Monday, June 22, 2009

Domantrix Teacher vs her Pupils

This story is a little different than I have written in the past.

It goes something like this......

I was in in English class my senior year. I was sitting in the back of the class room. Being my typical class clown self. I had a big game to play over the weekend, so I was trying to keep a low profile. I was hoping not to get into trouble or detention for the fourth time this week. I like going to class but I can easily be distracted. I have a wandering eye for hot girls. Especially big girls with curves. I had broken off with a casual girl friend about a year ago and had been playing the field for some time. I had a date for the prom but I could go by self still if I wanted. All I had to do was to keep myself out of trouble for one more period before 3pm and then I was home free.

I scanned the room. I had gotten to class a little early. My locker was only about 5 rows down from the English class. I liked math but hated English. The teacher was a real hard ass on everybody. Especially jocks. She hated the football team. I brought her a apple once. I put it on her desk. She picked up and slammed it in her drawer. The next day it was on my car in the parking lot. Ms. Estella Smith was a tough teacher to please. She never ever smiled and always wore these tight button up pant suits. They made her look older than she was. She looked like a mean Liberian and always corrected everything you did in class. She hand back your papers all in red with your grade in big letterers. We had taken are mid term papers and test the previous day. We were to get are grades at the end of class. I need to get a C or higher to keep playing football.

I sat in my chair about 2 feet from my desk. I looked over to see a new girl in class. Her name was Teresa. She was very cute. She had long brown hair and had a great smile. If I had not gotten a date for Prom I would have asked her. "Slam!!!" The door to the class slammed shut. "Good afternoon class!" Teacher said. "Good afternoon Ms. Smith" we said. My eyes were glued to her as she dropped her brief case on the floor next to her big wooden desk. She had her long blonde hair all in large bunn. She was wearing this fiery red lip stick. She took off her sport coat and placed it on her chair. It look like she had spilled some coffee on it. It was the first time I noticed she had put on some weight since the beginning of the school year. She had all of sudden turned very voluptuous compared to any of the girls or teachers in the school. She also had on a tight grey plaid skirt that showed off a little leg. She had worn some black open toe 3inch heels that made her wobble as she moved around the room.

I wondered what had gotten into Ms Smith. Then she stopped at the front of the chalk board. "Is it to much to ask for your full attention in class. Tom take off that hat. Gloria sit up. Teresa stop talking. Kirk come here." she said as she pointed next to her. Kirk got up and she had him spit out his gum. He had to put it on his nose in front of the class. She made him sit in the corner during class. I figured she was having a bad day. I leaned backed in my chair. I had lost track of her. "Wham!! Wham!! My desk all most shattered. It was Ms. Smith right next to me. She had broken a long yellow ruler over my desk trying to get me to sit up right. I snapped too and pushed myself under my desk. She then started are lesson for the day.

"Psst, Buck!" said Tina I tried not to turn my head to see Tina Bell. She was the school girl that thought she was the most popular. She lived in the best part of town. Her parents gave her everything. She was dating a college guy already. I could not stand her. I kept ignoring her. She had her cheer leading outfit on. She had jet black long hair almost down to her small ass. She was kinda of flat chested. She used to stuff her bra until a friend caught her doing it. The guys on the football team referred to her as the Bitch. I even heard one of the teachers call her that. I turned my head after 5 minutes of her trying to get my attention. "What!" I said. "Here take this. Its a note from Ter.." Tina said. "Oh what do we have here. Trying to pass notes in my class. Like we don't have enough to do in class. I don't have your attention. Give me that note." said Ms. Smith. She opened it up and read it out loud to the class.

"Buck, are you still going to Prom with Connie. If not would you like to go. Also the Bitch is freaking hideous today in the cheerleading outfit." Ms. Smith spoke. I dropped my head. The other kids in class laughed. "Silence you slackers!!" Ms Smith said. Just then the bell rung. "Pick up your papers on my desk. There extra credit for anyone who did bad. I will email you the extra credit. You three follow me to my desk. Good day ladies and gentleman." Ms. Smith said.

Ms. Smith lined us up in front of her desk. "You three are in big trouble. You all did bad on your papers and only Buck passed the test. Teresa you can go. I will tell you your punishment after next period. I know you have to get to your next class. Thank you. As for you two." Ms Smith said. I watched as Teresa left. The door shut behind her. I looked back to see Ms. Smith starring back at me. "Nothing I hate more than young adult behaving badly in my class. Passing notes. I thought you two were over being in junior high. I'm not sure what to do with you two. Any ideas?" she said. "You could let us off with a warning. I wont pass any notes to Buck anymore. I promise to be good. I am late. My parents are picking me up out front in my Dad's new car." Tina said. "Are you fucking kidding me or something. What do you have to say young Buck." she said. "Its your class. Sorry to interrupt and be a disturbance. I will take any punishment you seem fit to lay on me. Once again sorry!!" I said.

