Friday, December 7, 2007

Snowed In - Sleeping with my Aunt

I was heading home for college break and I got a message from my Mom on my cell. She wanted me to stop and see my Aunt Tori. She lived on the other side of town about 45 minutes from our house. Tori had married my Mom brother and he was away on a business trip to NYC. We usually get together about twice a year for the holidays. I had not seen them since I went to college 5 years ago. I was hoping to stop and see my Aunt and then head home for a home cook meal. College food can be bad at times and I had about 8 loads of laundry in the back of the Honda.

It was just starting to snow and the roads were getting wet. I turned on my lights and pulled into my Aunt driveway about 5pm and parked the car. I walked up the driveway and knocked on the front door. My Aunt answered the door and gave me a big hug. She is 5ft 7 with brunette hair. She has small hoop earrings and her finger nails were painted dark red. She had on a lime green sweater that hugged her curvy frame. She had on a brown skirt that hugged her thighs and black 5 inch heels that showed off her dark red toe nails. She had a small gold ankle bracelet and a small gold tennis bracelet on her left wrist.

She smiled and I followed her inside. I followed her into the living room and sat on a tan couch as she went and tuned off her big TV. "Can I get you something to drink? I have Coke, Mt. Dew, wine or beer if you like. It's ok if you want a beer. I won't tell your mother." said Tori. "Sure a beer sounds great after that long drive." I said. "How is school going. Are you going to graduate next quarter or do you have one more year. I can't believe its been 5 years since I saw you. It seems like you just graduated from high school." said Tori. "School is good and yes I am graduating next semester. I am sorry I have missed you and Uncle Roger the last few years. I went to Germany last year and missed you both on Christmas. I like you Christmas tree and your decorations." I said. "This year with out Roger and the kids, I decorate the house and put the tree up without any help. I could however use your help putting the star on top of the tree." Tori said.

My Aunt went into the kitchen and I stood on my tippy toes and placed the star on top of the Christmas tree. It was an 8ft tree and I did not here mu Aunt come back in until she touched the bottom of my back. "Don't fall into the tree my big strong nephew. Here let me help." said Tori. "Thanks!" I said. I almost fell again into the tree when I felt my Aunt big breast push into my back. She leaned against me and put her arms around my stomach to steady my balance. "Ok, that looks great." said Tori. Ring! Ring! Ring! "Hi, oh he is right here helping me know. He just got here about 20minutes ago. I was going to make dinner and see if he wants to stay and eat if that is ok with you. It's been about a month since I had company for dinner. Thanks, I will call you before he leaves." my Aunt said.

"A home cooked meal sounds great, what are we having?" I said. "Steaks on the grill and I am making a big salad and baked potatoes." she said. My Aunt handed me the 2 big juicy porter house steaks and I headed out back to start the grill. It was starting to snow harder. I looked inside through the glass door and saw mu Aunt drinking a glass of red wine. She was fixing the salad and some cold shrimp to go with meal. She took out the potatoes from the oven and handed me another beer as I sat down at the table. We talked about school and the family and after 2 hours I help clear of the table. I even helped with the dishes.

It was about a little after 8pm and I noticed my Aunt had finished off her first bottle of wine when the phone rang again. It was my Mom and she told Tori to look outside. "Wow that is alot of snow out there. I lost track of time and your son is so well mannered. I will ask him." said Tori. I put down my beer and put my feet up on the coffee table. "Your Mom wants you to stay here and in the morning when the roads get better come home. I would feel better if you stayed and kept me company but that is up to you." she said "Tell her I will sleep on the couch and see her tomorrow morning after the snow storm." I said.

"I am going to get another drink. Would you like something sweetie?" Tori said. "Do you have any ice cream or dessert." She smiled and said "I got something better than ice cream." My Aunt went into the kitchen and came back with another beer and some chocolate strawberries. I poured my drink and she handed me a plate and a napkin. I ate a few strawberries and watched my Aunt use her red finger nails to pick up each chocolate strawberry. She placed it above her red lips and slowly sucked and ran her tongue over each strawberry. I just stared and watched as her breathing increased and her huge chest shook as she ate.

