Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Officer Buck- "Your Night Stick is Getting Harder"

I had pulled out a jelly donut from the bag in the back seat. I took a sip of my Coke and was ready for the next person to piss me off today. I was working a double shift and I did not get off until after 9pm tonight. It was rush hour and all the soccer Mom's and the day shift people were going home. It was Friday and the week end could not get here any sooner. It was over 100 degrees in my squad car and the A/C was acting up. I patrol a small town on the out skirts of L.A. You can see the Hollywood sign in the distance on a good day if the smog does not settle in.

I had a piece of jelly on my chin and some sweat on my shirt. I rolled down the windows and let some air into the cruiser. I checked my watch and noticed it was 6:30pm and decided to go down a street at the end of the block. The street was quite and the neighborhood was really nice. All the lawns were perfectly landscaped with nice yards and big swimming pools in the back. I decided to park at the end of the street next to a stop sign and hangout till he end of my shift. I watched a few cars go through and each driver gave me a look and made a complete stop at the sign.

It was just after 7:30pm when I noticed a silver Mini Van approaching the stop sign in front of my patrol car. I watched as the driver drove though the stop sign without looking or coming to a complete stop. I thought about letting them go but figured it could be my last ticket of the day. I flipped on my lights and put the car in gear. It only took 2 block and the driver pulled over to the side of the road. I ran the plates and everything checked out. I opened the door and took out my black night stick and put it in my belt next to my gun. I put on my hat and straighten my shirt and pants.

I walked up the side of the silver Mini Van and said "license and registration!!" I looked in and saw the driver was going through her purse. She had long curly blonde hair that came down off her shoulders. She had big red lips and she wore pink massacre and pink eye liner that matched. She wore two gold hoop earrings and a matching bracelet around each wrist. She had a slight tan and two rings on her tiny fingers. She had long fingernails that were painted dark. "Sorry, I'm looking Mr Police Officer. I just got off of work and threw my purse in the passenger seat. Sigh!" she said. "Take your time. It's OK Mame." She finally pulled her license out of her big black leather purse and handed it to me. Her name was Valerie Small and she lived at the end of the block. She was 29 years old with blonde hair and blue eyes. She was 5ft 6, weight 145 pounds and was an organ doner. I looked up again and my jaw dropped as she had turned back and I could now see her huge chest. She had two very large breast that were encased in a stretched green and black uniform. She worked at the fast food burger place about 20 minutes from her house.

"Officer, I live just down the end of the street. My husband is always warning me to be careful and watch were I am going. He has the kids and I was in hurry to get home and make dinner." she said. "I understand you were in a hurry, but you have to be careful especially in this neighborhood with all these kids playing. Can I see your registration for the Mimi Van." I could now smell fries and burgers, she must have made them before she left to go home. I looked at her chest and noticed her name tag was on her left breast just above her big fat nipple that was starting to grow. She was the Day Manger of the Burger King two towns over. I noticed she had some left over food in a sack next to her purse. "Were you going to have those burgers for dinner with your family." I said. "Yes, my husband likes the chicken sandwich and the 4 and 5 year old like the kids meals. I prefer the big burgers and fries but I was going to make a foot long hot dog from the fridge when I got home. Is everything Ok." she said.

"Did you stop any where after work. I kinda smell alcohol on your breath." I said. It was mild and normally I would let it go, but I wanted to see her reaction. "They must train you guys well. I went out after work with some of the girls from work and we stopped and I may have had 2-3 drinks. Nothing bad Officer. I'm a good girl honey." Valerie said. "I bet you are a good girl but I still need to check if you are driving under the influence. Hmm what to do, what to do!" I said. "Have a heart Officer, I'm just a Mom wanting to get home to see her kids. My husband will kill me if I get another ticket." she said. "Wait a minute. Car 78 to base! Please check a Mini Van License 2244JJd California. Pause!" I said. "Comes back to Bill and Valerie Small, she has 4 speeding tickets in the last 90 days. Over!!" said dispatcher. "Copy, over!" I said.

"I guess your husband might be mad about another ticket. Can you step out of the vehicle, so I can check to see if your driving under the influence." I said. "Officer do we have to do it right out here in the open. My neighbors will see and I don't want them to spread vicious lies about me again. Is there something I can do for you or another option. I really don't want another ticket or have to get out of my van. Please! Pretty please!!" she said. "Hmm, well I guess I could follow you down to your house and I can give you the test there." I said. "I like that idea. We can go through the garage and I can drop off dinner and you can give me your tests. I promise I won't speed anymore or have another drink and drive. Thank you officer "Buck"!!" she said. "Ok, I will follow you and please don't make me chase you." I said.