"Hmm. You did pass my test. Your paper just needs a little more to get a C. I know you need that grade to keep playing football. For you Tina, bad test and a terrible paper. Did you even read Edgar Allen Poe. Because I think you watched too much MTV last night." Ms. Smith said. Tina gazed at the front door. I gazed at Ms. Smith who was looking at her cell phone. She was checking her day planner. "I got it. Tina!! I want your parents to drop you off at my house after school. You can wear what your wearing. Bring your paper with you. I will have some extra credit for you to do. This way I can keep an eye on you. Now get out." Ms Smith said. I watched as Tina left. "Now for you mister. When you get done with detention. Here a slip. Take it to Mr. Garcia in room 229. Here is directions to my house. I have some extra credit for you. It will boost your paper to a C. That if you ok with this?" she said. "No problem. Thanks!! See you after school." I said.

I called home left a message with my folks. I was going to a friends house after school. Be home late kinda of thing. I told them I had to go to a teacher house for extra credit and I was going to fail English they kill me. I drove around the block looking for Ms. Estella Smith house. I looked at her directions again on my dash board. I went down the final dead end street and it as the last house on the left. Damn the house was big. I buzzed my self at the the gate. I drove the long driveway to her house. She was about a half of football length back from the dead end street. She had a long driveway to her house. I parked in front of her house. I saw Tina Bell car parked in the garage. She had a pink Mustang her Dad bought her for her birthday. I closed the door on my beat up 1984 rust bucket.

I walked up the side of the house and rang the door bell. I had on a pair of jeans and a plain white t-shirt. It fit my muscular frame pretty good as I turned my hat on my head to face forward. I had gotten a short hair cut the week before. I had even shaved my goatee that morning before school. I smiled as the door opened.

Inside was Teresa. She slowly opened the door and smiled at me. "Hey what's up?" I said. "Quick get inside. Ms. Smith upstairs with Tina. She told me to let you in then I was to return to my extra credit. Your suppose to take off your shoes, hat and go to the front stair case at the end of the hall. Bye!!" Teresa said. I took off my sandals as was bare foot. I saw Teresa go half way down the hall. She stopped and opened up a door and went inside. I walked with my bare feet down the wooden hall way. I looked around. There was a big living room, followed by a big dinning room before I got to the end of the hall. I turned to stand at the bottom of the big stair case. It lead to the 2nd floor. There was some White carpet and about 30 stairs to the top. There was an old wooden hand rail that went up both sides to the 2nd floor.

I waited a few minutes before I heard a door slam on the 2nd floor. A few seconds later I saw Ms. Estella Smith and Tina at the top of the stairs. Tina was on her knees on the floor. She had her cheerleading outfit and was barefoot. She also had a black leather dog collar on. It said in big gold letters "BITCH" on the front of the collar. It was connected to a long black leather leash. That was in Ms. Smith right hand. In her left hand was a long black leather whip. Ms Smith was wearing black fishnet stocking that were pulled high on her big thighs. They were clipped to her black garters that sat on her large hips. She had on big black panties that a had silver studs and a big zipper on the side next to Tina head. She had long black gloves on her hands. Two big gold bracelets on her wrist. She also had on two huge big gold hoop earrings. Ms Smith was wearing the same fiery red lip stick that matched her finger and toe nails. From earlier in class. She also had on six inch black platform heels that made her huge black tight corset look amazing on her. She had taken out her blonde hair from the bunn. It was curly and layed down her back stopping just 6 inches short of her large ass. She looked so hot that I instantly got erected in my jeans.

"Get up bitch!!! Follow me down the stairs. Don't go to fast." said Ms. Smith. I watched as Ms. Smith pulled on the leash and Tina got off her knees at the top of the stairs. Both women started to walk down the stairs. Ms. Smith body shook and jiggled as she came down the stairs. She made Tina hold her large ass with her left hand as she followed one step behind Ms. Smith. My breathing had increased. By the time Ms. Smith was standing in front of me on the last step I almost wanted to faint. She pulled on the leash causing Tina to fall to the floor next to me. Tina fell two stairs and landed on her knees. "Ha Ha!! That a good girl. Sit there and wait for my instructions." Ms. Smith said.

"Buck glad you could make it to my house. As you can see some people already have started there extra credit. If your a good young man? I will let you start your extra credit. I will then move your grade up maybe to a C or B depending how you due tonight." she said. I just shook my head "Yes!" I will still in a daze as I looked around the room. "Follow me to the kitchen Buck. Bitch!!! Crawl on the floor behind me. Don't make me pull your leash." Ms Estella Smith said. I watched as Ms. Smith strutted along the wooden floor followed by Tina who crawled down the long hallway to the kitchen.

Ms. Smith stopped and sat at her kitchen table. "Buck you will call me Mistress Smith or Mistress but not Ms. Smith. That my mother name. If you do what I say without any complaints. Unlike Bitch here. I might pass your ass. Buck I can't stand being dirty in my house. I hate dirty dishes and clutter in my house. You can start by taking off your clothes. Be naked! Then start washing my dishes in the sink." Mistress said. "Yes, Mistress." I said. I started to take off my white shirt, followed my jeans. I placed them on the floor next to the sink. I stood there for a few minutes. I could feel Mistress checking me out with her sexy eyes. "Off with the white cotton shorts Young Buck. I told you do clean my dishes naked. I need to see that fine ass all the girls are talking about." Mistress said. Just then I heard the crack of the leather whip. "Smack!!!"

