Friday, March 9, 2007

Welfare Lady

Shit! How does a white guy with a college education live in a small apartment in the projects on the 15th floor of a high rise and have nothing to show beside a small check from a insurance settlement? I will tell you assholes.

It started about six months ago, I was working at a retail store that sold baby clothes and maternity clothes to first time mothers. The store was in a adjacent mall about a mile from were I lived and they had a help wanted sign on the door for awhile and they needed a stock boy / maintenance person to help around the store. After 2 weeks I moved up to salesman and became asst manager after 2 months. It was fun and boring at the same time. I had no outside interest and my love life had fallen into a tail spin.

On my second to last day before I quit, I met a short blonde women who was white and had small tits and was pulling around 3 kids with one more due any time. She bought a small crib and needed it delivered the same day before she went to the hospital. I took the crib and set it up in this apartment that I am living in currently and when I stepped outside I was hit by a delivery truck and the insurance company gave me a big settlement to keep quite.

I went to the store the next day and they would not give me time off, so I quit. On the way out I ran into the same women with the kids and she said "I just gave birth to a son and the crib would not lock." I said "I just lost my job lady but I can help you." I followed her back to the apartment and when I was fixing the crib she told me her life story about the 4 fathers of her kids not paying any money to her and she was living on welfare and had no one to take care of her. One thing led to another and the next thing I know she is sucking my dick faster than any women before. She could suck a bowling ball through a garden hose and made me cum in 5 minutes and that was the first of many great blow jobs.

That was six months ago and I have not left since. The kids are quite and they play in the big bedroom and watch the new born. The girl friend cleans the house in the nude and sucks my dick when I tell her and if she lucky I fuck her but I use a condom and I called the welfare department and they are going to send a lady over and put her on birth control to stop her breeding. Which is great for me, I never told her about the accident and I don't spend any of my money and she thinks the new 50 inch HDTV fell off a truck. I steal cable from the neighbor and have an illegal cell phone that is cloned and I have no other bills. I use her money for beer and food.

I woke up late about noon and put on a new white wife beater t-shirt and some baggy shorts and headed out to the couch. She had dropped the kids at her mothers and the place was quite. I hear her and another women in the kitchen when I walked out and sat on the couch. I scratched my balls and throw my arm on the couch and looked at them. "Tina this is your boyfriend ? Does he have a job? Is he the father to any of your kids? Who is he? ,the welfare lady said. I could not see her she was sitting with her back toward me but I could see she had a nice great big ass that was stretching her black business suit. She had blonde curly hair and had black platform boots and a red handbag and coat that matched. She must hate coming down to the projects but she was getting paid quite well. Tina said "Missy this is Buck, he helped with getting me the crib and stuff for baby Lyle and he is looking for a new job. The kids are at my moms and they are all doing ok." "Tina, you need to come down to the office tomorrow and submit a urine sample, do not have sex the next 24hrs and go and stay with your mom tonight. Buck you need to pick up the house and have a resume for me by tomorrow or you both do not qualify for welfare and I will be forced to take the kids."

Welfare lady got up and looked at me as my hand was in my pants and I just turned on a porn movie, I hit mute and I said "Ok, I don't want you to take the kids, Tina go to your moms." The welfare lady said "Buck I will see you tomorrow and this place better be clean and you better not be watching any more dirty movies, because I need a urine sample from you to make sure those kids aren't yours." She smiled and shook Tina hand and strutted out the door. 5 minutes later Tina was gone and I had the whole apartment to my self. I drank beer all day and still watched dirty movies but did not jerk off, tempted during a movie titled "Claudia 38DD seduced by a Cougar." but i figured I could watch it for free tomorrow after the welfare lady left.

