Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Milena - German Sponge Bath

It had been two weeks since my car accident and I had just started to wake up after a sponge bath in hospital room that I did not know. My crotch was wet and my legs and arms were just being dried off. The last thing I remembered was the engine exploding as I raced on the autobahn in Germany, outside of Bremenhaven. I had come to play futbol for a new team and they lent me a Porshe convertible to drive before I was to report next month for start of the futbol season. I had taken the car up around 195 mph when the engine cracked and exploded and the car went off the side of a hill and down into a field. The towns people took me to the nearest hospital and the only bed left was in the maternity ward of the hospital. I had a small bump on my head and needed to rest before they would let me leave.

The Doctors and Nurses were very nice and they gave me great care. They were not aware that I was a big soccer star in there country because the town was so small. There were very few visitors to the maternity ward and at night the hospital was very quite. I had just start to eat and began to walk around the hospital but had not taken a shower since I arrived 2 weeks ago. They wanted me to continue taking a sponge bath and since the nurses were cute I went along with there diagnosis. I had a small room with two beds and at the moment was the only patient assigned to the room.

The next day I was awaken at 8am and given my sponge bath and the nurse told me that I would be getting a new room mate. A women had given birth a hour earlier and the only bed empty was next to mine. I thought at least I will have someone to talk to and won't be so bored. At around noon the door opened and a beautiful women was rolled into the room. She had dirty blond hair and a dark tan, she was about 5ft 8in and had long legs and a great firm ass. Her boobs were large and her nipples could be seen right through her white small hospital gown. She was tired and need help to get in the bed and she fell asleep quickly after the nurses left.

At 6pm the night shift had begun and the nurses brought me in dinner and left a meal for my roommate on a tray next to her bed. Before the nurse left I said "is she ok, how is her baby?" The nurse smiled and said, "Gina had a baby boy and needs to stay for a week before she can leave. I hope you both can get along. She has to breast feed the baby and we will bring in a milking machine until the baby gets out of intensive care at the end of the week." I smiled and said "what ever I can due to make her feel better let me know, thanks." I ate and went to sleep around 9pm and Gina had not woken up yet.

It was 6am and I heard a small buzzing and vibrating noise coming from Gina bed. A new nurse had taken over in the morning and she pulled a curtain in between Gina and I. I peeked with one eye and laid on my side and faked like I was still asleep. The light was just coming through the window and it made the curtain in between us transparent. I could see the nurse put on the breast cup and the machine was making her milk squirt out her nipples and into milk bottles at the end of the machine. Gina said "nurse, is the machine suppose to feel this good." The nurse said "first time mothers find it very arousing especially women with busen (breast) as big as yours." The nurse picked up Gina chart and said your busen have grown 6 inches and now measure 48 HH. The dark purple on your areolas and nipple will fade over time as you begin to breast feed less." My dick was just starting to pop a tent under my bed sheet. The nurse said "relax I am going to give you a nice kranken wasche (bed bath) to make you feel better." I herd Gina breast move as she leaned forward and the nurse took Gina top and bottoms off and placed them on the bed. "Thank you nurse, it is nice to have someone care for me since my boyfriend had left me after I got pregnant. I feel lonely sometimes and I can't seem to find any nice men near my home in the country. What's your name?" Gina asked. "Milena and your not the only women who cant find a nice man, its hard to find a man that can put up with me working long hours," Milena said.

Gina leaned back on her pillows and opened her legs and Milena washed Gina front and paid close attention to Gina boobs. Milena stopped the machine and said "4 bottles should be enough to feed that little boy. Here let me pinch your nipple and stop the milch (milk) from squirting on you. Oh, your busen milch is warm." "Thanks," Gina said. Milena washed Gina back and rolled her over and washed her ass and thighs and paid close attention to her feet that were still sore from walking to the hospital to give birth.

The curtain was pulled back and Milena had been there for about an hour and said, "Gina I'll see you at 10am for another bottle leberwohl (good bye)." I still faked that I was asleep as Milena passed by. Milena was about 5ft 6inch and had long black hair that curled just passed her shoulder blades and wore bright red lip stick. She had on a tight light blue nurse outfit on and she also had large boobs and measured about 38 JJ compared to Gina's juggs. She had white pantie hose on that stretched from her platform white nurses shoes to her tight big firm ass. I would guess she had a 26inch waist and a 32inch ass to go with those firm tits.

