Friday, March 2, 2007

Mother of the Bride

I just got home and the light on my answering machine was blinking, usually not a good sign the person could not reach me on my cell. It was Mike and he needed me to fill in for another guy who could not make a wedding this weekend. It was Thursday and I had to leave for Vermont tomorrow after work if I wanted to make it. I had know Mike since 6Th grade and we both used each other for emergency situation, especially if it was to get laid or his date or mine needed a buddy to go on a double date. I usually was the guy who had to take one for the team and take ugly Betty to the prom or take the girls friends out so he could get in his date pants. It had been six months since I had been with a women and I called him and he faxed me directions to the hotel in Vermont.

It was Fall and the leaves were falling so a Vermont getaway with free meals and a beautiful view of lake sounded good. I worked all day and took the convertible up the long way stopping for dinner and got to the hotel about midnight and checked in. Mike had left me a key and a tuxedo was in my room in the closet. The room was small but it had a queen size bed a small TV and the patio had a great view of the lake.

I crashed and got up early and met Mike for breakfast around 10am. He said his new girlfriend sister was getting married and he was going to escort his girlfriend down the aisle. He informed me that I was to escort and be with his future mother in law. The mom of the bride was a widow and her husband died 3 yrs ago and she did not have a date and his girlfriend and the bride had put the dog chains on him to find her a date. "Dude she is nice, she a little old but Abby wants her to have a date for the wedding and I knew you would do me a solid. You still owe for the money you lost on the World Series. Just stay with her, escort her around and after a few hours dump her and find a one night stand," Mike said. I laughed and said, "you must be crazy. You dragged me up here for a wedding date with the mother of the bride are you insane. She probably in a wheel chair and has a air tank she drags behind her." He smiled and said "World Series wager, $500 mean anything." I nodded my head and said "what time?"

"Meet me at 3pm, wedding at 5pm and the wedding reception at 7pm in the main ballroom of the hotel," Mike said. I smiled and went to go get a haircut and picked up some beers in town. I got back at 2pm and took a shower and clipped my nails and put on some cologne. I shaved my face and then got a new razor and shave my balls and left a small patch just above my dick. I figured it could not hurt if I did manage to get lucky.

I looked in the mirror and had to say "you the man!" as I walked down the stairs into the lobby to meet Mike and his girlfriend Abby and her Mom. I was talking to Mike when the girls came up behind us and Abby put her hand on my shoulder and said "boys this is my Mom Maryland and this is you escort mom for the evening." Maryland had blond hair that was done up in a bee hive fashion with small curly locks the flowed down her hair on to her shoulder. The brides maids and Maryland had spent most of the day at a beauty salon getting ready. Maryland had bright red lips and black mascara and small diamond gold earrings and the biggest diamond broach that sat perfectly between her large cleavage. She had a white gold necklace that sat in the middle of her chest and she had a white dress that hugged her curves and came down just above her ankles. She wore white diamond trimmed 4 inch heels and had a small white purse that she tucked under her arm pit. She had long white satin gloves that covered her hands and came just passed her elbows and she had on 6-8 gold bracelet and 3-4 big rings on her fingers. I would have to say she was 40GGG - 34 - 44. She smiled and shook my hand.

I reached in and she place her hand on my elbow and we walked out into the limo. Maryland did not say much in the limo and the other brides maids giggled as we got to the church. I escorted Maryland down the aisle and sat behind her in church. I waited in line for her to greet the guest at the end of the ceremony and she didn't say much in the limo on the way back to the hotel. They introduced as Miss Simmons and Guest as we enter the ballroom and I sat next to her at the head table on stage.

Mike gave me quick glance and stares and motion for me to talk to Maryland. "So Maryland you must be proud of our daughter today on such a big day." I said. She finally smiled and started to warm up. "I am so nervous about today. Usually I am so talkative. I am also not use to having such a handsome man be my date for the evening" Maryland said. I just nodded and let her talk. I had a few beers and ate my prime rib and Maryland kept talking.

