Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tanning Salon

Over the Summer I got a job as a life guard for the local beach and got a great tan and picked up some young virgins. Young girls are cool but there easy to get in the sack but have no idea what to do beside oral sex. It usually takes about 3 months to get them to improve and be a slut but when the summer was over so were the young hoties. I started to lose my tan and decided to go to a local tanning salon about 20 minutes from my house.

The salon was at the end of a small strip mall. I parked out front and walk through the door, I chatted with the girl behind the counter and after a few minutes went into the tanning bed at the end of hall. I was in there for about 10 minutes and got a small red burn on my body. I walked out and the girl behind the counter gave me some aloe to help with the burn. "I use this aloe on my body all the time, it feels great," said counter girl. I looked behind her and there was a sign for help wanted. I said "are you looking for a salon person for the weekends." She said "yes, we need a night person for after 10pm, we are under new management and they think some guests will come in at night." I smiled and said, "when can I start."

I filled out an application and the old guy who owned the tanning salon read me the rules and I started next Friday at 10pm. I was to stay open until I felt no one was coming in, to use my judgement and I also got free tanning. It was an easy job and I passed out towels and wiped down the beds and handed out aloe. I sat behind the counter and read a magazine or book passing the time.

I had worked for about a month on the weekends and got another job during the week working at a strip club as a DJ. I was making a few bucks and my love life was suffering but at least I was not bored. I woke up around noon on a Friday the 3rd week of October and looked out my window and saw it was snowing. I knew winter was coming but the first snow usually sucks.

I decide to leave early and it took me about 40 minutes to get to the tanning salon, I was the only car in the parking lot and the owner called and said, "stay open for about an hour and if no one comes in then lock up and go home." About 11pm I was just going to lock the front door and leave when a car pulled up in front of the salon. A large white Hummer pulled in and the door open and a women stepped out into the snow. I quickly got behind the counter and waited for her.

She walked in and smiled and shook the snow off her coat. "Hi, my name is Miss Betty Waterson and I hope you not closing, but I was running late and need to get a tan before I go on vacation Sunday. I have been coming for two weeks but I usually come in after work around 4pm," she said. I said "it's ok, your the first customer tonight and probably the last, I am going to put the close sign on the door and lock up. You can go back and get a tan, I prefer tanning bed 8 the last one on the left." She smiled and I walked to the front door and Betty walked down the hall.

"Sir, I need your help," Betty said. I locked the front door and walked back and said "Miss Waterson how may I help you?" "This tanning bed is wet can you wipe it down for me," Betty said. I walked back to the front and grabbed a towel and wiped down the bed and smiled and slowly closed the door behind me and walked back to the counter. I opened the file cabinet and pulled out Betty's membership card. She was recently divorced and 49 yrs old with no kids and paid her membership over the phone.

After about 30 minutes I was still reading my magazine and kept looking down the hall waiting for Betty to leave. I was hoping to catch a glimpse of her with out the long snow coat and the baggy sweat pants. I could not make out what kind of body she had but with big blonde hair and big gold hoop earrings, she was still very cute for her age. She wore red lipstick and blue massacre and light red blush and her finger nails had been manicured and painted form a nail salon. She had big white fluffy boots with a 3inch heel and she carried a large white fur lined bag. You could probably carry a small garage of supplies in that bag.

I looked at the clock and after another 20 minutes decide to go down to tanning bed 8 and knock on the door. "Miss Waterson is everything ok. Do you need assistance. Hello Betty I am closing the salon," I said. I slowly turned the door handle and peeked into the room. Her bag was open and her thong and bra were stuffed inside the bag. She had a big bottle of baby oil and aloe next to the bed with in arms reach. Her coat was hung up and her sweat shirt and pants were on the floor next to the bed. Her right arm was out of the tanning bed and laid on the side and her foot and ankle were outside the bed also. I said "piss, Miss Betty are you done yet, it's getting late. You should not be in the tanning bed that long."

I walked in and took off my shoes so they would not squeak on the wooden floor and turned the power off the tanning bed. A big "swooshing" noise and air compressed and the bed slowly opened. I grabbed the handle and brought the tanning bed top up and locked the it into position. Betty was laying on her back, she had a small white wash cloth lying on her belly button that just covered her pussy. Her right breast laid on her side and her left arm kept up her left breast on her stomach. Betty had to measure 42KKK, and her waist was about 34 inch and ass about 40inches. She had no tan lines on her body and her stomach was flatter than I could have imagined a women with such big breast. She had small stretch marks on her breast but her tan smoothed them out. She was totally hot, better than any girl I met over the Summer.

I looked down to my jeans and could see my erection growing. I shifted my cock and wiped the drool from my lips. I said "hello Miss Waterson are you ok? Are you sleeping?" She did not say anything but I noticed her breathing had increased and her right arm brushed up against her right breast that was hanging out the tanning bed. I leaned down and touched her feet and wiggled her big toe. She did not move but her breathing increased and her foot moved. I was nervous and excited at the same time. Do I stand in the room and stare at her naked and when she wakes she screams and I might get fired or do I leave and wait another 20 minutes.

