Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Texas Hold Them - Part 1

I fumbled with my keys to my apartment as it had been a long day at the office. I had just started about 3 weeks ago and with the end of month falling on Tuesday we all had to work late. I had just started to make some friends with the guys hanging around the water cooler. Before I left for the day I ran into Tim from accounting and he invited me to a poker game at his house after work. He said "it's just some of the guys from the office and my next door neighbor Mike, we will be playing Texas Hold'em, bring some cash and come over about 7:30pm." His house was about 30 minutes away. I took a quick shower and put on some jeans and a black t-shirt and headed over.

I got out of my car and checked my watch, it was a little after 7:30pm. I knocked and and after a few minutes when no one came,I let my self in. Tim lived in a rich part of town and his house was quite big. I took a peak into his living room, he had a fire place, a bear skin rug that laid over a white carpet and the room looked like no one had been in there in quite some time. He had two white leather couches and a big flat screen TV hung on the wall over the fire place. I walked down the hall and could hear the guys and could smell cigar smoke coming from the basement. I walked into his kitchen and looked around,he must have no kids because the place was clean and there were no pictures or drawings laying around. I opened the door to the basement and walked down the stairs.

The basement was more like a game room. There was a pool table, foose ball table and dart board at one end. There was nice oak bar with beer lights and a full length mirror behind the bottles of alcohol. There was a big screen projection TV and a beat up old brown leather couch on one side of basement. I walked over an grabbed a Bud from the fridge next to the bar and then sat next to Tim and Mike at the poker table. I bought about $200 in chips to start. About a hour later a bought another $200 and started to win more as the other guys started to play too conservative. I was up about a thousand and the guys started to bust and lose more of there chips. About 11pm only Mike, Tim and I were left as the other guys had left after losing and wanted to get home to there wives and get up early to go to work tomorrow. Mike busted out next followed by Tim but they wanted to keep playing. I loaned Mike about $1200 and Tim borrowed $400. It only took about half hour before I won that money on a full house after the went all in on a pair of tens and 2 jacks.

They both looked at me and Tim said, "can I pay you next week when I get some money," and Mike said, "yeah is that ok I pay you next week." I said "guys that is a lot of money you both borrowed and lost." "I'm not running a charity." They both asked if there was something else they could do or if I would take another form of payment. "What did you have in mind." I said. They both looked puzzled and then I said "I have an idea that will get you both of the hook but, you would have to agree and both have to accept the deal with no strings attached." They both looked at each other and mumbled "Ok". I said "you both live in nice big homes and are good looking guys, you must be married to some hot wives." "How about you let me spend one night with your wife Tim and Mike you can send your wife to a hotel of my choosing for this weekend."

Just then we heard the garage door close and the front door open upstairs. I heard the sounds of high heels clicking across the wooden floors in the hallway leading to the kitchen. Mike jumped up and said "give Tim the details and I will send Summer to you for the weekend." Mike then walked over to sliding glass door which led to the back yard and he left and went across the lawn to his house. Tim got up and looked down at me with my money on the poker table and said, "I'll go talk to Buffy and see what I can do." He proceeded to walk upstairs to talk to Buffy. I went and grabbed another Bud and returned to the poker table to count my winnings. I won about $3,000 and know waited for Tim wife to make her entrance. I heard Buffy stomp her heel, slam her fist on the counter upstairs in the kitchen and she said something that I could not make out.

A couple of minutes later I heard a door slam upstairs. I then heard the door creak open and then those high heels clicked as they went down the stairs. I first caught a glimpse of her black leather 4 inch heels which were open toe with 3 black/gold buckles that fasten them around her ankles. Her toe nails were painted about a third from the top in a nice bright red and the rest a natural color. Her fingers grabbed the hand rail, and I could see the same combo of red on her finger nails as she slowly dragged her nails down the rail. Her gold wedding band had 3-4 medium diamonds and accented her smooth skin. She was wearing black lace pantie hose that ran from her feet to just above the top of her thighs. She had a black garter belt that pulled them nice and tight. She had a black see through top that was stretched over her massive juggs. She wore a black leather biker jacket that was zipped about half up on her chest. Buffy had auburn hair that had red high lites and fell just below her shoulders. As she got closer I could see the black leather mini skirt that just covered the bottom of her ass and just barely covered her front. She also wore a black bra that was stretched to its limit. Her boobs were overflowing from her top and both her nipples were already hard and her right nipple was just starting to peak out of her bar.