I followed Valerie Small to her house and she parked behind a green Ford Pickup and I parked on the street cross from the house. I opened my door and put my night stick back in my belt and fixed my hat and shirt again. I held Valerie door open and she swung her long legs out and shimmed off her front seat. "Thank you officer! Follow me!" she said. I walked behind Valerie and stared at her fine ass. Her black uniform pants stretched around her firm thighs and hips and hugged her big ass. She had to measure 44FF - 34Waist - 36Ass. I followed her through the garage and she opened a door that lead into the kitchen.

"Honey, I'm home." she yelled. A few seconds later her husband came with one kid in his arms and the other holding his pant leg. "Hello Officer, what did my wife do this time? I warned her about her driving." he said. "Oh nothing sir, you wife was going to show me something in the basement she found at work. I was getting some takeout from were she works and she found something at the restaurant and she brought it home the other day. She was concerned that it may lead to a bigger problem for her and thought I should take a look at it." I said. "Yes honey, the nice Officer was kind enough to help me out and I brought you guys some dinner. Here you go!" she said. Valerie handed her husband the bag from Burger King and gave him and the kids a smile. "Follow me Officer and I will show the item down stairs." she said.

Valerie held the door to her basement and I walked down the stairs and she flipped on the light. She had a big finished basement with a wet bar on one end and a pool table and couches on the other end. "Thanks, that was close! I told you my husband would freak if I got another ticket. Can I get you something, maybe a drink or something officer Buck." she said "I can't drink just yet but maybe you could make me a drink for when my shift ends soon. How does that sound." I watched as she shook her head and her hair flew to the side. She walked behind the bar and got out two glasses and shaker. "Let's see, I know how to make two drinks. A slippery nipple or sex on the beach. What would you like Officer?" she said. "How about a slippery nipple!" I said. Valerie poured all the ingredients in the shaker and opened a small freezer behind the bar and got out a ice cube tray. She cracked the ice and a few ice cubes landed on the floor. She placed about 6 ice cubes in the shaker and bent over to pick up the ice on the floor. Her ass expanded and her shirt rode up the sides of her hips. I was starting to get an erection from watching her.

She turned around and her shirt was still up and I could see the bottom of her big black bra as she started to shake the ingredients. "My husband can't stand when I shake the drinks likes this because my big boobs bounce every where. Last week he asked me to get a breast reduction because he is embarrassed to take me out in public. He says his boss and others stare at my huge breast when I am around. They make fun of me and say jokes to him. Sigh!!" she said. "Maybe there just jealous of you and your husband not man enough to stick up for you." I said. "I think you right, I love the way my boobs looks and I am not changing for anybody, especially my husband.

Valerie took a sip of her drink and placed each glass in her hands and walked around the bar. She set her drink on the bar and placed her hand on my left left shoulder. She brought my drink up to my lips and I took a small sip and smiled. I looked down from the bar stool I was sitting on and my feet were still touching the ground. Valerie smiled and handed me my drink and picked hers off the bar. "We'll I guess you can't check me for alcohol now Officer." she said "I did not bring my breathalyzer to check your breath for alcohol. But I could check for other things. Maybe I will have you say the alphabet backwards or walk a straight line." I said. "Officer Buck! I'm blonde, I don't know the alphabet- giggle! Laugh! Laugh!" she said. "You got me there. We'll how about a straight line then. You can walk can't you?" I said.

Valerie put her drink on the bar and walked about 10 ft away and turned around facing me. "Put you feet together. Walk 10 steps and turn around quickly and walk back." I said. "Hold up, I can't walk in these shoes. I will be right back!" Valerie walked over passed the pool table and went upstairs. A few minutes later I heard a clicking noise over head and the door to the basement open. I watched as Valerie came down the stairs. She dragged her beautiful nails down the wooden railings and she had taken off her work shoes and had on a pair of grey stiletto 6inch heels. She strutted passed the pool table and got back in position next to the bar and I reached down and took another sip of my drink.

"Ok, I walk better in heels that those lousy flats. Ten steps and turn around"" she said. She then pointed in front of me at the end of the bar. "Yes!" I said. I watched as Valerie took tiny baby steps and her boobs slid back and forth in her work uniform. She was very top heavy from her huge breast and having a few drinks do not help. She caught her balance and held onto the bar a few times. She smiled as she spun around and I saw her ass move from behind. She took bigger steps and shook her hips and only grabbed the bar once on the way back. "How did I do Officer Buck?" Valerie said. "We'll your lucky I am a nice guy and we're in your basement. I might have had to slap the cuffs on you and drag you downtown." I said. "Cuffs!! Was I that bad Officer. I thought I did pretty good. I think my boobs made me unsteady as I tried to walk. Your not going to arrest me or give me a ticket right." she said. "Yes, no arrest and I will let you off with a warning for speeding. OK!!" I said.