I rolled over and looked at the front door and thought of anything that would make my erection go down. About an hour later I rolled over a faked that I was just getting up and I heard Gina say, "hello, gut tag (good morning)." I smiled and said "gut tag." Gina said "you are American?" I said "yes, its a pleasure to meet you. I was in a small accident and have been in the hospital for about two weeks." Gina said "my name is Gina, what is yours?" I smiled and said "my friends call me Buck, I've just moved here from New York and report to work in a few weeks." "Are you ok," Gina said. I said "yes, only a few scratches better safe than sorry." Gina leaned back against her pillows and looked back out the window and said "it's such a nice day, I love to sit outside and get a tan when I am not farming and raising my horses. Do you like horses?" I smiled and said "I love animals and I grew up on a farm in upstate New York. I love the way a horse feels as you ride them." She smiled and said "I love horses and sunflowers that grow on my farm."

I leaned back on my pillows and looked over at Gina and her robe had fallen open and her left nipple had peaked out the front. Her nipple was dark brown and was the size of the tip of my thumb and had a small white milk droplet was on it. Her right breast was laying on her side and was between her arm and waist and was causing the robe to open farther. The door opened and Milena came in and said "gut tag, my name is Milena and I am here to give your schwamm badon (sponge bath)." She walked over and closed the curtain and I took of my small hospital robe and she washed my back and sponged my arms and legs. "If you take off your bottoms I can finish the rest of you Mr. Buck," Milena said. She turned her head and I slipped of my bottoms and rolled over on my front and my ass was now sticking straight up. I leaned my head toward the door. I heard the curtain slowly open between Gina and I and I figured that Gina was now watching me like I had been watching her earlier. I heard them both "sigh!" After a few minutes of washing my back and ass and just moving the sponge over my naked balls and down my shaft Milena washed my legs and gave me a great foot massage. I was still lying om my front when I said "I can do my front, if you leave the sponge." She placed the sponge back in the pan and pulled the curtain back so Gina could not see and walked out the front door. I sponged my dick and cleaned my balls and carefully put my bottoms back on making sure not to cum in my hospital gown.

About 5 pm Milena came back and set the milking machine back on Gina and pulled the curtain between us close. She took my vitals and gave my some jello and water and then walked around the curtain and turned off the Milking machine and helped Gina get into a new robe. She pulled the curtain back open and walked to the front door and said "I am going home right now but I will be back at 11pm tonight to see my favorite patients. See you both later , leberwohl!" She smiled and walked out letting the door slowly close behind her and I heard her shoes click on the floor as she strutted down the hall.

I did not no if I could last the rest of the night and tried to figure out how to get some where to masturbate before my balls turned a bright blue. Gina was awake for most of the night and we talked about everything in America and Germany and she seemed to really like to talk. Her eyes always got bigger when they brought in the milking machines and each time they closed the curtain to help her feel more comfortable. She was milked at 8pm and we were both given diner before 9pm. The night nurse said she was leaving and Nurse Milena would be in shortly to check on us once Milena finished making her rounds.

It was a little past 11pm when the door to our room opened and Milena walked in. She had white 4 inch heels with a red cross on the ankles and her lipstick, toe nails and finger nails all were dark red. She had on a light green nurse outfit, that stretched over her big boobs and firm ass. There was a small red cross on her left pocket that was snug on her breast and she had a white nurse hat that was pinned on top of her hair. She said, "your both awake, how are my favorite patients." "I missed you" Gina said. I just smiled and said "it's 11pm already where has the time gone." Both girls laughed and giggled, and Milena walked over to Gina and started to massage her hand as she looked into Gina's eyes. "Gina are you feeling ok. Do you want me to put on the milking machine or do you want me to rub lotion on you busen to make them feel better?" Milena said. "Lets start with the milking machine and after a few minutes maybe you can rub some lotion on my busen." Gina said.

