Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Coach's Wife

It had been a long a borning summer and I had to start a new year at another new high school. My dad was in the Navy and we had to move every 2 years to another base. This one would be different because we would stay 4 yeasrs and I could get to graduate at this High School. I was working out 3 times a week and just got a play book to study before summer football season would start. The coach was nice and he liked I could play both offense line and defense line. I was about 6ft 5 and 300 pounds and could move pretty quick for a big guy. I had lead are previous school in sacks and loved to hit pople.

The first two weeks of practice were tough and I lost about 15 pounds running in the hot weather. I went and took a long shower and the guys were all cool. We took showers in a big shower area and we all tried not to look at each others man meat as we walked around. I had a good size dick and was not intimated but I still felt uneasy being naked in front of the guys. After practice and a long shower the highscool was pretty empty went I walked out to my car. I had borrowed my dad old chevy truck, it was old but it got me around. I was just about to get in when Summer from the cheerleading squad stopped me and said "You looked goog today out there on the field."

Her friend Stacy laughed and they both smiled. I said "what do you girls want?" Summer said "my sisiter sells cookies for her church group and we wanted to know if you want to buy some. How do you like the school? Are you going to be here for awhie or do you have to move again? I smiled and said "I like the school and the football team. I am here for a while. We don't move for another 4 years but I will be graduted by then." They both smiled and Satcy said "can we have a ride to Summers and she can show the order form for her sisters cookies." I said "hop in" and I through my stuff in the back.

We got to Summer's house and I filled out the order form and order 6 box of cookies. The giggled and stared at me and then Summer said "my mom is the head of the cheerleading squad and her and my dad will be home later. If your quite and don't wake my sisiter you can come upstairs and see my room. I smiled and followed them upsatairs and before the door shut behind us Summer was on her knees trying to unzip my jeans. I stopped her and said "are you sure you want to see?" She smiled and said "We heard from Pam in Home EC that her boyfriend said you have a big dick." I smiled and she unzipped my pants and my cock sprang out.

Stacy sat on the bed and looked at Summer who was licking and sucking my cock. Summer released my cock from her mouth and said "Stacy get over her, its so big." Stacy said "I can't cheat on my boyfreind." Summer said "oral sex not cheating dummy, I still love Daniel (Quaterback) but his dick is small and his parnets think I am a tramp." Summer went back to sucking my cock and Stacy got up and stood next to me and started to kiss my lips and I put her hand under my balls. Stacy cupped my balls and Summer put a finger in her pussy and was playing with herself and sucking my cock. After a few minutes Stacy got on her kness and they both were sucking my cock. They tried to deep throat me but they both had a hard time and I said "Here it comes girls!!!"' They both jacked my cock with there hands and I pumped a large load of jizz into the air and it landed on Summer's doll house in the corner. There jaws dropped and both said "Fuck that was a huge load."

I pulled up my jeans and laid Stacy and Summer on the bed. I pushed her dolls and stuff animals off the bed and pulled there panties down to the floor. Stacy pussy was full of hair and Summer was shaved bald with a few red bumbs. I ate each girl pussy and brought them two orgasm before Summer said "My parents are going to be home soon. Also you suck pussy better than any boy we know." I smiled and later learned they through parties for the football team letting the guys eat there pussy or they would suck there cocks. I would later be invited to one after the season started.

Two days later and a week before classes were to begin I got a call from the coach and he informed me that I was to be invited to dinner on Thursday. He brought all the new guys to dinner at his home to meet his family and show them films in his basement. I showed up around 6pm and he had the dinner catered in becuase his wife was away for work. His house was big and his daughter was cute. She was just starting college and was heading back to school in the morning but she smiled and took us around the house. The other 3 guys with me ate large and I went home around 11pm that night.

The next day I got a call from the coach's wife. She apolgized for not being there last night for dinner and she said I left my play book on the couch in the basement. I said "can you drop off at school or give it to the coach." She said that her husband was away today at a coaching clinic and would not be back for two days. I still had practice tomorrow with the asst coach. She said "why don't you drive over and pick it up and then you can take some of the films into the coachs tomorrow. I said "Ok, see ya soon."

I took a shower and but on a black t-shirt with the football logo on it and a pair a tan cago pants and flip flops and headed out the door. i drove up and saw two mini vans parked in the diriveway. Both had are logo on the back and were proud parent sand support of the football team. I knocked on the door and a few minutes later the door open and the coach' wife was standing in the doorway. She was 5ft 6 with a enormous chest. Her breast had to measure 44EE and her waist was 28 and ass about 30 and tight. She had a dark tan and her blonde hair was curled and she wore alot of makeup and eyeliner. her fingers were painted pink and she had on tan wooden platform shoes that thumped as she walked. I was a little bit shocked and she stuck her hand out and shook mind, a tingle went down my spine to my dick. She wore a denim short mini skirt that just barely covered her ass and she had a whte tank top that was stretched and her nipples popped underneath the material. I stepped in and followed her into the lvining room.