It turns out her husband died having a heart attack from smoking all his life. She loved him and had not been on a date for 35 yrs years and she had not been out with a gentleman since her husband had passed way. She felt guilty but loved her kids and wanted them to feel good on there special day. She did however think Mike was a bit sneaky with her daughter and wanted to get some inside dirt. I said, "If you dance with me one song I might be able to tell you some dirt." She smiled and said "I can't dance the fast numbers but I can sure slow dance." I said "Ok!"

I escorted her to the dance floor and Mike and Abby gave me the thumbs up sign. Maryland could sure move around the dance floor. She was in her sixties but she still moved and look like she was in her thirties. She told me she used to dance to keep in shape and her husband never danced and really did not appreciate her the last 10yrs of there marriage. I laughed and gave her a playful squeeze as we moved around the dance floor. She rested her head on my shoulder and kept about a 1/2 inch between us as the other guest mixed around us. She danced with her daughters and did a mean chicken dance and lead the Conga line around the ballroom.

Mike pulled me a side and said "dude your awesome man, Abby happy and she keeps touching me under the table. We are going down to lake so we can skinny dip. There is a girl at our table, so put Maryland to bed and will see you at the lake. Move it!" I laughed and looked over at Maryland and her daughters. It was a little after 11pm and the bride and groom had just left when I went back to the head table. I followed Maryland with my eyes as she walked back to the table. "Here you are, I lost site of my escort. That was fun. It looks like everything is winding down maybe you should escort me back to my room. Its a big hotel I might get lost," Maryland said.

She grabbed my arm and we walked down the hall and she said goodbye to everyone. She stopped at the front desk and got her key and it was room 369. Her room was on top of the hotel. She smiled as we went up the elevator and she took off her heels as we walked out of the elevator and a short distance to room 369. I laughed because it was the only room on the floor. It was the honeymoon suite but her daughter and groom went to a hotel near NYC to fly on a plane to Bermuda in the morning and left her the suite. She put the key in and turned around quickly and said "Don't forget are deal, I danced with you and know you have to tell me some dirt on Mike." I Laughed and said "Maryland you still remember that after those mix drinks and shaking your butt on the dance floor." She smiled and grabbed my hand and flipped on the light switch in the room.

It was a huge suite with a glass champagne hot tub in middle of the room and a red heart shape king size bed at one end and a bar at the other. It had two big white leather couches a small fireplace and a white bear skin rug on the wooden floor. There was a large bath room off to the right and there were red satin sheets and pillows everywhere. There were probably 50 candles around the room and a small stereo on a glass shelf near the kitchen. She laughed and said "this room is to much for one person, especially a old broad like myself." I laughed and said "Maryland you still look good for you age." She smiled and said "I'm old but I am definitely not dead." Go fix us some drinks and take a look on the balcony and see if you can see your buddy Mike in the lake."

I grimaced and and shook my head as I fixed a pitcher of Sangria's. I mixed a big picture and poured two glass and walked out onto the balcony. I saw Mike but Abby was pulling him back to the hotel complaining he was drunk and it was to cold outside. I laughed but they never looked up and saw me as I leaned over the rail. I unbutton my bow tie and loosen my cumber bun and for a moment thought, should I be in a room with a sixty year old women almost twice my age and if Abby and Mike find out, I am going to be busted.

Just then I heard the sliding glass door open and the sound of high heels could be heard as they walked over the wooden deck. Maryland grabbed her drink and I could smell her sweet beautiful perfume and she smiled at me as she leaned on the rail. Maryland had changed and had on a big red fluffy towel and tied just over her large breast. She had on a red towel and red six inch heels. She smiled and said "so can they see us or what?" I smiled and said "Mike passed out and your daughter pulled him into the hotel." She laughed and licked her lips on the champagne glass as the Sangria just washed over her bright red lips. She oh and awed over the Sangria's and said wine caused her to loosen up more than the mix drink from the reception. I said "are you ok, maybe I shouldn't be here." She place her finger on my chin and said "I'm old enough to be your mother but follow me back inside and help me start the hot tub."

