Monday, June 1, 2009


I had been drafted by the Broncos in the first round out of Maryland. I was to start at fullback for the up coming season. I signed a pretty good contract and found a place on the outskirts of Denver. It had a great view of the sky line and the Rocky Mountains. I liked the fact I could get on my MTN bike and ride to practice or run some errands around town. I was about 15 minutes from Mile High Stadium as I pulled into my drive way and parked my bike in the garage.

I started two a days on Monday at the practice facility. I was working out everyday to lesson the pain of getting in pads for the first time next week. I had learned my play book and could not wait for the start of mini camp. I was going to lift some weighs in the morning. Then go for a swim in my pool. I had not met any of my neighbors but the people around Denver were very nice. They all seemed to love the Broncos very much. I had gotten stopped for an autograph at the check out line at the super market yesterday. I ordered a pizza last night and tipped the girl. She got a picture with me in my door way. Probably on her MySpace page as we speak.

I put my number #44 jersey on and got on my bike. I had woke up early for the first day. I could not sleep from the anticipation of my first day. I got to the practice facility early and had my play book under my arm as I walked into the first meeting. I had to sing the Maryland fight song in front of the other players at lunch. I little hazing by the vets. Then I did some laps, stretched out on the field. The sun came out made it about 92 in the shade. I had to catch my breath a few times from the mile high air. I guess I would need to ease in running the ball. I caught a few screen passes out of the back field from the Quarterback. I return the ball and joined the huddle. I later caught a nice deep pass and ran over two guys before I made to the 5 yard line. Next play I jumped over the pile into the end zone. I got a few cheers from the fans who were in attendance.

I went to the sidelines when the put in some back ups. I was standing there watching all the people go bye. I signed a few autographs. There were lots of ladies walking about. Most had there favorite players jersey on. Nobody had mine. Most had t-shirts or short tops showing off there bathing suits. A couple of them had mini skirts showing off there legs. I smiled as I took a picture with some of them. They kinda of liked my 6ft 3 athletic frame. I was in pretty good shape as one squeezed my butt under my uniform pants. Some slapped my ass like they were on the team. I just smiled and walked off the field to the locker room.

I took along hot shower with some of the guys. We all look ahead not trying to look down. I had my white robe and some flip flops on with a bath towel when I got back to my locker. I had some shaving cream in my shoes. My jersey was gone and a few notes on the locker door. I had been pranked by some of the vet's while taking a shower. I took a two spare jersey home to wash. The other one had been taken by the cleaning staff. I like mine to be washed by hand so it doesn't shrink. I slipped on some dark blue Bronco shorts and grey t-shirt with Broncos on the front. I found my bike outside of the locker room. Somebody had removed all the air in the tires. I guess it was another prank by the vets of the team.

I looked around. I picked up my bike and walked it down to the parking lot. I placed it on the side walk as I wonder what to do. A few of the fans were leaving in the distance. Most of the players had already left. I saw one guy I knew but he already got in his car and was driving off. I wiped my fore head and short blonde hair. Hmm what was I going to do now. I was looking down at the flat tires when a truck pulled up next to me. A group of 2-3 young teen age guys were talking to me. "Hey dude you want some air for the bike? What position do you play man?" one kid said. "Fullback! No that ok. Just waiting for my ride." I said. "You sure man. We can take you and you can get some air for that kids bike." another guy said. "No! That alright. You guys go ahead." I said. I did not want to catch a ride from a bunch of dudes in a truck. I was sure they were nice guys but I had not run out off all my options. I just pulled out my cell phone when a SUV pulled up.

"Hey are you Buck Kelly? Fullback for the Broncos." she said. "Yes!" I said. "Do you need a ride or something? Maybe a lift to get some air for your tires. I don't live far and plus you can tell me how you like Denver so far." she said. I smiled as she opened the back of her SUV and I put the bike in. "My name Teresa, Glad to meet you." she said. "Buck, but I think you already knew that. Denver nice so far. Thanks for helping. Those teenagers were laughing at me about riding my bike. I like the exercise and getting around is easier.' I said.