"Let's watch a movie or a Tv show." Tori said. My Aunt turned the channels and landed on a Christmas movie. We watched it until 11pm and then she said "Can you help me clean up." I picked up the dishes and my two beer bottles and followed her to the kitchen. She placed her glass and the dishes in the dishwasher and put back dessert into the fridge. "The last time your uncle slept on the couch before he left he broke a spring in the middle. I would rather you come up stairs and you can sleep in our big king size bed. I don't want you to get stuck by the spring and when you wake up in the morning you will be well rested." Tori said. I nodded yes and in my own mine I thought it would not be bad to sleep in a big bed instead of the couch or on the floor.

I followed my Aunt up the stairs and down the hall. She opened the door at the end of the short hallway and said "why don't you get ready and I will go in the bathroom to give you a moment. If you want to put on one of your Uncle shirts, they are right over there. Just slide over on his side. I will be right back, I am going to take a shower before bed." I nodded yes and Aunt Tori went to her closet and got out an outfit to wear to bed. I watched her go into the bathroom and then took of my shirt and jeans. I tried on one of my Uncle shirts but it was to small on my 6ft 3 frame and I saw his underwear was small also. I decided to keep my cotton black-short sleeve shirt on and my white boxer briefs. I took off my socks and put them on the floor next to the bed.

I walked over to my Aunt closet and was about to shut the door when I noticed one of her huge bras was laying on a chair just inside the closet. I was a little curious to see what size she was. I thought if I ever got lucky to meet a girl in college with a chest like my Aunt it would be good to compare bra sizes. I leaned down and picked up the huge white satin bra. It had a musky smell to it and I looked on the inside of the back straps (48HH size bra.) I looked down and picked up her panties and they read (32 waist - 34 ass.) I put everything back and got into bed.

About 1/2 hour later I heard my Aunt blow drying her hair and she came out about 20 minutes later. I rolled over on my side and looked at her closet. My Aunt was behind me and said "I hope you don't mind if I read before we go to bed. I like to read a good trashy novel. They make me sleep faster. The light won't bother you, will it?" "No! I could not find a shirt that fit so I left my shirt on. I hope that is ok!" I said. "No problem, your Uncle is smaller than you that is for sure. If the light begins to bother you just say so and I will turn off the light and go to sleep sweetie." my Aunt said.

I was about 8 inches from Aunt in the king size bed. I was trying to hide my erection and I felt kinda of weird laying in bed next to such a beautiful women. I was starting to think maybe sleeping in the bed was wrong. I felt the bed move and noticed my Aunt breathing had increased. She had taken off her eyeglasses and put them on her night stand next to the bed. She put her book next to her glasses and said "I think I will check one more time on the snow outside. Would you like anything before I get up." "No, I am good" I said. My hard on had gone down and I decided maybe going to the bathroom to take a leak would be good. My Aunt got up and was looking out her big bay window when I got up and walked into the bathroom.

I put up the seat to the toilet and took out my half erect cock. My cock head opened and a warm yellow stream hit the bowl as I looked around the room. I washed my hands and peeked into there medicine cabinet. A big blue bottle of Viagra was there with my Uncle name on the side. I looked in the bottom of the cabinet and found some dirty magazines. They were of flat chested women and lesbian stuff. He had such a beautiful wife and she was the polar opposite of the magazines he liked. I put them back and checked the mirror. I combed my hair and scratched my crotch before I opened the door. I turned the knob and walked out.

My Aunt was back in bed and her light still on. I finally got to see what she was wearing. She was wearing a black see through top that was stretched over a black bra and leather corset. She had black hose on her legs and held up by two black lacy garters. My Aunt smiled as I walked by the foot of the bed. "Why don't you look good in that black shirt and white briefs. If I wasn't your Aunt and twenty years younger." said Tori. I picked up the covers and top sheet and looked inside and noticed my Aunt was not wearing underwear. She had on a white thong earlier that I spotted she was wearing on the couch. She turned off the light and I fluffed up my pillow.

"So my young nephew, how is school really going. How are your grades and do you have a girlfriend these days." said Tori. "School ok, I can't wait to graduate and no I don't have a girl at the moment." I said. "Such I young handsome stud like yourself must have the girls going crazy. Your bringing them back to the dorm every night, right! Your not having trouble with the ladies?" Tori said. "No, I spend alot of time studying and getting good grades." I said. "Then maybe a professor or a hot older lady you met on campus then. Come on tell your Aunt everything. Back in my day I would experiment with alot of different co-eds before I met you Uncle." Tori said. I looked over and Tori was lying on her back. Her huge boobs were moving up and down and her hands had fell to her sides. I reached down and slid my hand over my underwear and felt my dick getting harder.