She said "my name is Mitsy and Bobs said your things are in the basement. Just take off your shoes over there and follow me to the basement." I smiled and took off my shoes and followed this hot lady down the stairs to the basement. She had the slideing glass door open to the back yard and the fresh air was coming in. There pool was large and I saw a older women swimming in it. I watched as the lady got out of the water and shook her blonde hair and the water shook off into the grass. She smiled at us in the doorway and she waved to Misty and the both smiled. The other lady was about 26 just like Mitsy and she had a tan with white lines near her chest and ass were her new swim suit did not cover. Her previous swim suit must have been a one piece and covered her body and know she wore a small pink two piece with a thong in the back. She slipped on her sandals and picked up her towel and big cocktail drink and headed are way. Her sunglasess were hung on her chest and she smiled as we watched her walk toward us.

We stepped back in the basenment and the new lady shook my hand and said "Hi I'm Candy - Summers mom. I am the new cheerleading coach. My dick was now erect and I bit my lip as both ladies sat on the big couch in the basement. I stood there nex to the coffee table and they both sipped Candy drink and giggles at me. Candy said "how do you like school this year." I said "so far so good, I really like playing football." Mitsy shifted her ass and crossed her legs and flashed me a smile and licked the top of her glass and said "Candy you were telling me something about are new player." Candy laughed and said "oh yeah it turns out he has already met my duaghter. He came over last wekek to order cookies from Darla and Summeer and that slut Stacy took him into Summer bedroom. I heard them on the phone the other day talking about him. They both said he had a huge cock that produced a lot of sperm." I grimaced and looked at them in disbeilef and said "what? that wasn't me, I don't do that kind of thing.

Candy smiled and said "do you like young virgins who can only suck cock or do mature older women who can fuck excite you." I smiled and then Mitsy said "we could go to the police, you did corrupt two young innocent girls. Why don't you take off your clothes and stand on the coffee table and give us a show. When your done, we will see if we will report you. I unbutton my shirt and dropped my shorts and stood on the coffee table. Mitsy looked up and said "drop you underware dear we have to see you naked before we can decide to turn you in. You could lose your spot on the team. if you get arrested." I looked down and Candy was rubbing her breast and reached over and put her hand on Mitsy lap.

I pulled my underware down and my cock sprang up and hit my stomach. They both gasped and Candy said "you mother fucking big dick boy. You let my lttle baby suck your cock.' I smiled and began to strok my cock and each lady sat up on the edge of the couch and watched me stroke my cock. Candy peeld off her swim suit top and was playing with her nipples. Mitsy took of her top and was playing wih her breast. Here were two hot horny blondes with big boobs playing with themsevles in front off me. I did not last long and I grunted and show a huge load on both of them. They cupped there breast together and they both got off the couch and they let my cock drip onto there huge racks. They both licked eath other breast and Frenched kissed. They passed my spem back and forth like bubble gum and that both moaned.

Candy stood up first and engulfed my cok and played with my balls. Mitsy got up and got behind me and slapped my ass. Mitsy said "such a big dick for a football plaer. Are you still a vigin?" I smiled and said no - a old neighbor used to fuck me at my last home. They both licked there lips and they threw me on the couch and they got between my legs and sucked my dick back to life. Once it got hard Mistsy was now naked and got on top of my cock. Candy got on her knees next to me and sucked on Mitsy nipples as Mitsy fucked me on the couch. I played with each girls breast and nipples and bit down on Candy and she screamed. I stuck 3 fingers in Candy gash as her friend kept fucking me. Candy crushed her breast around my face and Mitsy screamed and I tensed up and shot my load into Misty wet pussy. "Give mama your seed. I love young guys," said Mitsy.

Candy said "it my turn. I want to ride this young stud." She grabbed my dick and we went out to the pool and she took me into the shallow end. We frenched kissed and I fondled her breast and licked her nipples and Mitsy sat on the pool steps fingering her pussy. Candy pushed me back toward the staris and I sat on the step. The water was chest high and Mitsy got behined me and sat on the last step. My head rested between her boobs and Candy climbed onto my dick and started to fuck me. "She cried out and said "Fuck your to big for my pussy. I bet you not for my ass." Before I could move Candy turned around jammed by cock in her ass and started to ass fuck me. I slapped her ass and Mistsy kissed me all over my face and head and said "Go bitch fuck that dick.' Candy froaned and held onto her knees as her ass slapped the water and my cock slammed her hole. The cold water and her hot ass was drving me insane and I tensed up and shot a big load into her ass.

They took me back to the house and we went upstairs and they fucked the shit out of me for the next day and half. Not untill the asst coach called the house did they let me go to bring the film to practice. I saw Candy and Summer laterthat day and Candy was still walking funny from having my cock in her ass. The coach thanked me for bringing the film the next day.

It's now the next year of school and I am still fucking both Candy and Mitsy every chance I get. They some time meet me at motels or I come over and hide in there garage or by the pool and they come out after the husbands are a slpeep and I give them a good fuck. We made state finals last year and look even better this year. I got invited to Summer party and the cheerlading squad got a good look of my dick. The other guys on the team asked me not to come to those parties any more becasue they want to show them there cocks. I said okm Know I meet Misty, Candy and two new moms who support the team when Summer has her parties. Thye dress me up nd I perform breast exams as a doctor or they dress me in Lingre and I have worn there panties and I give them back to them with dried cum in them. They like to ware the underware wet with my spem and they like the fabric stretched out.

Last week Misty and Candy and 4 other MILF'S drove me home from a game and I fucked them all in the mini van as there husbands and family followed the big yellow school bus from Denver, a 4 hour drive. I thought my cock would fall off by the time I got home.

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