I sat up and leaned back on my pillows and tried not to stare. Milena closed the curtain and after 5 minutes leaned back and open the curtain as she had done for Gina earlier that day. Milena was massaging Gina feet and legs and the milk machine was vibrating and white breast milk was pumping down a tube into a bottle. I looked at Gina and her eyes were closed and her gown was fully open. Milena had reached between Gina legs and was slowly stroking Gina pussy and both girls were breathing more heavy. My cock sprang out my robe and I sat on the bed and looked at them both not saying a word. After 30 minutes Milena got up and turned off the breast machine and started to rub Gina breast with a white cream. "I use this on my busen, when I was a little girl on my family farm we used to rub this on the cows udders after milking them." Milena said. Gina moaned and her body shook slightly as she got a small orgasm from Milena rubbing her boobs. Milena got up and slowly closed the curtain and helped Gina get into her bath robe.

After a few minutes the curtain opened and Milena said "Mr. Buck take off your robe and I will start your sponge bath." I took of my robe and left my bottoms on and closed my eyes. I heard the curtain slowly open, I new Gina was watching and I was hoping she liked what she saw. Gina washed my chest and massaged my neck and used her finger nails on my fore head and scalp. She massaged my arms then my wrist and the inside of my hands. She massaged my fingers and placed my thumb in her mouth and bit down on my thumb. She took the sponge and started to watch my legs and inner thigh down to my feet. She stopped and went up to my head and leaned in and whispered into my ear, "Gina is rubbing her mleze (pussy), she biting on a towel to muffle her orgasmus (orgasms). I want to so your dicken (dick). I am going to take the pillows away from the back of your head and you are going to lay flat with your eyes still closed." I bit my lips in response and she removed the pillow and reached down to my underwear and pulled them slowly off.

I felt them fly in the air and heard them land on Gina's bed. Gina stopped playing were here pussy and started to smell my bottoms. My dick was about half erect and laid like a snake on my thigh. My dick had a small drop of pre cum on the tip and my shaved balls laid to each side of my thighs. Milena started to sponge my balls and then my shaft and bent over and licked off the pre cum and started to suck the head of my penis. I reached my right hand down to her thigh and inched my hand up her Nurses uniform and reached inside to find she was not wearing panties. I inserted my middle finger in her hot pussy and she dropped the sponge and started to stroke my cock. I was now erect and she gasped as the big nine filled her mouth and throat. She had no problem deep throating my sausage and sucked my balls as her lips hit the base. She used her other hand to play with my ass hole and use saliva from her sucking my cock to slip a finger in my ass hole.

Gina bed moved and I hear her push the breast milk machine to the side as she walked over to my bed. "Is this bed big enough for me!" Gina said. Milena released my cock from her mouth and both girls mumbled as the Frenched kissed each other. I could take no more not seeing them with my eyes so I peeked and open them slowly. Both girls were taking turns stroking me with there hands are placing my dick in each others mouth. Milena got up off the bed and took off her uniform and left her heels and nurse hat on as she climbed on the the other side of the bed. Milena was on my right and Gina on my left. They both had there ass facing me as the continue sucking my cock. I inserted one finger than two in Milena and about 4 fingers into Gina wet pussy. They both fucked my fingers and orgasm twice before Milena climbed on my dick and started to ride my cock. She squatted on my dick and her breast bounced on my waist and Gina stroked Milena breast as Milena fucked me. I reached and grabbed Gina breast and for the first time moved her breast into my mouth. She moved closer and I locked on her right breast and nipple and started to suck. Warm milk was coming into my mouth as I sucked harder and harder. I fondled and twisted her nipples as she screamed and violently orgasmed on the bed and her pussy juices flushed onto my thigh. Her juices ran down her pussy on to my thigh and past my waist and back down my ass crack. "It's been almost 2 years since I've had an orgasm" said Gina.

Milena grunted and said "your dicken is so nice, ficken (fuck) me in the arsch (ass) you big dicken American." I smiled and Gina moved back off my thigh and Milena hoped off and got on her knees with her head on the pillows. I grabbed Gina breast and moved her next to my dick and shot her hot milk on my penis and then shot the milk into Milena ass hole. I stuck one finger in Milena ass and she said "I am a dirty fucking nurse, I need my ass spanked for being so naughty." I inserted my dick into her warm ass crack and the breast milk lubed my shaft as I fucked her hole. Gina spanked Milena ass and laid her tits on Milena back covering her ass and part of her back. I continued to pound Milena ass and with Gina tits squirting and her milk coating Milena and with not fucking a women in a while, I started to pull out and shot a big spurt on to Gina left breast and Milena ass.

