Saturday, February 24, 2007

Art Class

I was only 18 and was in my second year of college. I had a small job working at a coffee shop my first year, but got fired when the boss caught me in the back of the coffee shop fucking his wife in the ass on a mound of fresh coffee beans. I think he told the other business around town because I searched for two weeks and never got a call back. I went to the library to get a school book and noticed a bulletin board of help wanted ads around campus.

Let's see - dish washer, cook, laundry attendant, and patient for drug company experiment. I was not going to do these jobs but at the bottom a business card that was stained and warned said to call Professor Bigbsy about modeling for art classes starting this week. I was not very athletic but looked fairly decent. It had been a while since I had gone steady with a girl.

I called Professor Bigbsy and she said they were looking for male models for her drawing class and clay modeling class 2-3 times a week. It paid $500 a week and may require some partial nudity to full nudity but she would be there and all her students were very respectful. I instant messaged her a photo of myself and she asked how tall I was (6ft 4in) and she asked if I could come in tonight to watch the class.

At about 6pm I went to the art building on campus and went to her class room B69 and sat in the back. Her students were both young college kids to 25-60 year old students. There was a small round platform stage that sat about 4 ft off the ground in the middle of the room and the students sat around the stage with there art supplies. They had a small table with fruit in a bowl on the stage and were just beginning to draw the fruit.

About 10 minutes after class started Professor Bigsby enter the class room followed by a younger student. "Thank you Paula for helping me with my books, you may just pass my class if we can only get you to draw better. Keep drawing class I will make by rounds to see your pathetic attempt at art," Professor Bigsby said. She then laughed and smiled at me sitting in the back. The Professor was very attractive and I was getting a small erection watching her. She had a black trench coat the had run the length of her body down to her top of her 4inch black high heels. She took off her coat and placed on the back of her chair next to her desk. She wore a white sun dress with red roses that was stretched at the top from her massive boobs and also covered her tight but big firm ass. I took a quick measure in my mind she must be 40 FFF bust and a 26inch waist and 36inch ass and she had very long legs. She wore gold hoop ear rings and a small gold watch and gold rimmed eye glasses that were small and hung into her cleavage when she took them off her nose. She had a light tan and very bright blonde hair that curled just pass he neck.

She walked over to me and said, "you must be Buck, my name is Professor Bigsby my friends call me Princess." I stood up and she hugged me, her big breast pressed against me, her right nipple touched my belly button and she kissed the side of my cheek. I said, "Professor you have a nice class I can't wait to start to work for you." She smiled and turned and went to inspect her students art work.

She stood behind each student and the Professor leaned in and would comment about each students drawing. Her breast would come close to each student face and her cleavage was in sight to who ever wanted to look. All the male students followed her as she made her rounds. Some of the girl students watched her but some would talk about her when she went to the next student. I can't believe I never saw the Professor or even the art building on campus. I guess I figured the students were stuck up or this is the place with all the hippie's hanged out. I stayed until the end of class and the Professor said "class tomorrow bring you large drawing pads and black chalk were are going to draw a male model for your first time. I think you have progressed pass fixed objects and plus we have are first male model in a long time starting tomorrow." A old guy sitting in the front said "is this dude going to be naked." The professor said "yes!!!! its art you dweeb, now go leave my room."

Professor walked to her purse and pulled out a dark yellow speedo and told me to wear this and class started at 6pm tomorrow and not to be late. I went back to my dorm and my roommate was out so I grabbed some baby oil and played with my dick thinking about Professor Bigsby. I shot a large wad of goo into the air and watched it trickle down my head onto the towel. I went and took a long hot shower and went to bed.

I attended class all day. I took a shower, put on some body spray and went to art class. It was about 5:45pm when I got to Professor Bigsby class and she was sitting at her desk. I saw Paula the girl who helped the Professor the night before sitting on the Professor desk. I had spent so much time checking out the Professor that I missed Paula who was hot. Paula was about 5ft 2in and had large boobs, at least 36DDD and had a small waist (22inch) and big firm ass (28inch) and she had on a tight grey sweat shirt that read "Cum Dumpster", "Deposit welcome in the rear." Paula had on a tight blue jean mini skirt and white tennis shoes and a small ankle bracelet. The Professor was wearing a business suit with a tan skirt, white blouse and a black bra that could be seen the closer you got to her.

