Friday, January 2, 2009

Girl Scout Leader

It was shorty after 10am when I heard the door bell. I rolled out of bed and put on some tan cargo shorts. I could not find a shirt. "Coming!! Be right there." I said. I was bare foot as I looked out the privacy hole in the front door. Who was outside my front door. I was not expecting anybody today. I saw a girl with a big white shirt tucked into her tight blue jean skirt. She had blonde hair and a small green sash was hung over her shoulder. She had a small green beret on her head. I could see she was looking around checking my Christmas ornaments on my house.

I turned the knob to my front door and pulled it open. She turned. "Hi, my name AJ I live in the neighborhood. I was going door to door selling Girl Scout Cookies. I am a Girl Scout Leader for Troop 44. We are raising funds to help the needed after Christmas and such." she said. I caught most of what she was saying but I was spending more rime checking her out. She was tall on her 4 inch green high heels. She had a smudge on her tight jeans when she turned I could see she had a nice big ass. Her white shirt stretched over a large pair of breast. She had a the top 3 buttons undone showing off her nice cleavage. I smiled. "Why don't you come in and show me some cookies. I might want to buy a box. I might be persuaded to buy more than just one." I said.

She turned as I held the door. She walked passed me into the front of my house. I had wooden floors through out and a great big glass chandelier over the entrance. A three story spiral stair case lead to the bedrooms and other rooms of the house. You could see my living room and kitchen from the entrance. I finally got to smell her perfume she was wearing. It was very sexy as she kept smiling at me. "Can I get you something to drink. You kinda of just caught me getting up. Sorry I forgot to put on a shirt." I said. "It's ok. Wow your house is very nice. Are you the only one here today." she said. I laughed. "Yes I am the only one here. It's my thank god I am single house." We both smiled.

She turned and bent over to get a box of cookies out of a big green canvas bag she had brought inside the door. I got a big grin when I saw she was not wearing any panties. She either forgot to wear them or some other explanation but I was not complaining. She had a very nice pussy. She had two small lips coming out of a perfectly shaven pussy. There was just a small trace of hair just above her labia. She kept digging around in the bag giving me a great look of her ass and pussy.
"Would you care to try a thin mint. I love these cookies. I could eat the box. I also have Peanut Butter cookies, and Samoa's." she said.

I tried each one. Making her bend over each time to give me a new cookie. After about six cookies. I watched as she had one thin mint then another. She giggled as she ate one sleeve of thin mints. I had a few crumbs on my bare chest but she had alot of black crumbs on her shirt. I watched as few bits of the cookie went inside her cleavage as she continued to eat the cookies. "Damn those were good. Did you like the cookies?" she said. I nodded my head "Yes". I watched her eyes get bigger and her breathing increased. She had a small glow around her as she kept staring at me. "Do you have any milk or something to drink. These cookies are making me thirsty." she said. "Yeah, hold on let me go get you some."

I turned to walk toward the kitchen. She stayed in the front entrance and kept talking to me. "You can order some know and I can bring them to you later. You can also pay later if you don't have the money know. Did I tell you that you have a nice house." she said. I poured a big glass of cold milk. I took a sip of some water from a bottle in the fridge. By the time I walked back she had tuned around facing the hallway toward the back yard of my house. There was a place to take off your shoes and hang your jacket. There was a small black table that was waist high on me. I am about 6ft 4 and kinda of athletic. When I get done from work I throw my keys on the table.

I walked up behind her. "Ah here you go. One big glass of cold milk!!" I said. She turned and grabbed the glass from my hand. Her painted finger nails scrapped the the back of my right hand. I watched as she drank the glass. The cold milk went passed her red lips. She breathed in causing her shirt to almost pop from her massive cleavage. I smiled as the water on the outside had melted and dropped on her chest. She giggled and one big droplet of milk fell out the side of her mouth onto her chest. "Oops silly me. I guess its been awhile since I swallowed. Here your glass back." she said.

