stroking my cock. My butt cheeks clenched and I bit my lower lip. "Fuck yeah baby. You wanted to see me cumm, yeah here it comes." I looked down and big spurts off white goo shot out in to the air landing on the end of the bed. Some went down on the floor at the foot of the bed. "Damn its so much. Fuck yeah!! That it mister give me your cumm. Fuck it's still cumming." she said. I looked at her two hands they were both covered as she kept stroking my cock. I finally stopped. I watched as Steph jumped up and headed for the bathroom.

She came back a few seconds later with a wash clothes and cleaned off my cock and right leg. She laughed as she had to go get another towel to wipe her self off. I took a sip of my beer on the night stand as she walked into the bathroom. I heard her start the shower. A little steam was coming from the open door to the bath room. I got off the my bed and walked over to the door frame looking into the shower. She had the curtain closed but the side closer to the shower head was open. I could look into the big mirror and watch as she soap her big boobs.

I open the curtain and she smiled as I took the soap and washed her big butt. She leaned back and arched her back as I reached around her waist. Damn her boobs felt nice in my hands as the soap fell onto the bath tub. She closed her eyes and moaned into my ear. I rubbed my cock onto her ass. She wiggled around as I kissed her neck. I stuck one finger into her tight pussy. I started slow as I inserted a little at a time. Steph began to relax her pussy muscles. She grabbed my cock from behind and placed it at her pussy opening. I looked down as the water hit her neck and into my face. She was tanding on her tippy toes as I inched my large cock head into her pussy.

"Fuck it so big. OMG it feels so great. yeah baby, Fuck me!! Fuck me mister!!" aid Steph. I started to fuck her faster as more went inside her sweet tight pussy. She was very tight causing my dick to experice great pleasure. I grabbed her hips and fucked her harder and harder. She lost her balance and fell into the shower curtain. I could hear the water hitting the ground outside the tub. Damn she was hot. I leaned out and slammed the bathroom door. I was hoping her screams would be muffled as I fucked her. I could feel her lips slide up and down on my shaft as I fondled her breast. She was still moaning as my balls slapped her inside of her right butt cheek.

Stephanie caught her breath and shut off the water. She still had my hard cock inside her when she grabbed a towel to dry off. I followed her back into the bedroom with my cock still inside her hot pussy. I fell back on her bed. She climbed onto my cock with her big ass facing the connecting door. She looked down over her big breast as I smiled looking up at her. She slid her hot pussy back on my cock. She put her hands on my chest and began to ride my cock faster. I grabbed her stomach and picked her up slamming her all the way down on my cock. She moaned as I stuck her underwear in her mouth. I pulled her chest down and sucked her nipples. I could feel her pussy orgasm and soak her sheets. I pulled out my cock from her pussy and slid it in front of her stomach. I began to shoot hot sports of cumm on her chest. It hit under her boobs and hung down to my stomach. She got up and cleaned me off again with another towel.

It was almost 8am when I heard a knock at the door to my room. I put on a bath robe. I peeked out the door to see Stephanie Family in the hallway. I turned and opened the door to the bathroom. Steph was just getting the last bits of cumm out of her hair. She smiled. I opened the door. "Steph left about half hour ago to get some breakfast." I said. "Alright then. When you get ready come down I will buy you breakfast in the lobby. Thanks again for watching our Daughter." said Chuck. "No problem, she was very nice to have sleep over. Later." I said as I shut the door.

I order some room service. Knock! Knock! I had left the door ajar for the room service guy. Steph was standing next to me rubbing my chest. Her bath towel was wide open. Her left breast was exposed from the cold air and her nipple was fully erect. "Hmm what have we got here. My Daughter and my Husbands coworker." said a female voice. I tensed up when the door slammed. In came a tray off food pushed by Steph Mom. "I heard you two all night. My husband went to the band meet. We have all day till he gets back. Show my that big cock that my Daughter likes so much!!!!!"