She placed her hands on her sides and got about six inches from me. She moved over my right knee with her feet on either side of my leg. She looked down and I looked up to see her eyes, but her massive tits covered the bottom of her face. Her perfume was sweet and covered her whole entire body. She started to breath heavier and her fingers tensed as I took my right hand and started to slide my palm on the back of her thigh. I slowly took my left hand and placed it on the inside of her thighs and used my middle finger to see if she was wearing panties. She had on some black and pink laced crotchless panties. I said "do you normally leave the house looking like this." She said "yes, I usually go out with my girlfriends when Tim plays poker.

My left middle finger finally past her small pubic mound, she had a small landing strip about 3 inches long. I pinched her big cunt lips with two fingers and felt her knees begin to buckle. I slowly inserted one finger than another and slid my right hand under her panties and cupped her ass cheek. I kept playing with her pussy as I slipped off her mini skirt and let it fall to the floor. She had a tight black leather corset on and I started to loosen the strings. She reached down and lowered her panties but I stopped them when they got between her knees. I reached up and unzipped her jacket and she slipped it off and threw it on the couch. I grabbed her waist and turned her around and bent her over the poker table.

Her ass popped out as the corset was slowing being untied and I kissed and tongues her ass and thighs. She moaned and tried to get her legs farther apart, I reached down and slid her underwear off and brought them to my face. They were soaked and had a musky smell as I stuck my tongue in them. She turned around and saw me with them on my face and her first orgasm hit her and her juice ran down my two fingers. I tossed her panties and they landed on her jacket on the couch. I started to tongue her ass and smack her tight ass with both hands. She bit her lips and said "yes you motherfucker!" "I need you to fuck me!!" I just smiled and kept my tongue in her ass. I picked up the pace of my two fingers in her hot snatch. My dick was beginning to strain against my jeans and my balls were starting to sweat. I wanted to see her boobs before I let my dick out of my jeans.

After about 10 minutes of ass eating and pussy licking I rolled her over and she was know lying on the poker table with her boob still in that bra and black see through top. I got off my chair and stood on her side running my hand up her thigh and started to play with her pussy again. I reached down with my left hand and unfasten her black lace bra. Her tits slowly spilled out of her bra. They were fucking huge with large pink nipples and about a five inch areolas. She had tiny love handles but I think the skin was stretched a tad to hold back those juggs. I could also tell she must spend hours getting a tan because she had a tan all over body with only a small white streak between her ass cheeks. I tweaked her nipples and fondled her left breast as she moaned and moved her legs apart to let my fingers go farther in her pussy. Her tits were still encased in the black top. I bent over and locked my mouth on her left boob and bit her nipple. "Fuck me, I need your big cock," she said. I took my right hand from her love box and placed my two fingers in her mouth. She licked and sucked on her juices and I swirled my fingers in her hot mouth. She took her right hand and started to play with herself. She took her left hand and started to fondle my dick inside my jeans. Her finger traced the tip of my penis to the bottom of my shaft.

I took my finger out of her mouth and stopped teasing her boobs and she rolled over on the poker table and reached up and slowly unzipped my jeans. I brought my hands in around my hips and shook my jeans off, I kicked them under the table. I was not wearing underwear and my dick was now in full view, a small amount of pre-cum was on the tip, she leaned up and stuck her tongue out and licked the tip of my penis. She swirled her tongue and her red lips were sucking me real good. She was definitely a great cock sucker but was slightly below the whore I banged in Guam. "I love big cocks;" "your cock is the biggest I have sucked." I reached down and started to pinch her nipple that caused her black top to have a small hole above her nipple. I wedged one finger than two into her top causing the hole to widen further apart. She looked up and said "my husband small cock would have exploded by now." I just thrusted my cock back into her mouth and picked up the pace. Drool was know coming out of her mouth and down my shaft and balls and it started to fall onto the poker table. I grabbed my t-shirt and took it off over my head and tossed it onto the couch. Buffy let go of my dick and I spun her around so that her head was on the edge of the table.