Milena dropped her ass and spun over and both girls stuck the tongues out as I coated them both in the face and breast. They licked me clean and then started to suck each other juggs cleaning off my goo. I grabbed my fore head and looked down at my cock. It did not shrink from such a big ejaculation and I was coated in pussy juice and sweat. The girls stopped and looked at me and Gina said "Fuck me, its been so long since a real man has made love to me." I smiled and climbed on top of her. Her legs were locked around my ass and I fucked her very hard. She screamed in my ear and I sucked one nipple and the next. I fondled her juggs and pushed her cleavage together as Milena got down between us and licked Gina pussy as my dick came in and out of Gina pussy. Milena licked my ass and put her tongue deep in my ass hole and spanked me also. She ran her finger nails down my back and made my ass bright red th whole time I was pounding Gina pussy.

Gina screamed and held me tight as I had slow down and brought my dick farther out and then slammed it harder back in causing my balls to hit her ass. Gina smiled and said "fuck my pussy you horse dick American." I inserted it all the way into her pussy and she squirmed under-neath me and I shot one load after another and my goo leaked out and Milena licked Gina pussy and cleaned my dick and pulled her finger out of my ass. I fell next to Gina and Milena climbed next to us and we all Frenched kissed and fondled each other. I got up and went into the the bathroom to get some bath towels.

It was know 3am and Gina and I gave Milena a sponge bath with are tongues and a small sponge and helped her get her uniform back on. While Milena was gone checking the patients, Gina and I climbed into a shower stall and I fucked her from behind placing her boobs on the wall and squeezing her nipples as her milk sprayed into the water. We both took a long shower and crawled back into my bed when Milena came back and said "my shift is over, its 4am and I will see you both around noon today."

I heard the Milk machine making another withdraw from Gina and I was in between Gina thighs sucking her cunt and pussy and massaging her breast as Milena was sucking my cock from behind. It had been a week since we began to fuck each other in different position and different partners. Sometimes I would slip into Gina bed when she was asleep and fucker her or Milena would bring in a a big Dildo and fuck Gina when I was asleep. I once hid in a closet and fucked Milena for 4 hrs in a small closet only allowing her to turn the light on to guess the item I had used her in pussy.

I checked out of the hospital and thanked my Doctors and Nurses for the care. I did not see Milena my last day at the hospital she had taken a two week vacation and went home. Gina had gone home the day before.

I was making breakfast when I heard a delivery truck drive down the cobblestone driveway up to the farm house. I looked out the window and saw the delivery girl unload a large box off her truck and a small white envelope. The door bell rang and I answered the door in my bathrobe. I signed for the box and envelope and gave the shy delivery girl a soccer ball with my autograph on the side. As she walked back to her truck I felt a naked right breast on my left shoulder and a slightly larger breast on my other side. Milena grabbed the white envelop and Gina pulled in the box into the kitchen. I sat down on the wooden love seat next to the kitchen table and Gina said, "look its my new milk machine just like the one from the hospital,thanks Buck!" Gina walked over gave me a kiss and sat on my right side. Milena opened her envelope and read her letter and smiled at both Gina and I. Milena walked over and sat on my lap and started to kiss me and then Gina and said "I got great news, I am pregnant." I picked Milena up and carried her upstairs followed by Gina and we went to the master bedroom to celebrate.

I still play soccer and have become a German citzen. Gina and I have two kids together and her breast have grown another 4 inches and Milena amd I have 2 kids together and her breast have grown bigger. Milena stills works at the hospital but only partime and we have name the Maternity Ward after Milena and Gina. We still make special trips to the hospital to help at night with sponges baths for the pregant mothers or when I need to fuck them both hard and we don't want to wake the kids.

I dipped the sponge in the warm water and started to rub her dark brown breast as Gina had her Nurse's uniform on standing next to the bed. Gina was pinching the African women nipples and warm milk squirted in the air. Milena was rubbing the pregant mother thighs and traceing her finger on the pregant women large pubic mound.
The African women looked up and said "are you a doctor?" I smiled and said "no, I'm here along with the other two nurses to give you a German sponge bath."

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