They both smiled as I walked in and Paula got up and strutted over to her art station. Professor Bigbsy got up and hugged me again. "Buck, you right on time. Go in the bathroom over there and put on the Speedo and the bathrobe and come back out when your ready. You look handsome," Professor said. She patted me on the ass as I turned and walked toward the bathroom. I got undressed and put on the Speedo. I had not bothered to look at the Speedo beforehand and I knew I gave the Professor my measurements but the Speedo was still small on my body. My dick was quite snug and the back hugged up against my ass and when I walked the tip of my dick could be seen at the waist band. I reached in the Speedo and tugged my dick to the bottom and put on the bathrobe and walked out into the classroom.

"Ok class, Mr.Buck is our model this evening please be respectful and we will draw his face and upper body tonight. Now pay attention to his jaw and shoulders and you have 1 hr to draw something that resembles art," Professor said. I walked up on stage and dropped my bathrobe and sat on the stool. Half of the women in class "sighed" and the rest moved there heads around there drawing boards to get a look. Paula smiled and the Professor had a big grin on her face. I sat there for an hour thinking about sad movies, pets that had died and anything that would not cause me to get a erection.

When the class broke for a break I put on the robe and the Professor stopped me and said, "Buck go in the bathroom and take off the Speedo and come back out. The class is doing a good job drawing your upper half and I think they are ready to draw your bottom. Thanks doll." I gulped a big breath and went into the bathroom and took off the Speedo and headed back to the stage. The students sat behind there drawings and the Professor motion for me to drop the bathrobe and there I was naked in front of 30 students and the Professor. I could not even look down but I did know that I was half erect and my penis and balls were sagging down. I sat on the stool and listen the girls sigh and whisper and the male students kept drawing. The Professor kept looking up and walked all around me as she checked her students work. Her last station was Paula and they both stared at my naked body and my dick twitched on the wooden stool when the Professor said, "good job class, know get out and create art you fools."

I put on my robe and went into the bathroom and changed. I felt good that I made it through my first class. I came out and the Professor asked to see me before I left. Paula smiled as she walked passed me and headed out the door. "You wanted to see me Professor," I said. The Professor smiled and said "Buck you were great for your first night, after every model comes to my class I invite them to my loft in town for drinks and then they can see my art that I have done over the years. Your not intimated or anything? It just student - teacher and I also invited Paula. She has been in my class for a month and I think if she saw what real art was that she could get better." I smiled and said "Professor that would be great, do you want me to follow you over to your loft." "No, you can ride over in my BMW, and help me carry my books. Thanks sweetie."

I threw the books in the trunk and opened her car door for Princess to get in. Her skirt rode up to mid thigh when she got in to her leather seat and she smiled as I closed her door. We drove for about 30 minutes through town and got near the river when she pulled into a gated locked garage and we parked and I carried her books to her loft. We took a open air elevator to the 2nd floor and she put in a key that opened to her Loft. Her loft was huge with vaulted ceiling, three story entrance with red brick covering the walls and metal staircase that led to a kitchen upstairs. She had art work all over, with picture on the wall and statues and clay forms through out the loft. Her patio opened on the first floor and you had a great view of the river. From the kitchen a raised cat walked stretched from the kitchen to her bedroom. She took my coat and climbed the stairs to the kitchen and I followed behind her making sure I watched her ass move under her skirt.

Professor said, "open the fridge and grab a beer, the vodka in the freezer, I take it straight up in a martini glass. I am going to change, if Paula comes answer the door next to the elevator, thanks honey." Professor strutted down the catwalk to her room and I grabbed a cold Bud and drank it down fast. I poured her a Grey Goose Vodka into her martini glass and then the door bell rang. I heard the shower running and I answered the door. Paula was there and she looked so hot. She had on a red cocktail dress and red 6inch heels. She had on red pantie hose that went from her toes to the red garter belts under her dress. She had on a black bra that popped up slightly on her cleavage. She had her dirty blonde hair tied back and had her sketch book and pencil. "Hey Buck how about a beer for me," said Paula. "Follow me to the kitchen doesn't the Professor have a kick ass loft." I said. "Princess is so fashionable I am glad she invited me over to see everything." Paula said.

We both sat around the kitchen table and drank our beers, when we saw the Professor coming back down the cat walk. The Professor wore a bright blue cocktail dress with matching 4inch heels and had her bright blond hair curled. She had bright red lip stick and painted her toes and finger nails to match her dress. She had a small tattoo on her ankle that could be seen through her black fish net stocking and matching garter belt. She grabbed her drink and opened the fridge and pulled out a cheese platter and meat tray and placed them on the table. The cold air from the fridge made her nipples erect and I could tell she was not wearing a bra.