I fed my dick back into her mouth and her hair fell down touching the top of my knees. I reached down and grabbed her boobs and proceed to rip her black top off and tossed it on the back of my chair. I pushed her breast together and bent over and sucked on both of her nipples at the same time. She moaned and I could smell her pussy release as she was getting aroused by her nipples and fondling of her boobs. When I got her boobs full of saliva and wet I withdrew my cock from her mouth and placed my dick between her cleavage. "My husband won't fuck them, he thinks there to big!!" "There beautiful!" I said, and as I fucked them more I said "if you had a nipple ring they would bring more pleasure to you." I continued to tit fuck her and she moved back so her head was just passed my ass and she reached up and began to massage my balls. She placed one ball then both in her mouth and swirled them around. She licked my anus but did not stick her tongue in my asshole, just small kisses on my ass. I took out my dick and smacked it on her boobs and then I tensed up and shot my first load. I let the first shots on her boobs and then stuck my dick into her mouth, she gaged and licked off my cum. I said "Fuck!" and she said "does your dick have any more sperm, I never swallowed that much before."

I backed off and she sat up, I reached around her waist and picked her up and sat down on the couch. She reached down and slid my still erect penis into her pussy. "Can you fuck my pussy as good as you fucked my tits." I smiled and rammed my dick into her pussy, her cunt lips were stretched and she was very tight. She screamed and her ass slammed down on my thighs. "Fuck you dick is so good, I never been touched that deep before." I leaned up and started to bite and suck her nipples I smashed her breast together and fondled them harder alternating between each breast. She was so hot riding my dick on the couch, she grunted and her hair hit my face as she moaned louder and louder. I flipped her over and her head rested on the edge of the couch and I started to fuck her in the missionary position. She wrapped her legs around me and said "fuck me, fuck me harder." I slammed into her, my balls hit her ass as I rammed my dick harder and harder. She looked me in the eyes and said "cum inside me, I love your hot sperm." I tensed up again and shot about 6-7 spurts into her wet box. It was leaking out of her pussy and onto the couch.

I leaned back and thought I heard the door to the basement close. I heard foot steps go from the kitchen and then up the stairs to the third level of the house. She leaned up and we started to french kiss for about 15 minutes before we got up off the couch. She walked in front of me and from behind her pussy was still leaking goo and her ass cheeks were red. I followed her over to the pool table and mounted her doggy style with my feet in the corner pockets to can leverage as we fucked for another 20 minutes. I followed behind her gain as we climbed the stairs from the basement.

She gave me a blow job in the kitchen on her kitchen table, we then went into the living room and I fucked her in the ass on the bear skin rug. We walked up the stairs and I fucked her against the wall outside her bedroom, she screamed and I lost count of her orgasms. She took my hand and we walked passed her bedroom, I saw the light was now on under the door. We went into a spare bedroom down the hall and we fucked again before I fell asleep.

It was about 8am when I heard the door open at the end of the hall. I opened my eyes and could smell Buffy next to me. Her body was covered in dry cum and her pussy hair was matted down, my dick was a slight red. She rolled over and her boob smacked my upper lip. I stuck my tongue out and started to suck her nipple. She smiled and ran her hand down my front and started to stroke my cock. She climbed onto my dick and started to moan and began to fuck me slowly. I heard the shower turn off and about 10 minutes later the door to our bedroom open and Tim stuck his head in. She turned her head and looked at him and said "don't stop lover keep fucking me, I love that big dick." "Honey tell the boss my lover won't be in today and call before you come home I may need you to pick something up for me." He just shut the door and went down the stairs. Buffy jumped off me and put my dick in her mouth as I shot another load. She got up and went out the door and I could hear the door at the end of the hallway open.

I got up out of bed and pulled the curtain back and looked out the window and saw Tim pull his BMW down the driveway. Buffy walked up behind me and her left breast rested on my back. She handed me some orange juice and said breakfast would be ready soon. She had gone and put on a white lace teddy with white thigh highs and a white bra that had two big holes that her breast spilled out of. She also wore white puffy slippers with small high heels. She was using her mouth to get her nipples back to attention. I said "do you have a piece of paper and a pen and a small envelope." "I need you to take a note next door to Summer, Mike wife." Buffy just smiled and turned around, I could hear her high heels click on the floor as she walked out the spare bedroom.

Part 2 coming soon