"No problem. Buckle up and well get out of this big parking lot." Teresa said. We drove down some side streets near the stadium. She pulled into her long drive way and she opened her garage door with her remote. I got out and pulled out the bike front the back. She went inside her garage and got out a bike pump. She watched as I pumped up my bike. She smiled few times when she saw my muscles get ripped. We talked about Denver and the Broncos. She had been a big fan growing up. She had been to many games and just adored the uniforms and different players over the years. I signed a few posters and a football for her. She took a picture of me in her living room and then gave me a big hug. I smiled, Teresa was very cute. I was about ready to ask her something when her phone rang.

She talked a few minutes wit a friend. She explained how she had to go. She followed me outside and I told her to have a nice day as I got on my bike. I wished I had asked her out but I was still little shy being kinda of young. I rode my bike back to my house. I took along shower and went to bed early.

It was close to 5am when I got up to start another day. I rode my bike again back to the practice facility. I hoped off and went inside. I got dressed and we did the same drills and routine from the day before. We broke into some meetings and the running back/fullback meeting went long. I went back to the locker room with the other 6 guys in the meeting. I was taking off my sweaty jersey when I heard one of players say the they were out of hot water in the showers. I was still in my white pants with the grass stains on them. I had taken off my cleats and put on some black sandals. I took my sweaty jersey and dirty shirt and placed in a laundry bag. I swung it over my shoulder on a new grey t-shirt.

I got to my bike about ten minutes later. I had some sweat on my neck and back making my great sweat shirt dark. I placed the laundry bag on the grass. I was still in my uniform pants and socks. I looked down to see my tires on my bike were flat again. "Fuck!! God Damn not again." I said under my breath. I looked around to the see the parking lot was completely empty. Only one van was there and the other guys from the meeting were already backing out. They honked as they saw me and the flat tires. I went back to looking at the tires when I heard a horn. "Honk! Honk!" I looked up and it was Teresa again. She smiled and waved for me to bring my bike.

"They got you again huh. Man they like your bike. Ha Ha Ha." she said. I smiled as she popped the back door. I placed it inside. "How about we drive back to my house. I got a pump in my garage. She can walk around and give me womens point of view on my house. I need some decoration advice." I said. She smiled as she pulled out of the parking lot. "Ok!! Your not s serial killer or anything. You invite young women back to your house to kill them. LOL!" she said. I smiled and laughed "No!" She drove the long street to my House and pulled in my driveway. She parked behind my Chevy Camaro as I opened the door to help her out. I got my bike and placed it on the garage door.

"I love your lawn and your back yard looks big. I love the bay windows and the rocks on the outside of your house. Is that a Rose Bush?" Teresa said. I followed her close behind. I opened my front door. "You should lock the door." she said. "Yeah your right. I forget sometimes. Go walk around check out the place. Go check out my back yard. Help yourself in the fridge. I am going to got take a shower upstairs. I will be right back. Thanks once again for rescuing me." I said.

I watched as Teresa walked toward my living room. Her long legs looked hot in her red 4inch heels. She had on a denim blue mini skirt that showed off her amazing ass. I had to move so she did not thinking I was starring at her. She had a orange Bronco shirt that was stretched over her ample chest. I smiled some more when she bent down to look at my game ball from college. I almost fell up the stairs as I saw she was wearing a orange thong underneath her mini. I quickly go to the top of the stairs. I walked down the hall to my room. I tapped the door shut.

I was looking in my mirror on the back of the door to my bathroom. I slowly took of my shirt. I wiped some of the sweat and grass off my chest and abs. I lossen the strings on my pants and slowly slid them down to my ankles. I stepped out of them. I took off my socks. I was now just in my jock strap. I took out the protective cup and placed it on my bed. I then looked down to see my dick had become half erect under the cotton material. I swung my ass around to see if there was any grass or marks on it from being tackled today. I was breathing kinda of hard as I slowly took off my jock and placed it in my hamper next to my bed.

I opened the door to my bathroom. I started the shower. I stepped under the hot water. There was a little steam coming from the glass stall as I soaped up my body. I had listen to see if I could hear Teresa down stairs but everything was quite. I thought I heard something in my room. Probably just my clothes falling out of my hamper. I took about a 15 minute shower before I got done. I toweled off and went back inside my room. I put some tan cargo shorts on. No underwear and a white wife beater shirt. I put on some blue flip flops. I walked by the bed and looked down. I thought I had put my cup from the jock on the edge of the bed. Hmm I guess it fell off or I put in the hamper.