"Ok, but if you would have arrested me. How would you have done it?" she said. Valerie smiled and I said "We'll first I would take you over to the patrol car and put your hands up on the car. I would have you spread your legs and then check you for weapons and finally place you in handcuffs and toss you in the back seat." I said. "Wow!! All that for little old me. Show me! Please Officer Buck! I don't know if I have learned my lesson." she said.

I put my drink down on the bar and got off my bar stool and walked over to Valerie. I turned her around and her blonde hair slapped my face and she smiled. "Place your hands on the bar and bring your legs back. Arch your back and spread those legs Mrs. Small. Do you have any needles or weapons I should know about." I said "No Officer. Like this!" she said. Valerie put her hands on the bar and I got behind her and watched as she spread her legs. I bent down and ran my hands above her ankles all the way up her legs and firm thighs. I stopped at her hips and ran my hand over her big ass. She was still looking straight ahead and her breathing had increased. I ran my hands up her sides and slowly felt her boobs from the side. They were huge and firm and I was now completly erect in my pants. I reached up and ran my hands through her hair and touched her neck. "Hmm no weapons, I can't be totally sure without looking more." I said.

I felt her ass move against my crotch and her back arched more and her big tits strained against her uniform. "Place your arms around your back and open your fingers slightly Mrs. Small." I said. She did what I asked and then I took out my handcuffs and open them up. She turned her head and looked over her shoulder as I played with the handcuffs in my hand. She smiled and her eyes got bigger as I ran the cold steel cuffs over her fingers and hands and then placed them on her wrist.

She said, "what if I tried to resist, what would you do Officer Buck?" "I would take out my night stick and grab a hold of your arms and restrain you. Like this!" I said. With that I took out my night stick and placed it on the small of her back and ran it up to her neck just under her blonde hair. "Yes! Yes! Yes Officer!" she said. A new smell appeared and I it was no longer booze or burgers but her first orgasm. I smiled as I looked down and saw her ass wiggle and her knees buckle. "What are you doing Perp, resisting arrest, speeding and driving under the influence. I will have to show you what they do to people in jail." I said. I slid my night stick between her legs and her legs clamped down on my hand. I reached up with my left hand and started to fondle her left big breast. I reached under her shirt and started to massage her tits. I let go of my night stick and walked around her left side and grabbed her shirt and lifted above her head, knocking off her name tag onto the floor. Her shirt was now over her head and pulled down to her arms. Valerie bent back over and her breast were leaking out the top of her big black bra.

I reached down and fondled her tits and her nipples became erect. I reached up her back and felt her bra hooks. "I need to check if your hiding something in your bra, I think I felt something hard in there." I said. I unhooked her bra and her huge boobs cascaded out and hung down. I fondled her big breast and she closed her eyes and bit her lower lip. She moaned and sighed and tried to move her arms in the handcuffs. I pushed on her back and she stood complete up right and looked forward. I walked around her front and ran my hands under her boobs. I guided my hands around her boobs and tugged on her nipples. She opened her eyes and her massacre was running as she cried from the pleasure I was giving her. I brought her right nipple up and started to suck on it. I place my big mouth over her 4 inch purple aeroles and tongues her big thumb size nipples. I clamped my teeth on her nipples and she screamed and her knees buckled again.

"Hmm, no weapons under your breast, how about in those pants? Bend over. That's it Mrs. Small, lean all the way over." I said. I reached around her waist and removed her black belt and threw that on the floor. I unzipped her uniform pants and that fell down around her ankles. She had on black hose about 3/4 way up her thighs. She had on a black thong that was wedged in her big tan ass. There was a white tan line up her ass and on her back from her bikini. She looked hot with just a thong, bra and her shirt wedge against the handcuffs. I reached in and she spread her legs and I leaned over and placed my head under her ass. "Hmm, I can't see any weapons. But you never know, this thong maybe blocking my view. Come with me." I said.

I took off the handcuffs real quick and let her work shirt fall to the ground. She took two steps and her pants were left next to the bar. Her heels clicked on the wooden floor as I took her over to a big couch in the corner of the basement. "Pretend this is the back seat of the squad car. Place your knees on the seat and lean your face into the top of the couch. That's it. Now I will check if your hiding any weapons." I said. Valerie put her face into the couch and arched her back and her ass was now waist high in front of me. I got down on my knees and reached up and slowly took down her black satin thong. I pulled it out her ass, over her warm thighs and down her long legs. I pulled it up to my face and took a quick whiff. Her pussy smelled great and I could see she was completely shaved.