The next day I cleaned for an hour and the place looked really good. I washed the dishes and put all the toys under the bed and in are one closet. I pulled out a resume from my briefcase hidden in the closet and put that down on the kitchen table. I cleaned my big screen TV and then went and showered and put on a new white wife beater t-shirt and new boxer briefs and my old baggy shorts and sat on the couch waiting for the welfare lady. I got a call from Tina about 11am she was stuck in a long line and would be at the welfare office all day and probably be home late tonight but would call and she said Missy was on her way and looked mad.

5 minutes later there was a knock at he door. I got up and peeked through the hole in the door and saw Missy the welfare lady. She was wearing a big white coat tha covered her from head to toe and she had a big white leather hand bag that was placed on her side and she knocked on the door I saw her red painted finger nails and gold rings on her fingers and her gold bracelets shoke on her wrist as she knocked. She had her blonde hair curled up and layered in the back and she had big gold hoop ear rings that dangled down to her shoulders and she had red knee high leather boots on. "Just a minute," I said as I shifted my dick in my shorts so it didn't look to obvious I was steering out her.

I open the door and Missy walked in and put her bag on the kitchen table and looked around the room. "Buck good job cleaning this shit hole, you must really want to keep the kids." Missy said. she laughed and picked up my resume and said "looks promising, you look like you may just work out." She reached in her bag and pulled out a plastic cup and handed it to me. "Fill this up to the top and if you pass one more test the kids are yours." she said. I grabbed the cup and she took off her coat and followed me to the restroom. She had on a red leather dress that clung to her huge breast and ass. Her breast were huge and I was surprise I did not notice before but her coat covered her figure quite well. She unbutton the first three buttons down to her cleavage and her red push up bra barely contained her boobs. Her right nipple was just peaking out and her dark aerola could just be made out.

She looked at me and her blue eyes and black mascara gave my dick a jolt. "Let's hurry up, I get to go home after this and I am off for the weekend," Missy said. I laughed and walked to the bathroom and she followed me. "Buck I need to make sure that this urine is yours and not anybody else. I am a professional and have seen many men and women go before. Relax and this should only take a few seconds and then I can leave and you can go back to being on welfare." I grimaced and barely could talk, I just looked at her in the doorway with her tight red dress and matching leather boots as she stared at me. I normally have no problem going but a pinch of stage fright was setting in. "Are you sure you need to stand and watch me." I said. "Move it big boy and pee while I am young." the welfare lady said.

I unbuckled my shorts and slowly unzipped my shorts and gently pulled out my dick. I held my cock in my right hand and started to shake it and got a good grip and aimed for the small cup. She gasped and her breathing started to increase and I closed my eyes and warm liquid came out and I slowly filled the cup with my pee. She shifted her stance in the doorway and moved closer to me. I still had my eyes closed as I felt her hand first on my right arm and then her hand on my shaft as she slid her fingers down to the head of my penis. I let go of my dick and she shot the warm liquid into the cup. She moved the cup and aimed my dick into the toilet and I heard it splash and she rested the cup on the sink. The welfare lady still had my cock and she shook the last droplets into the bowl and said "fuck, I know why Tina must love you. I haven't seen a better dick in my life. Does it like to be sucked and put in tight holes." I said "yes!!! welfare lady."

She bent over and started to s lick my penis head. "Yummy!!! nice and salty big boy." she said. I leaned my hips forward and my dick slid farther in her mouth. I reached down with my right hand and unzipped her dress and she stood up and the dress fell on the floor. She stood next to me and wrapped her right leg around my waist and her tits rested on my chest and we Frenched kissed for a few minutes and she tugged on my dick. I reached up and undid her bra and it fell onto the floor, she was now naked except for red fish nets on her legs and red knee high boots, she was wearing no underwear.

