Wednesday, March 14, 2007

New Housekeeper

I am a sales man for a large auto part chain and travel around the country selling parts to local car dealerships. I usually leave Sunday night and come home on Friday after 6pm from the airport. My wife works as a principle of a elementary school on the other side of town. Her family lives in the area and her sister comes over and keeps her company. We met in college and she fell in love with me. She was cute but her boobs were only a size 34B and I always tried to get her to get a boob job to make them bigger. She always told me to be have and it had been almost a year since I brought it up. I never cheated on her and we had sex about onece every 15 days. i kept a collection of porn in the basement in a locker. I marked the box auto parts and she left it alone.

I would watch porn and surf the net at hotels on the road. i paid for the movies on a seperate billl so I did not raise an eyebrow at home. Milf and big breasted movies i usually enjoyed. My wife was only 24 and she was inexperienced when it came to sex. She had landed her job on a dare from her sisiter to appply for the job and she got it a week later, Her time was now more busy and sometimes I did not see her untill Sunday or when I rolled over and she was getting up.

She called me on the road last Tuesday and she said the house was looking in bad shape and since her time was more busy she was going to hre a housekeeper/maid for the house. I said that it was a good idea but she should interview the people before they got into the house. She called me Thursday and said she hire a spanish women name Maria and she was from Panama and also worked at her school partime cleaning the officse in adminstration building. i said "good job honey. I will see you tomorrow after work and will go get a bite."

I got home and the place was spotless. The whole entire house was clean. The dirt on the rails and the inside of the microwave was clean. I guess the new housekeeper was doing a fantastic job. An hour later Trudy got home and we went to dinner and a movie. We saw a chick flick and I was getting a liitle horny but the wife blocked my attempts. We went to bed after we got home. I snuck down staris around 3am and watched a new porn tape and jerked off and went back to bed.

I called my wife on Monday and told her that I was going to be home tonight. My auto parts supplier workers were on strike and that I would be off for 2 weeks untill they got a new supplier. I figured it would be good to take a mini vaction. I tried to get Trudy to go but she was busy and I decide to sleep in late and watch the boob tube all day. I was looking forward to taking the 2 weeks off.

It was around midnight when i got home and Trudy was out cold. I hoped in the bed naked and reached down and felt her pussy under her lingre and she moved my hand away and I was to tired to get up and go downstairs. I rolled over and went to sleep. I felt the bed move and Trudy went into the bathroom took a shower and got dressed and went to work. She did;t say hello or good morning and she looked like she was in a hurry. I just laid there faking I was alseep and then I rollled over on my back and peeled down the top sheet and fell asleep.

It was about an hour later when I rolled over and my erection woke me up. I was hard as a rock and I hit the bed and I rolled back over on my back. I reached under the sheet and tugged on my cock about two strokes and scrathched my balls. Damn I was horny and my dick was just going back limp. I kicked my feet up and slipped my naked body over the top sheet. the comforter was on the foot of the bed and I tossed her blanket onto the floor. I propped up the six pilloes behind my head and closed my eyes. I started to stroke my cock and I had a big smile on my face. It had been about 5 days since I had jerked off and I was going to make this one feel good. I liked to cum in the moring so I could jerk off later in the day before my wife got home.

I was unaware how long Maria was standing there but when she dropped the vacuum cleaner and the handle hit the floor. My eyes popeed open and i grabbed the top sheet and pulled it over my erection. She looked at me with those big brown eyes and said "its ok, i didn't mean to disturb you" in a spanish accent. Maria was about 5ft 7 with dark curly hair that glittered in the sunlight. She had it tied in the back and it gently fell onto her shoulder and half way down her back. She had one gold hoop earring and one small diamond in her other earlobe. She had bright red lipstick and red finger nails and toes with spanish lettering on them. She had on a yellow mini skirt that was cut just under her huge ass and she had big thighs. She had on platform heels that made her jiggle as she walked. Her breast were at least 48 HH and she had a 34 inch waist. She was an extremely hot latino women.