"Paula did you meet Buck, didn't he do a great job tonight. So what do you both think about my loft and my art?" Professor said. "Both are great," I said. Paula said "Princess you sure now how to decorate, and I must say you look hot in blue and those heels are to die for." Paula and I followed the Professor around the loft for about an hour looking at the art work on the wall and the Professor made Paula keep notes. We went on the patio and had drinks under the star light and after another round moved back into the loft. We walked passed the stairs and the professor hit a button on the wall and the wall parted and we walked into her living room. Paula and I sat on the couch and the Professor sat on the matching black leather chair.

I looked around there was no TV but it she had a glass coffee table and a glass bar behind the couch. The walls were painted red and a brick wall opened to allow a big fireplace when she pushed another button, the fire began. There was a metal fence that stretched around the walls and had different art placed between the holes. There was a partial naked painting of the Professor above the fire place and a nude statue of a women and man on the coffee table. The statue had the man behind the women fucking her in the ass. I smiled and said, "Professor this is some room." Professor smiled and said, "Buck call me Princess, and thank you I really like this room. The painting of me was done by a special student and the statue by another student. I gulped my beer and Paula jumped up and went to the bar to get her and the Professor another drink.

"Paula, I need one of your special vodka and cherry drinks. You know how much I love them" Professor said. I watched as Paula went to the Professor and put her drink on the coffee table and then sat on the Professor lap. Paula reached in the vodka drink and pulled out a cherry and bit down on the cherry with her teeth and Frenched kissed the Professor. There kiss lasted about two minutes and when they broke the kiss the Professor had the cherry in her mouth. Paula right hand grabbed the Professor right breast and Paula began to play with the Professor nipple. "Ummm Paula you dirty little slut. Get up and strip for me and Buck," Professor said.

Paula got up and climbed on the coffee table and slowly began to strip, Professor smiled and sipped her vodka drink and started to play with her breast. I sat there still stunned and watched Paula remove her bra and toss it to me on the couch. Paula was now completely naked and just danced in her high heels and pantie hose. She got up off the coffee table and got down on her knees and looked up to the Professor and said "what can I do for you now master, I am yours tonight." "Shut up you dirty cunt and eat my pussy," Professor said. The Professor quickly brought her dress over her head and placed it on the coffee table. Paula pushed the Professor legs apart and started to eat the Professor pussy. Professor played with her big boobs and stuck each of her nipples in her mouth and sucked and bit the tip of her nipples. After about 2 minutes the Professor grunted and filled Paula mouth with her juices and grabbed Paula head and shoved her mouth farther in the Professor pussy.

After about 20 minutes of watching this hot lesbian action, I got off the couch and stood in the middle of the room. I slowly slid my shirt over my head and kicked my shoes to the side. I unbuckled my jeans and kicked them on to my shoes. Paula stopped sucking the Professor pussy and turned around and watched me take off my white boxer briefs. The Professor moaned and Paula gasped as my cock sprang out and hit my stomach. "Buck, impressive!!!" the Professor said. Paula just licked her lips and they both crawled over to me.

The Professor looked at Paula and said, "lick his balls whore." The Professor stuffed half of my nine inches down her throat and licked the tip and reached around with her hands and played with my ass. "I love young hard cock, I knew you would be good. Just not this good. I hope you can fuck better than Paula can suck this wet pussy." Professor said. I smiled as I looked down at them, the Professor mouth and her bright lips going up and down on my shaft. Her breast on my knee caps and pussy leaking on my left foot and Paula licking my balls and her breast on my thigh. Paula hands were fondling the Professor boobs and playing with the Professor pussy. I leaned back and after about 15 minutes of sucking I grabbed the Professor head and said "I'm cumming, fuck." The Professor kept sucking harder and grabbed my ass harder and I erupted into her throat. Some of my cum leaked out and Paula sucked those droplets and started to French kiss the Professor and they passed my goo back and forth.

The Professor got up and took Paula over to the metal fence and tied her hands on the fence using her fish net stockings. Paula was now standing with her ass up in the air and her legs spread back and her face and hands were on the metal fence. Professor pushed another button on the wall and a painting moved and a metal box slid out from the wall. Professor opened the box and pulled out a leather strap, two nipple clamps and a large butt plug. Professor walked over to Paula and stuck the butt plug in Paula mouth and said to Paula "use your mouth to lube this before I jammed in your hot ass bitch." The Professor put the nipple clamps on Paula tits and had Paula move her ass back and took the butt plug from Paula mouth and without even a warning jammed the butt plug in Paula asshole.

The Professor grabbed the leather strap and hit Paula ass over and over for about ten minutes making Paula beg to be hit harder. The butt plug stayed in Paula ass and her nipple strained against the clamps. Professor dropped the leather strap and used her hand and then her finger nails to make Paula ass bright red. The Professor dropped to her knees and stuck her tongue in Paula pussy and ate Paula to orgasm and pulled on the butt plug to make Paula scream. I was getting hard and walked over to the Professor and she looked up and started to suck my cock.