I followed behind her and her ass cheeks popped out of the towel as she strutted and I got a great view of her ass and pussy as she climbed the stair for the champagne hot tub. She dropped the towel on it fell on the floor and she moaned as she hit the hot water. I thought for a second, and realized the front door was closer to get out of the room than to climb the stairs to the hot tub.

I kicked off my shoes and took of my tuxedo top and pants and was just left in my black boxer briefs. I wore a size smaller so it hugged my cock and I grabbed a towel and headed up the stairs to join Maryland. I looked up and her ass was on the glass underside of the hot tub and her pussy hair was flowing from side o side as the water jets hit her body. I got to the top and looked in the hot tub and Maryland big breast were resting on top of the water. Her nipples were erect and she had tan lines on her breast that made her boobs contrast from white bikini outline to medium tan. Her aerolas were pink and about 4 inches in diameter with small bumps on them. She had her right hand on her right nipple and was twisting it and her other hand was rubbing her stomach.

"I might be old but I know you need to be naked before you enter a hot tub." Maryland said. "I have a stain on my under wear and I might want to get them wet before I show you my goods." She smiled and stuck out a finger and motion me to get in. I dropped the towel on the side and with my boxer briefs still on I entered the hot water. "Wow the water feels great." I said. Se brought her feet and put them into my lap. I started to massage her feet, paying attention to here arch, and heel and making small circles on her ankles. She closed her eyes and leaned her had back and sighed. I massaged her feet and then she massaged mine and brought my toes out of the water and sucked on them.

She shifted and know she was sitting on my lap. I massaged her shoulders and kissed her neck. She massaged the top of my thighs and ran her fingers on my chest as she scratched me reaching behind her. She moaned slightly as a massaged her stomach and then her arms. I spent about 15 minutes massaging her body before she grabbed my hands and placed them on her big boobs. "My husband never liked my boobs, he liked my long legs and he would make love to me in the dark so he did not have to watch me. It usually lasted 5 minutes and he would roll over and go to bed." I traced her breast and stuck my tongue in her ear and bit her earlobe and tugged on her nipples. Maryland moaned and the water got extra hot on my lap. She convulsed and tighten up as I fondled her breast from behind. I kept pinching her nipples and she leaned her head back and I leaned forward and watched the water trickle down her valley of cleavage. I could not see her pussy but I new she had a big mound of pussy hair.

I reached down and started to trace my fingers on her pubic mound. she groaned and I inserted one finger from my right hand and then another finger from my left hand. I fingered her to a quick orgasm and kissed her shoulder a she screamed. She rolled over and crawled up into my lap and we Frenched kissed. I bit her tongue and tweaked her nipples and slammed them together and started sucking on them. She arched back and brought her hands on the back of the hot tub and I groped and fondled her breast. I rubbed them all over my face and head. "I need to see your cock, show me you cock stud!!!" Maryland said.

I moved her off me and stood up in the hot tub. My cock was in my under wear next to her face and she brought her right hand and traced her finger up and down my shaft. She squeezed the head and scratched my balls and looked up at my eyes." I said "how long since you seen a strange cock Maryland. "It been to long !! My husband cock was small and he had a hairy crotch covering his dick." I said get ready and grabbed her hands and place it on my boxer briefs.

She pulled down my boxer briefs and my cock sprang out and almost hit her face. She gasped and said "fuck that's a big cock, you shaved. Are you going to hurt me." I smiled and said' "9 1/2 inches of young man meat!" She got on her knees and started to suck my dick. I grabbed her hand and she stroked me with her left hand and itched my ball with the other. I told here to suck my ball and introduced her to tea-bagging as she deep throated my cock and my balls rested on her chin. Her breast hung on my thighs and knee and I rammed my dick faster into her mouth. I grabbed her head and held it on my dick and released her face as she gasped for air and saliva fell into the hot tub.

She stood up and I went back to fondling her boobs as she kissed me and tongued my nipples and scratched her nails on the side of my stomach and the back of my ass. I reached down and groped her ass and scratch my nails under her ass as she moaned into my ear and said "you young guys sure know how to please a women." I turn her around and groped her from behind and reached down and stroked my cock between her thighs, she leaned down and placed her hands on the side of the hot tub and said "fuck me, I need that big cock, fuck me big boy!"