I turned her around and fondled her boobs and said "how big are these fun bags?" "44II big boy and they love to be manhandled and fucked." she said. She had a 26 inch waist and 34 inch ass and I took of my wife beater shirt and made her bend over the bathtub and got behind her. "Pass me the Vaseline next to the soap over there." I said as I slapped her ass. She spit on her hand and rubbed my dick and I just started to squeeze the head into her ass when she orgamsed for the first time. "Damn the welfare lady needs a good fucking" I said. She moaned as i slid my dick all the way in and started to fuck her ass. I reached around and fondled and twisted her breast and nipples as they banged on the inside of the tub. We fucked for about 15 minutes before I unleashed a warm hot goo in her ass, she tried to turn around but I held her against the tub and then slid my cock into her pussy. She reached down and wiped her ass, triyng to get my goo on her fingers.

I fell back on he bathroom floor and she turned around and sat on my lap. "Fuck you are a big boy Buck can you eat pussy as good as you fuck?" We got up and I followed her into the bedroom. She jumped on the bed and I heard the toys crunch as she jumped up and down. I stood there playing with my cock and I got hard in no time and she laid down on the bed and I started to eat her pussy. I looked up between her legs and the underside of her breast and nipples blocked her face. I reached up and parted her boobs and looked and saw her lips and her eyes were closed and she smiled. I said "your pussy is soaking wet, I love a good pussy and maybe I should give you a password so you can stop me. I got it (BuckNaked) the pass word." She moaned and I ate that pussy better than I had eaten anyone pussy and she moaned and screamed and tried to wiggle away from my mouth and fingers. She said "Yes, Yes, Yes, No, No, No and fuck" but no BuckNaked. I slowly inserted one finer and clamped down on her pussy lips and labia and then another finger, I got four fingers and half a pinkie from my left hand and after 45 inutes she yelled "BUCKNAKED Fucker!!!!!" and I got up and drove my hard cock into her sopping wet pussy.

I reached up and held her boobs and legs wide open and fucked her pussy. She reached down and played with her pussy and I freed one hand and slapped her juggs as they went back and forth. She brought her left nipple up and into her mouth and bit her nipple and screamed. We fucked for about 20 minutes before I dismounted her pussy and climbed on her chest. I spit some saliva on her valley of cleavage and slid my shaft into her boobs and started to jugg fucker her. Her tongue licked my head and when it got closer to her mouth and she squished her breast together making my dick feel tighter as I fucked her breasts. She stuck a finger in my asshole and I yelled as the first spurt hit her forehead and hair and the next her eye. She jammed my dick into her mouth and cleaned me off. She sucked on my cock and I reached down and pulled her nipple and caused her breast to move up and down. She tried to move my hands but my dick was getting hard and she continued to suck it.

She rolled me over and mounted me and began to ride me like a cowgirl. Her ass slammed down and her breast hit my chest as she moved up and down. I slid one nipple and then both in my mouth and she screamed. I raised her breast up and slapped them together and she fucked me harder. "Welfare lady likes fucking, fuck me you whore." I said. She smiled and increased her rhythm. After ten minutes I shot a load in her pussy and we fell next to each other. She went to sleep and I went back to the couch and shook the last drop of cum onto the front of the couch. About 4pm the phone rang and Tina decide to stay at her mothers. "Did Missy stop by for the inspection, how did that go." I smiled and said "we passed , the apartment is clean and she wants a exterminator to come out tonight and bomb for pests, You better stay at your mother until Monday and I will pick you up. Missy gave my a voucher for a hotel room to stay until Monday."

I placed the cell phone back on the couch and reached for the remote but Missy had woken up and turned on "Claudia 38DD seduced by a cougar." Missy climbed on my dick and I looked over her shoulder as she fucked my and grabbed her tits and we watched the porn movie.

Missy is one hot bitch and we fuck every week usually 3 times a week, we still make up stories about loosing welfare to Tina and she wants to take to another level. She told me the other day why I was fucking her beautiful pussy she missed her period and had a doctor appointment. I flipped her over and started to fuck her ass and said "you need to keep working, one welfare whore is all I can handle", she moaned and said "BUCKNAKED!!!"

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