Had my wife gone mad picking out such a beautiful women to clean our house. When we were in college I made negative comments about the spanish women who cleaned are dorm but i was only kidding. I had fanatized about the cleaning lady in college and masterbated to her on more than one occiasion. I said "you must ne Maria, I am so sorry . I don't usually do this but," she stopped me and said "sometimes a man needs to do this to relief stress in his life. I will go know and you can return to doing that." I said "Maria I am sorry again, don't tell my wife. She gets mad at me for wanting to have sex alll the time." Maria smiled and said "when the last time you had sex with your wife." i was a little taken back but she did catch me jerking off so i said "Month ago." maria smiled.

"Oh mister that is to long for a man to go without sex. I don't have a man or married but I need sex almost daily. I have a big collection of toys to help me when I can't find a man." She picked up the vacuum and left the room and I heard her heels click on the floor as she went down the sprial stairs. A few minutes after I heard her footsteps come back up the stairs and she walked back into the bedrooom. She placed a small bag on the the dresser and unzipped the bag. Maria pullled out a large bottle of lubricant with a spanish name on the side. "I love this oil, it feels good in your hand and gets warmer as you apply heat to it.

I sat up on the bed and leaned back against the pillows. Maria sat on the edge of the bed and pulled the top sheet back. she squeezed the bottle of oil into her hand and she rubbed her palms together. With her left hand she grabbed my cock and started to stroke it. She took her right hand and rubbed my nipple on my right breast. She pinched my nipple and moved her hand faster on my cock. I cloed my eyes and then she used both hands on my dick pumbing faster. I felt her hair touch my stomach and her mouth engulfed my dick as I tensed up and shot a big load into her mouth. She sucked and deep throated my cock clean. She leaned back up and there was some goo on her lips and she licked that off on by her tongue. She smiled and got up off the bed.

She walked out the room and I looked at her standing near the railing ovelooking the down stairs. I got up and walked toward her. Maria took off her shirt and unzipped her mini skirt and they fell on the floor. I got behind her and she grabbed my dick and guided into her pussy. She reached her hands and held on to the rail and I fucked her tight pussy. She was hot and she screamed and spoke dirty spanish to me. "Se senior fuck me, fuck me with your gringo cock," Maria said. I slapped her ass and reached around and fondled her big boobs. She rocked back on my cock and her juices spurted onto my cock,. This spanish lady kept fucking me for 20 minutes and she then pushed me off her and she pushed me onto the floor. She fucked me and her boobs hit my chest as she cimaxed agian and yelled at me in spanish. Her hary pussy was having a bad effect on my dick and I tensed up and exploded inside her. She fell on my chest and bit my nipple and screamed into my ear.

I picked her up and took her back to my bed and we fell asleep next to each other. About 3 hrs later I heard Maria call in sick at the school and about an hour later my wife called and siad she was working late and was staying at her sister tonight to beat traffic in the morning. About an hour later I woke up with Maria sucking my cock and I grabbed her hair and she swallowed another load. We fucked in the kitchen, the bathroom, on the couch in living room and in the pool later that night.

I convinced my wife to hire Maria full time and Maria quit her job at the school. i got a new job with the company after the strike. I work from home know being a supervisor and have out of town meeting about once a month. I am in Miami this weekend for a big sales meeting and I am putting on my cargo shorts and a hawaiian shirt and my new panamian sun glasses. The door to the bathroom just opened and Maria looks stunning in her new yellow two piece thong bikini. She smileing and my wife is paying for Maria vaction. Marai wanted to go see her mother in Panama after two days with me in Miamai. i told my wofe I would help Maria get a new visa and I would travel down to Panama to help her.

i just got off a bus and Maria knocks on her door to her old house in Panama. Her mom greets me at the door with a big hug and her dad shakes my hand. I stop and stare out back and see Maria 1/2 sister with these large breast peeking out her clothes and Maria sayd "that my sisiter, mabe you can sponser her for a job back in Chicago." I smile and my cock grows again.