"Wow, you must have broken a lot of hearts back then!" I said. "Can you keep a secret? (I nodded yes) I should not be telling you this but what the hell. I once took on the offensive line of the football team while the head coaches wife watched us. She cleaned me up before her husband came home. I was the biggest football fan on campus." Tori said. My breathing had increased and my dick was now rock hard. My Aunt rolled over and her big breast were now only a few inches from my face. I watched as my Aunt slid her hand under the covers towards me. She found my chest and began to rub my nipples.

I watched as my Aunt slid her hand down her breast and could see she was rubbing her lower region. I felt my Aunt fingers outline my cock in my underwear. "Wow, he feels great." my Aunt said. I looked over and my Aunt leaned up and used her leg to kick of the covers and top sheet. She moved over and her huge breast were laying on my left arm. She started to kiss my ear and she pulled down my underwear and my big 9 inch cock sprang out. She reached down and started to massage my dick. She used her middle finger to wipe off my pre cum and slid her finger into her mouth. "Yummy, I love young hard cocks. I really like them inside my tight pussy. Do you like pussy my young nephew." she said.

I smiled and we began to kiss and exchange tongues. I felt her hand going faster on my cock and her finger were tightening on my shaft and balls. My Aunt crawled down to my dick and placed her small beautiful mouth over him and began to give me a great blow job. She deep throated him and jacked him with her tongue and red lips. She scratched my stomach and pulled on my left nipple and I looked down and saw her eyes were looking at mine. I mumbled something and her lips touched the base of my cock and I erupted in her mouth. She gagged on my load and some leaked out her lips onto her chin and face.

My Aunt sucked my dick back to life in a few minutes and then took off her black see through top. She threw it on the floor and unclasped her huge black bra and her tits fell over her leather corset. Her big nipples were erect and I could smell her pussy as she fingered herself. She got on her knees and then I helped her get on my cock. She slid her pussy down my shaft and I held her hands. Her big juggs bounced on her chest over the corset and hit her stomach as she fucked me. I reached up with my left hand and pinched her nipple and she moaned. I reached with my right hand and leaned up slightly to suck her big right breast and she screamed. Her pussy contracted and she had a big wet orgasm. "Fuck me! Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck your cock feels great inside my pussy. God I have missed a man who has a big cock. Bite my nipples nephew. That's it, don't stop. Keep fucking me." said Tori. I started to pick my Aunt up and slam my cock into her. I rolled her over on her back. I slapped her pussy lips with my cock head and thrusted back into her pussy. I reached up with both hands and jammed her boobs into her face. She sucked on her nipples and she held onto my ass as I fucked her harder. My big hairy balls smacked under her pussy mound and she let out a scream. I pulled my dick out and shot my load on her stomach and underside of her huge breast.

I rolled of my Aunt and fell sleep exhausted next to her. A little while later I felt her give me another blow job and I came in her hot mouth again. It was almost 9am when the phone rang and it was my Mom. My Aunt was talking to my Mom and Tori got up and went to the window. She pulled back the pink curtains and I could see it was sunny out. My Aunt was covered in dry sperm on her chest and she was licking her fingers as she looked at me. "We got alot of snow last night. I will ask him if he would like to help me shovel and come home later." my Aunt said.

I reached down and guided my cock head into my Aunt ass hole. "Like that?" I said. "Yes! Yes! I new you would like fucking me in the ass. Go faster now and grab a hold of my boobs and twist my nipples you fuck!! God your cock feels great!!" I am about 4ft inside my Aunt house in her living room. The snow is wet on the shovel next to the door and my shoes are wet on the door mat. My Aunt face is wedge in the corner of the leather couch and I am fucking her with everything I got. I tense up and shoot a big load in her ass and I can see my cum leaking out her hole as she walked to answer the phone. "That was your Mom, I told her the roads were still bad and she suggested if you don't mind to stay anther night and I will bring you home tomorrow." My Aunt is now riding my cock and her breast are hitting my forehead. I reach down with my right hand and find the remote on the couch. I turn on the weather channel and she stops and looks over her shoulder.

"We are expecting another round of snow showers. It should snow for the next 3 days. It's looks like there is going to be a white Christmas after all. We are expecting the worse snow storm to hit in the last 20 years. Stay inside and keep warm!" said the weather girl. My Aunt guided her boobs around my cock and is sucking my head. I think I found some where to be warm this Christmas.


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