She had two small pussy lips that were enlarged and she was squirming around on the couch. I took my night stick and moved it around her pussy and between her thighs. When I touched just the outside of her cunt she moaned and orgasmed and the tip of my night stick was wet. I smiled and got on my feet. I took off my gun belt and placed it on the coffee table. I took off my shirt and placed it on my gun. I kicked off my shoes and said "I'm still not done checking Mrs. Small. I need to feel with my own night stick to make sure your not packing." I let my pants drop to the floor and pulled down my boxers and stepped out of both. I spit in my right hand and wiped it on my cock. My 9 1/2 cock was now glistening and wet. I looked down and guided my cock head just below Valerie pussy. I smacked her big ass with my cock and she moaned. I inserted my cock head slowly into her tight pussy. I waited as her pussy got used to my size. I started to fuck her slow and then builded up momentum. I slapped her big ass and held onto her hips. Valerie wiggled around and moaned. "Yes! Yes! Yes Officer, fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me real good. I've been a bad girl. God, your cock his huge. I love your big dick." She was slamming her ass back and I reached up and fondled her big boob as I fucked her harder. I felt her orgasm twice on my cock before I tensed up and drained a big load in her pussy. She fell face first into the couch and her ass was straight in the air. Her pussy was dripping my cum and leaking down her thighs onto the carpet.

I reached down and unhandcuffed Valerie and she turned over and gave me a big kiss. She was now sitting on her knees and leaning over me as I sat down on the couch. I started to grope her big funbags and she started to french kiss me and play with my hair. "Officer Buck! Your night stick is getting harder. Look!!" she said. I looked down and she started to jack my big cock. Her small fingers circled my shaft and she started to give me a great hand job. She was sucking my right nipple and stroking my cock faster and faster. I watched as she played with my big hairy balls and ran her finger nails around my big purple cock head. She stroked him harder and I moaned and she pulled on my balls and stuck her finger at my opening of my ass. She could feel my balls get hard and then my shaft tighten. "Yes! Yes! that it baby-cum for Valerie! Shoot it all over my hand. That's it Officer. Yesssssssss! Oh my God." she said I looked down and my cock head opened and a large load came out. A big load shot out into the air and landed on her fingers and hand. It was cuming down my shaft and covering her finger nails and back of her hand.

She brought her hand up to her lips and stuck each finger in her mouth. She got on her knees in front of the couch and place me half erect cock in her mouth. She started to suck my cock and after a few minutes I was hard again. She placed her huge breast on my upper thighs and wacked my cock on her nipples. She smiled and winked at me. She placed my cock in her cleavage and rubbed her breast all over my dick. After a few minutes of this she got up and mounted my cock with her bald pussy. Her pussy was tight and she bit her lip as she guided my cock farther into her pussy. I looked down and she finally got all of my dick in her tight hole. "O yeah baby! Fuck! Fuck! Your cock is amazing Officer Buck! Yes! Yes, don't stop." she said. "Fuck my tiny husband!!! she yelled. I reached up and started to suck her big breast and bit her nipples. I reached around her ass and spread her cheecks and ran a finger into her tight ass hole. She screamed and kept slamming her body on my cock.

"Honey!!! What are you doing? What is going on??" said a male voice. Valerie turned and her left breast fell out of my mouth and I saw her husband at the end of the stairs. Valerie still had not lost the rythm of fucking my cock when she said "I got pulled over at the end of the block. I stoped and had a few drinks at a strip club near work. I also picked up an application when I was there. Turns out having big boobs does have benifits. I love them and my new friend, Officer Buck loves them too. I was trying not to get any more tickets like you said." Her husbaand stared at me and then Valerie but said nothing.

Valerie looked down and said "Don't stop, fuck me like a real man. Suck my big breast, bite my nipples. Fuck my sweet pussy, make me scream. Yes! Yes! God I love your big night stick. Don't stop, cum inside my tight pussy. Show my husband how much you like my big boobs, Yes squeeze them and suck them, use them honey!!" I moaned and bit down on her left breast and felt her pussy juice run down my cock and then I exploded inside her. "That's it baby, cum inside my fertile womb. Fuck yes! Fuck! Fuck your dick feels great. My god your cum is leaking out my pussy onto your lap baby."she said. She got off my cock and licked my dick clean.

I followed Valerie upstairs to the master bedroom and she locked the bedroom door. We fucked in many different position that night and I saw a shadow outside the door. Her husband was laying next to the door in the morning. She opened the door and walked me to my squad car. She gave me a big kiss and hug before I left to drive back to the police station. I radio in and switched shifts with a new guy to take his shift this monring and he was going to work tonight.

I open the front door and walk over to a corner booth. About 5 minutes later the side door to the kitchen opens and out comes Valerie with a tray of food. "Officer Buck you must be hungary from last night and this morning. Please follow me to my office. I have something in lost and found I need you to check. Some one left there night stick at my home." Valerie said.