I walked down stairs to see Teresa sitting on my big leather couch. "You have a great house. Love your back yard and the pool looks nice. That is the biggest fridge I have sever seen in your kitchen. I got two waters out I hope you don't mind." Teresa said. I smiled as she handed me a water. "Thanks! Any advise on decorating?" I said. "No not any off the top of my head. Maybe some new paint or a coffee table would look great right here.' she said. "Yeah it would. What paint color looks good?" I said. "I live near a paint store. I could bring over some samples. You know if you like." she said. "Great that would be nice." I said. We both walked around and talked about the paint for the walls.

"I am going to drive myself tomorrow to practice. If you like why don't you come over while I am at practice. Enjoy the pool. I should be home by 4pm and then maybe you can show me the paint you picked out. Maybe we can order some Chinese food for dinner. I mean if that's ok?" I said. "No that's great. Leave the key under the door mat. Thanks, have fun at practice." Teresa said. She waved as I opened the door and she drove down the drive way. I went back inside and made some dinner. I went to bed early again.

I got up and looked for my protective cup for my jock. Got to protect the family jewels. I spent about twenty minutes looking but did not find it. I drove down to practice early and parked my car. Practice went long again and are meeting ran late. Once again the shower were cold. I got back to my car. I hoped in and put top down to air the stinky smell from my sweaty body. I parked my car behind Teresa SUV and opened the front door.

Teresa opened the sliding glass door to my back yard. She walked into the living room. She had a nice red two piece bathing suit showing off her ample curves. I smiled as she walked over with her little red flip flops on. She had painted her finger and toe nails orange and blue for the Broncos. "Hey how was practice?" she said. She wiped her hair around as the water from the pool cascaded onto the wooden floors. "Good! How's the pool?" I said. "It's great. Let me guess the showers were cold again?" she said. I nodded my head "Yes!" "I will be right back. Decide what you want for dinner." I said. Teresa smiled as she watched me climbed the stars. I shook my butt when I got to the top. I heard her sigh.

I opened my bedroom door. I took off my sweaty shirt and then my socks. I slowly took off my pants. I was standing there in my jock strap with my naked ass hanging out. I looked in the mirror. "Creek!!!" I turned when I heard the door to my bedroom open. "Buck I think I know what I want for dinner. I have been craving it since I first saw you." Teresa said. I watched as Teresa came over towards me. She was standing with in arms reach as I moved to stand in front of her.

She slowly wiped her hand down my broad shoulders. She then ran her hand over my pecs and biceps. She tweaked my hard right nipple with her two finger as she smiled. She leaned in to give me a long kiss. I could feel her heart beat next to mine as we embraced. I slid my two big hands down the small of her back. Her amazing hips and her juicy ass felt great in my hands. She put her hand on my face as we kissed very passionately. She bite my lip as I pulled her body in close to me. She reached down to feel my cock under the cotton material. "MMmmmmm Buck!!" she said.

I watched as she got on her knees. She reached up to pull down my sweaty jock around my ankles. She gasped as my 9 3/4 inch cock sprang to attention in front of her face. She reached up with her two small hands. She licked the pre cum off the tip and began to kiss the length off my shaft. She used both her hands to feel my naked balls. Her long nails scratched them as she moaned. She smiled as she fondled each one. She then moved her breast resting them against my muscular thighs. I could feel her hard nipples rub against me. I smiled again as she began to feed my erect cock in her mouth. I watched her amazing eyes as she sucked my large cock in her small mouth.

I felt her hands on my ass as she continued to suck my cock. She finally got all of my cock inside her hot mouth as she deep throated me. I could feel her hot tongue on my shaft as she sucked harder and harder. I leaned down her back and untied her bathing suit top. It fell down to her waist freeing her nipples to rest on my thighs again. She liked the way my skin and hair rubbed against her breast as she bobbed up and down on my shaft. I watched her feet in her flip flops move as her toes curled up. I watched her ass in the mirror flex as she reached the base of my cock. She spit him out causing a huge bubble of spit to come out of her mouth. She licked my cock. Then spit again doing this over and over.