I reached passed her waist brushing up against her as I put the empty glass on the table. I am not sure who kissed who first but our tongues were deep inside each other mouths. I gasped as she kissed me and moved her cold hand across my bare chest rubbing my nipples. I began to fondle her big chest. I reached around with my free hand to play with her big butt. She broke the kiss and fell to her knees on the floor in front of me. "Fuck I have been looking at your big cock since I got inside your house. I need to see him." she said. With that you tugged down my shorts to my ankles. My big cock sprang out into the air.

I looked down and she was kissing the tip with her red lips. She licked off the pre cumm and began to open her mouth wider to accommodate all 8 1/2 inches in her hot mouth. She had her lips on the base after a few minutes and was deep throating me. I grabbed her green beret on the top head along with some of her hair and fucked her face. She reached up and slapped my small ass causing me to move toward her. She let go of my cock in her mouth and pulled off causing a great big saliva trail to her mouth. She had soaked my cock with her mouth very good. I reached down to her mouth back on my cock.

She was now playing with my big balls in her mouth and jacking my cock. I then felt her breast touched my knees as she gagged on my cock. I watched as she unbutton her shirt. I pulled my cock out of her mouth. I helped her to her feet. She smiled as I took off her shirt and jean skirt onto the floor. She squatted back down naked with just her green heels, green girl scout sash around her chest and her green beret on her head. She was great at giving head and my knees were getting weak. I looked down as she pulled out my cock and aimed it had her mouth. "Fuck baby here it comes." I watched as one big white squirt after another went into her mouth. She forced my cock back into her hot mouth as she sucked me dry. This time no white stuff escaped her mouth.

I pulled her onto her feet and began to suck her big breast. I watched as her head turned back and forth. "Yeah stud suck my tits. Make my pussy all nice and wet. Fuck bite my nipples. Show me what you got." she said. I kept biting her nipples and making her swear out loud. I stuck a finger in her pussy and she was very wet, she gasped as her legs got weak. She let out a scream "Auuhhhhggg Yes, Yes, you mother fucker" as she orgasmed on my hand. I had gotten two fingers inside her before she came again for the second time in a few minutes.

I turned her around. I pushed on her back as she bent over grabbing the black table. I slapped my big cock on her amazing butt I I spit on my hand as a jacked my cock. "It's ok baby, I am good and wet for that big cock. Give it to me." she said. I eased back and slammed my cock into her hungry pussy. She was tight and wet. I began to fucker her slow. I grabbed her hips and fucked her faster. My big balls slapped underneath her as she moaned. I could hear our bodies slap against each other in the entrance. I reached around her waist holding on to her big tits as she rammed her pussy back on my cock. I watched her green beret fall off her head as her hair fell out. Ten the glass from the table fell and rolled over to the welcome mat in front of the door. I was getting a good rhythm as I bite her ear lope causing her to orgasm on my cock. She was grasping for air as I pounded her harder and harder.

She was looking over her shoulder as I slammed my cock into her. She was having a problem standing. I felt her legs getting weaker. I pulled out and walked her over to the spiral stair case. She sat on the fourth step from the bottom. I got down on the second step and began to eat her pussy as she layed back on the stairs. She reached down to play with my hair as I ate her amazing pussy. I got on the third step with my knees and slapped her pussy with my cock. She leaned on her elbows and looked down over her chest. I watched her cunt lips part slightly then more as I fed my cock into her pussy. I leaned up easily sticking her left nipple into my mouth. She orgamsed again as I fucked her on the stairs. I pushed her tits into her face as I kissed underneath them. I licked the base all the way up to her nipple causing her to scream more. I was about ready to cumm again. I was about ready to back up when she reached down and slammed my body into hers. "Cumm inside me big boy. Let me feel you inside me!!!! yes! yes!!" With that I closed my eyes and fell on her body. Her tits moved as I fell into her cleavage causing my cock to exploded inside her.

Ring!! Ring!! I looked out my privacy hole in my front door. I opened the door. "Why Mr. Kelly here our your Girl Scout Cookies. All 25 boxes. Here is a copy of the uniforms for the Girl Scout bowling team. The coaches and the main sponsor get one. I also have a big favor to ask. Would you be interested in some Avon products. I also sell that" said AJ. "Why yes come on in!!!!" I said