I placed the head of my cock on her anus and rubbed up and down in her ass crack and then found her love hole and slowly pierced her puffy pussy lips. She moved slightly and I inserted my shaft about half way then pulled out and said "you like that don't you Maryland, you love strange cock again." She wiggled her ass and slid her hand between her thighs and grabbed my cock head and pulled me back into her pussy. I began to slam my cock harder and harder into her pussy and she orgamsed and the warm fluid lubed my cock to go deeper. She screamed and said "go all the way in me big boy, show mama how she likes big cock." I slammed it harder in and she fell onto her knees and the water splashed and my cock glisten with her pussy juices as I looked down at her.

Her face was wet and she got back up and said "lets go down to the floor and you can show me a new position. I said. "grab my cock an lead the way." She wrapped her hand around my cock and pulled my out the hot tub and down the stairs and she fell on the bear skin rug. I lit some candles around the room and turned on some music. I started the fire and told her to play with herself but do not orgasm. I laid on the floor and crawled over to her as my cock trailed on the bear skin rug. She smiled as I put my chest on the floor and started to eat her pussy. "My husband never ate me, I thought I would die before some else payed with pussy besides me." she said. Maryland arched her ass and her juices flushed my face and I sucked on her cunt lips. I reached up with my right hand and spread her pussy lips and nippled and sucked on the top of her clitoris. It feel like a small skin flap at the top of the pussy and brings women much joy. I used my free hand to massage her breast and pinch her nipples. I ate her out for about 30 minutes before she pushed on my shoulders and moved my head to the side.

"Fuck me, use that big cock," Maryland said. I reached up with my hand and laid her flat on the bear skin rug. I reached down and stroked my cock and inserted the head into her mouth till I got hard again and climbed on top of her. I inserted my cock and started slowly fucking her again. Her legs were straight up and her ass rocked back and forth on the carpet as we go a good rhythm going. I used my right hand to squeeze her breast and my lef hand I choked her neck. I chocked her in small burst, never squeezing to hard but just controlling her breathing and told her to say "Yes! Yes! Yes!!" She followed my commands and then I got on my tippy toes like doing a push up and with nothing holding me back jacked hammered her pussy. After 15 minutes she screamed then I screamed and shot a huge load into her pussy. She reached down and scoped up the over flow and rubbed the goo on her left breast and nipple.

I leaned to the right side and she sucked her nipple and I start to fuck her again. My dick was still hard and she was still wiggling underneath me. She asked if she could get on top and I rolled over and laid on my back. I showed her a quick sixty nine and started to touch her ass hole when she got up and turn around on my chest. "I'm not sure if I want to go here but maybe later. Know watch me as I fuck you big boy." I grabbed her hips and she slowly slid down my pole and she began to fuck me. Her ass hit my thigh and her breast fell onto my chest. I bit one nipple then the next and groped her ass as she bounced up and down. She smiled and grapeed her breast and cupped them straight out and I looked up and could not see her face but what a great view of her under side. Her Juggs were sweating an a bead of sweat hit my face. I began to slap the front of her boobs and told her to say "No! No! No!" and she followed my commands. I tensed up and she quickly got off and encased her tits around my cock and I shot another wad out my cock head and onto her neck and face. Her face, nose, eye and breast were covered in my goo and she smiled and kept pumping her boobs on my dick.

I carried her over to the heart shape bed and pulled the covers over us. I woke up about an hour later and she was giving me a blow job , I spurted and she swollowed and we went back to bed. I woke up in the morning with her boobs around my head and her chin on my forehead as my head raised up and down as she breathed. We stayed for another 2 days and I drove her back to my place. Mike and Maryland daughter broke up after the wedding. Maryland other daughter is still married and both girls call there mom. I got a message the other day from Mike and he said "hey your never going to guess who moving in were you live. Maryland, Abby mom bought a great big house with a great wiew of the valley. If Mike ony new what a great view of the valley I get almost every night from this blonde hot fucking mother of the bride.

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