I was getting to think I might cumm in her mouth and not get the chance to fuck her. I was wrong. "Buck, I need this big cock of your inside me. Fuck me! Fuck me!" she said. I pulled out my cock and hit her face with the tip. "What's that baby? You want my cock inside you. Say Please!! Please!!" I said. "Fucking Please!!!!!!!!!! I want you deep inside me. Fuck me Buck!!!" Teresa said.

She got up and we made out as I took off her bottoms. I put them on the bed as I picked her up and through her on the bed. She smiled as I crawled between her legs. She pushed the 12 silk pillows on the floor with her two hands. I began to kiss her hot pussy. I started from her feet kissing them lightly. Then her long legs and thighs. I pulled her legs apart as I stuck my tongue inside her hot box. I continued to swirl my tongue and use my lips or her labia. She orgasmed hard when I stuck one finger inside her and bit down on her cunt lips. She tasted great as she pulled my hair and forced my mouth harder on her pussy.

I pulled off my mouth. I slowly got on my knees. I gently slapped my cock on her pussy. Her legs parted as I stuck my cock at the entrance to her pussy. She reached down to ease my big cock in her tight pussy. Her hips and ass moved slightly to get my cock a 1/4 of the way in. She smiled as I pushed down as her stomach contracted. I finally got a good rhythm and after 5 minutes got all my cock deep inside her. My bare skin was slapping her naked mound as she bit my lower lip. Wwe began to kiss as she ran her long nails down my back. I held her ankles next to my ear as I banged her hot body underneath me. "Oh my god! That it baby! that its. Fuck me! Fuck me good. God your so deep. I've never been fucked this deep before. Fuck me." she said. I smiled as I broke our kiss and I started to suck her nipples. "Harder! Harder!! Harder!!!! God right there. Don't stop! Don't stop!! Put it back in baby." she said. I was fucking her so hard that I came out and slammed back into her stomach. My cock head hit her belly button as she giggled. I put it back inside to feel her orgasm hard on my cock. I pulled out after she stopped.

I watched as as Teresa rolled off of me and stuck my swollen cock in her mouth. She licked the top and used her hands to jack my cock. She aimed it at her hot mouth. "That it baby. Cumm for me. Shoot a big load. Show me what you got. That it baby." she said. I looked down made eyes contact with her. She gasped as the tip of my cock opened and the first big load flew out. It struck her mouth then bottom of her chin as she tried to aim my cock in her mouth. She put her mouth over him and began to drain my cock. She deep throated him and played with my empty balls as she spit my cock out when it was fully empty.

I picked her up and carried her into my bathroom. We took along hot bath. She cleaned me up as I washed her back and cleaned her. We had some great Chinese for dinner. We got in the hot ub later to watch the stars under the moon light. We wne to bed exhausted my we both had a smile on our faces. She woke up to go to the bathroom around 3am. She helped herself to my erect cock. I was poking her in the back. She could not sleep.

I got up early to make us breakfast. I brought it to her in bed. I had picked some Roses off the bush in my side yard. I put them inside her SUV as I walked back inside my house. She watched me as I go t dressed for practice. She help me get my uniform pants on. Then my jersey. She kissed me for good luck. "Wait Buck before you go." Teresa said. She ran down stairs. A few minutes later she came back up. "I found this in my purse. I am not sure how it got there." Teresa said. She reached in to her purse pulling out my protective cup for mu jock. I just smiled. I thought I had seen a shadow outside my bedroom door the other day.

a few weeks later:

We had just won our first game on Monday night. I had scored two touchdowns. I got the game ball. The vets all padded me on the back. The quarterback came to my locker. "Way to go man. Hey I saw this cute girl in the crowd in the end zone as we were leaving. She had your jersey on. She was really cute man." he said. "Hey Buck go to the trainers room. Get me some tape. Good game tonight, don't let it go to your head." said the coach.

I opened the training room door. "Hey sexy!! Great game. I got you a back up cup. In case I take your other one again.' said Teresa. She was naked sitting on my jersey playing with her pussy. She had a huge white protective cup in her right hand on her breast. There was a big lipstick mark on it. I started to take off my uniform. I could only smile. As I locked the door. I heard my teammates walk by and knock on the door. I think Teresa was giving them a earful.

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