Saturday, March 10, 2007

Never wish for more than you can handle

I was 26 and living downtown near the ocean and loved the single life. I never got married because the pussy in my neighborhood was to good to give up. I am in decent shape with a small beer gut and I am 6ft 2in and work on cars for a living. I fuck many lonely women in my shop as I work on there cars and trade sex for repair work. My friend Dave came by the other day. He is married but still helps me fuck some ladies who want more than one dick.

Last week I got a call from a women to pick up her husband car about 3 miles from Daves house and stopped and picked Dave up and we drove to the customer house. Her husband had a nice Corvette Stingray and needed new tires and brakes and we hooked it up to the flatbed and went and knocked on the door. There was the lonely wife answering the door with a pair of Daisy Dukes jammed in her ass crack and a white sport bra holding back a 36DD chest and her black hair was tied in a bun. She invinted us in and we went to the kitchen table and I looked at Dave and said "watch this." She bent over to pick up a napkin on the floor and I stuck a finger in her ass crack and she she moaned and placed her hands on her ass spreading her cheeks. I unnzipped my fly and took out my cock and slid her Diasy Dukes to one side and started to fuck her. Dave got a chair out and sat down and she sucked his cock as I fucked her from behind. We stayed for an hour and fucked the MILF in every hole, Dave came once in her hair and I came three times in her mouth and ass.

We both laughed and went back to the auto shop. The next day I got a call from Dave and he said "Sheryl wants you to come over for dinner on Thursday, we got a new pool table in the basement and maybe we can play some poker." I said ok and I will see you on Thursday. Dave wife was a true knock out and I secretly always wanted to fuck her but she was stuck up and very much a prune everytime I was at the house. Dave told me she was 5ft 4 and wore a 48 FFF bra and had a 26inch waist and 30 inch ass. I always wonder why he did't stay home and would come on my sexcapeds with the neighbors but figured he enjoyed a new piece of ass once in awhile, plus his secret was safe with me.

Thursday rolled around and I picked up a bottle of red wine and white and got to Dave house about 6:30pm and knocked on the door. Dave answered and said Sheryl was in the kitchen cooking and to have a seat on the couch. Sheryl came out and was looking hot in a blue cocktail dress, she had on slippers and a white apron and said "the wine looks great I hope you brought a big appetite and are ready for some dessert later," she smiled at Dave and strutted back into the kitchen. About 20 minutes later we sat at the dinner table and Sheryl had put on some clear 6inch heels and strutted around the dinner table serving us steaks and mash potatoes. She kept looking at me and smileing and we talked about the house and my business.

After dinner we settled into the living room and Sheryl cleared off the table and came back out and sat on the leather arm of Dave's recylner and looked at me across from them on the couch. I crossed my legs and poured the last of the red wine when Sheryl said "Dave says you both went on a service call earlier this week to Joann Wineski up the road. I drove by there house and your truck looked like it had been there for awhile." I gulped my drink and then she said "Dave told me everyting aboout what you both did to that poor women. I know there have been others. Do you usually fuck older women with big tits or can anyone make you horny." I spit out my drink just a little and wiped my mouth and Dave just sat there in silence. "You see Dave does not like my huge boobs and big ass and he always wants me to exericse and workout to loose weight. I on the other hand love my body. I need a man to make my husband realize how hot I am.

I gupled again and my mouth dropped open. She reached down and unzipped Dave pants and fished out his dick and jacked him off for 1 miunte and he cam in her hand. She kissed him and got up and started to undress. I looked at Dave and he nodded his head as I motion to him my dick was hard and if it was ok. "Don't look at him big boy, drop your socks and let me see your cock. I heard you like big boobs and big ass." I smiled and by this time she was complety naked standing in front of me. I kicked off my pants and pulled my shirt over my head and she got on her knees and pulled by underware to my ankles. My hard 9 1/2 inch dick sprang out and hit her in the chin and she smiled.

She gripped the base of my cock and tried to stuff the head into her mouth and down her throat. Dave got up and put his dick back in his pants and said "I am going to bed see you later." Dave walked out and went up stairs. "She released my dick and smiled and said "your dick is so much better than Daves, I can't wait till you fuck me." Show a desperate housewife how a big dick feels, she is yours for life. She placed my dick in her cleavage and started to fuck her boobs with my dick. I tigged on her nipples and watched her mascare run form her tears. I pulled her up and laid her sideways on the couch and started to fuck her pussy from behind. I brought her left leg up and fondled her breast with my two free hands. She rubbed her cunt as my dick slammed into her pussy and she screamed her first orgasm. "Dave never fucked me this good, come on lover she blurted out."

We went upsatirs and she peeked into the room and Dave was in bed. She slapped my ass and pulled my dick into the spare bedroom. She pulled back the covers and got in a good sixty nine positon as I ate her pussy, I got on all fours and fucked her doggy style pulling on her tits. I got her to relax her throat and she was able to deep throat me and my ball laid on her face as I fucked her throat. She licked my ass and let me fuck her ass, Dave never got to fuck her ass. We fucked alll night and just fell asleep about 4am.

The bed moved and I felt her wet snatch slide across my leg and onto my dick. She had sucked me for a few minutes to get me hard and started to fuck me again. I heard the shower running and new Dave must be awake. I reached up and fondled her tits and squeezed her nipples as she rode my cock. The door opened and Dave peeked in and saw I was still fucking his wife. He shut the door and she screamed and I poped another load in her snatch. She kissed me and said "I have to make breakfast come on down when your hungary."

I reached into Dave closet and got his bathrobe out and put it on and sat at the kitchen table. He was in a suit eating his eggs and Sheryl was naked with the same white apron on and had dried cum almost every where on her body. Her pussy and ass sloshed as she walked around and she kissed Dave on his cheeck and said "go to work, my lover is taking the day off to fuck me better and call me before you come home, you may have to go to a hotel tonight. I invited your softball team for dinner."

I ate my bacon and she took off her apron and opened my robe and climbed on my pole as Dave got up and grabbed his briefcase. I pushed breakfast on the floor and fucked her on the table. Dave slammed the door and she screamed into my ear and came. I took her shopping and got her some new lingere and outfits to show off her cleavage. I perieced her nipples and cunt lips and she got a tattoo on the under side of her breast with my intials "B N" and it looks great when she rides my cock. I hired Sheryl as my secretary at work and she brought in new business and repeat business is way up now the customers have a whore to fuck while I work on there car.

I take Sheryl to events and she wares bikin's and shows off her boobs at wet t shirt contest and bikin contests. She likes it when I fuck her in the car and people are looking at the car durning a show. She is still married to Dave and we sometimes go on service calls but his wfe starting to like pussy and shows new women customers how good a pussy licker she is.

I just heard the air pump line out front of the shop ring, its 7am and Sheryl just got here and the day has just begun. I meeting a escort service later to see if they can use Sheryl as a second job for her. I can always use a second income.