Professor grabbed my cock and took out Paula's butt plug and pressed my cock into Paula ass. Professor said "Paula you have been a good cunt tonight, let Buck fuck your cute asshole." I grunted and Paula screamed as my cock head passed her anus and my shaft slid farther in her hole. Paula sank back and picked up the tempo. Professor stood up and leaned over and spit big globs of saliva onto my dick head and Paula ass. Professor leaned into my ear and said "I am next big boy, save some for my ass." I grunted and started to fuck Paula faster and slapped Paula ass. I grabbed the Professor breast and sucked on her nipples and fondled her big fun bags. After 15 minutes Paula begged for me to stop so she could watch the Professor and I pulled out her ass and a big sucking noise followed.

The Professor untied Paula and Paula got on her knees and sucked my dick and played with my balls as the Professor assumed the same position Paula was just in. Paula shoved my dick into the Professor ass. Her ass was tight at first but began to feel wetter as I fucked her harder. I reached down and grabbed the Professor breast as the swayed back and forth and the Professor screamed and moaned as her ass was being fucked. "You mother fucker, you like big ass. Make mama feel better, I love your cock. Make the Professor happy, Paula eat Bucks ass," Professor said. Paula stopped sucking my balls and started to eat my ass and I could take no more and hot jizz started to pump out my cock into the Professor asshole. Paula laid underneath my cock and the Professor ass and caught the semen that was spurting out the Professor ass. The Professor started to finger her pussy and warm fluid was shot out her pussy as she orgasmed and she drenched my balls and Paula face.

I awoke in the morning and I was lying in a large elevated round king size bed. The bed was covered in navy blue satin sheets and painting on the wall and Paula was still passed out and laid naked next to me. I heard the water from the shower running and looked in and saw the professor large bathroom, she was in a gold trimmed glass shower with a two person white bath tub next to the shower. The Professor "sighed" as she began her shower. I rolled off the bed and took Paula hand off my cock and walked to the bathroom. The Professor looked so erotic with the sun light coming through the sky lights and she was useing the warm water from the shower head on her pussy and she moaned. Her ass was soapy against the glass shower wall that faced me and her right hand was fondling her breast and tugging on her nipples. I had fucked her and Paula all night and after losing count after my 5th orgasm, the Prpfessor was still horny.

I opened the shower door slowly and got on my knees and started to suck the Professor pussy as the water cascaded down her thighs and she moaned. The Professor grabbed my head and held it on her pussy for about ten minutes. After 3 orgasm we both gotdown on the shower floor and with her head in one corner and her pussy on my dick, we fucked for another 15 minutes. I reached with both hands and fondled her breast and pounded her pussy and frenched kissed her as I unloaded another semen deposit. We both towled off and headed to the bedroom.

I expected to see Paula but she was in the kitchen cooking breakfast. The professor and I walked to the kitchen and Paula smiled and said "Buck how do you like your eggs." I said "scrambled." Paula then said "Professor you really know how to make a student feel special about art. Do you want eggs this morning or my special honey sticky buns." Paula then began to kiss the Professor. I sat naked at the kitchen table and the Professor picked up her phone and dialed the school and said "Laura, I need you to cancel my classes today, I got a new art project to complete. Thanks sweety." There was the Professor naked and her breast were resting on the glass counter top and Paula was naked in a white apron walking around cooking breakfast. Professor rubbed some honey on her nipple and place wiped the honey off her nipple onto a stick bun and handed it to me. I smiled and stuck a finger in her gash.

I stayed for two days with the Professor and Paula, my roomate almost called the police becasue he had not seen me in 3 dyas. I passed all my classes with A's with the help of Professor Bigsby recommendations. Paula came over about twice a week with other girls and women who the Professor picked up. One night I fucked the Professor boss the Dean of Art School as the Professor watched from a closet with a video camera running. I guess we needed blackmail if we were caught, student teacher fucking was not thought of too highly. About a week after I started to be Princess new fuck toy the Professor had said she was going to get coffee for us and left. About an hour later the door to the loft opened a crack and I heard a women voice along with the Professors. The door opened and in came Sabrina, the women who I fucked in the coffee shop and her husband had caught us fucking. The Professor had been going to the coffee shop for about 3 months and just got to know Sabrina really good. Sabrina had told the Professor about a big stud who use to fuck her in the coffee shop before he got fired. When Sabrina had finally remebered my name that morning and told the Professor. The Professor told Sabrina that I had a new job as her assistant and male model and 5 minutes later both women were in the Professor loft taking off there clothes.