I decide to keep watching her, even if I was caught I was sure my boss would understand or at least I could bull shit my way out of being fired. I reached over on the wall and hit the fan switch, it was getting hot in the room and maybe the noise might wake her. I breathed in and her perfume finally hit me, it was sweet and it caused my dick to strain against my zipper. I am not sure how it happen but I looked down and my dick was out of my pants and the head was glistening with pre-cum. It had been months since I seen a girl naked and been dirty with a virgin and now my dick was taking over.

I let my jeans fall and I stepped out of my boxer briefs and kicked them into a pile. I removed my t-shirt and dropped that on the floor. I was now totally naked and I reached into her bag and pulled out her thong and smelled her pussy juices. The thong was wet and had a musky smell. I then picked her bra up and stretched out and said "damn how does she get those big breast in these large cups." I dropped the bra and thong back in her bag and grabbed some aloe and started to rub some on my cock. I stood over Miss Waterson and stroked my dick, some of the aloe dropped on her right breast, but she still did not wake up.

I bent my knees and wiped my dick on her right breast and placed the head on her nipple and began to slowly bang my dick on her breast. I kept waiting for her to wake but she still laid there with her eyes closed. I got on one knee and started to suck her big nipple and massage her right breast. I ran my left hand down her stomach and picked up the wash cloth and placed it on the floor. Her skin was so smooth and baby soft. She must spend hours moisturizing her skin and working her abs and ass to keep looking this good. I slowly placed my hand on her pussy mound and she had a small landing strip of pubic hair and her cunt lips were big and stuck out and laid on her mound. I gently began to stroke her pussy and her legs began to move and her thigh parted to give me better access. I sucked on her nipple and stroked her pussy and watched her face for any sign she might wake up. I crawled around the front of the tanning bed and leaned up and placed my tongue in her pussy. Her cunt lips parted and they laid on my cheeks as I ate her pussy. She was wet and her fluids covered my face.

After about ten minutes of playing with her breast and eating her pussy I got up and rubbed my dick on her stomach. I grabbed her left breast and gently smashed her two breast together causing a great big valley of cleavage. I started to rub some baby oil on her breast and placed my dick in her cleavage and began to pump away. I looked up at the ceiling and watched the fan go around when I felt moist lips start to suck my cock head and a big tongue dart out and lick the underside of my shaft. Betty said, "I was hoping a young stud would visit me in my lonely state. I thought I was dreaming when you were eating my pussy but when I felt your big dick fuck my sensitive breast I thought I wake up from the dream." I smiled when I looked down and climbed on top of her and began to pump my dick between her juggs. After ten minutes of her breast and mouth and her hands squeezing my ass I shot a big load. "I'm coming you tanned bitch, I am going to unload on your juggs!!!" The first spurt hit her chin and she leaned her head down and got the next spurt in her mouth and she took her hand and stroked my dick and aimed the goo on her boobs. She had a big pearl necklace and she brought each breast up to her mouth and licked her self clean.

I climbed off her and fell on the floor. Se laughed and said "fuck young man, that was a the biggest load I have seen. I hope that dick has one more load." She climbed of the tanning bed and sat on my still hard cock. She placed her hands on my chest and bounced up and down on my cock. She rocked her head back and forth and grunted and moaned when her ass hit my balls. I reached up and fondled her tits and squeezed her nipple causing her face to grimace as she still fucked my cock. Betty said,"do you fuck all the guest who come here, or just dirty old women." I smiled and said "just the dirty old whores, especially ones with big juggs and a big ass." She said "I am glad I decide to come in late for a tan, I don't normally get out of the house to much since my divorce."

I grabbed her hair and rolled her over on the floor and with her leg straight up and my dick back in her pussy. I fucked her harder and faster than any women I had fucked before. She screamed and moaned and wiggle underneath and grabbed the back of my neck and pressed my face on her right breast and I bit her nipple causing her to scream and orgasm. I sowed down slightly and she yelled "fucker don't stop keep fucking me lover and cum inside my pussy." I grunted and fired my goo in her love tunnel and fell on her body. We Frenched kissed for about twenty minutes and I kept fondling her breast. She smiled and said, "you really like my boobs, you must be a tit man.' I said "I don't like your breast, I love your big breast and I love your big juggs and bigger ass."

Before Betty left I fucked her in the ass on the tanning bed and shot another load in her mouth. I told her that her husband was crazy to leave her and I would worship her body. She smiled and called me on Sunday before she left for vacation. A few seconds later I heard a engine running in my driveway and looked out the window and saw a white Hummer. She said on the phone "big boy, call in sick for the next week I got you a ticket too Hawaii and I need a good tanning boy on my trip. I smiled and grabbed some cloths and locked my apartment. I opened the Hummer door and got in the front seat.

I looked at Betty and she was completely naked and her breasts were resting on the steering wheel and she said "can you drive a stick because I nee to ride your stick, we have two hours before we have to be at the airport. I was also hoping to join the mile high club on the flight, it's a 6hr flight and we need something to do to pass the time.