I pulled down my white cotton briefs around my ankles. I started to rinse off a few plates and silver ware in the sink. I looked down to see my cock was half erect. The cold stainless steel sink rubbed against my naked balls. I was using all my 6ft 3 frame to grab dishes and clean them. "Bitch start licking my feet. Lick my toes in my heels. That a good little bitch. Rub my ankles and calves. I think we found a good use for the mouth of yours." Mistress said. I turned my head to see Tina was licking Ms. Smith big long sexy legs. "Oh god you making Mistress wet. How are those fucking dishes coming along servant boy?" Mistress said. "Great. All most finished Mistress. Would you care to inspect them?" I said. "Shut up and get cleaning. I will be right there to inspect. You clean. I will ask the question servant boy." Mistress said. "Smack!!!"

I kept washing the dishes. "Fuck me Bitch. Your making more wet. Damn I need some of that tongue inside me. Unzip my side pull down my panties. "ZZZZZIPPPP" That it now pull my g-string to the side. Use your finger to pull my big cunt lips apart. Stick your tongue in there. Yes! Yes!! Yes!! Eat me Bitch!!! God that is great. Fuck yeah BITCH!!!" Mistress said. I could hear Tina licking Ms Smith pussy. I looked over to see Mistress hand on Tina head. She was shoving Tina face into her pussy. "MMMprprphhh!!! Yummmmmmyyyyy!!!" said Tina. I was now about 3/4 of the way from my cock being at full attention. I fondled my naked balls in my left hand. There was a huge drop of pre-cumm on the tip of my cock. All 9 3/4 inches glisten from the dish water that dripped on it from the sink.

"Yes! Yes!! I'm cumming Bitch. Swallow it. Use your tongue Bitch. Don't stop licking me. So help me I will punish you. Ok that sucked. Sit here and wipe your face on my heel. Buck done yes?" Mistress said. I stood there as Ms. Smith walked over to me at the sink. Tina was still at the kitchen table on the floor. Mistress head was just above my right ear. She was huge in those 6inch platform heels. I could really smell her sweet perfume as she inspected the dishes. "Very good Young Buck. Now follow me to the living room. Let me see the big cock of yours. Looks like somebody got it wet from the dish water. You have such big balls. Your purple head is very nice. Tina crawl here and lick Buck cock. "Smack!!!!" He has dish soap on it." Mistress said. With that I heard Tina on her knees. I then saw Mistress Smith put her left gloved hand down to wipe off the huge glob of pre-cumm on my cock. She licked her finger and smiled at me. She then winked as I felt Tina hot mouth on my cock. "Geez that enough Bitch. No pleasure for you. Lick his balls. Now you two follow me. Crawl Bitch!!!!" she said. "Smack!!!!" she cracked her whip again.

I followed them to the living room. There was a vacuum cleaner at one end of the room. There was a duster on the coffee table. I picked up the duster and dusted all the furniture in the living room. I dusted the TV. I heard Tina breath heavy. I turned around to see she was laying on the couch. Mistress had taken off her black panties on the carpet. She was sitting on Tina face. Mistress was grinding her big hips and ass on Tina mouth. Tina was having a hard time breathing but she was eating Ms. Smith pussy very good. Mistress had her eyes closed as I started the vacuum. This woke her from Tina pussy licking. She smiled as I vacuumed her large white rug in the living room. I moved a few chars and coffee table. She smiled as my cock moved back and forth behind the vacuum cleaner. My balls bounced as I kept doing my duties. I looked around trying to see what would happen next. I stopped the vacuum cleaner when I heard Mistress scream. "FUCK yeah. For such a skinny ass Bitch you suck some mean pussy. Damn I should have made you my slave earlier in the year. I wish your stuck up parents could see you eat my pussy. Follow me you two." she said.

I followed them down the hall. We came to a door that was marked "Private _ Keep out". Mistress unlocked the door with a key. She placed the big key back inside her large corset top. I saw the light go on as we all all went down the stairs. The walls going down the stairs were leather. We got to the bottom step. I looked around a big room. We were in her basement. But it was no ordinary basement. There were large full length mirrors that went around the room. There was a big black leather couch and chair on one end. A large 4 post black steel frame king size bed on one side of the room. One side of the room had some different restraining devices. One was a large steel X. That had cuffs at the bottom and top of the large X. Next device had a flat steel bench with a large black fake cock on the end of a vibrating steel pole. It was connect to a box that looked liked a girl sat down and the machine fucked her. The last device was a large chain link fence that had restraints on the top and bottom of the fence.

I saw Tina on her knees as Mistress walked over to the last side of the room. She clapped her hands and a mirror popped out. She opened the mirror. There was a huge assortment of adult toys of every shape and color. There were handcuffs and restraints of all different sizes. I stood there naked as my cock was now fully erect. Mistress smiled as she got down some of her adult toys. She walked over to Tina. "Bitch get up and lay down. That a good slave." Mistress said. With that Tina got on the bench and layed down. Ms Smith leaned down to spit on Tina pussy. She pulled Tina cheerleading skirt up. Her pussy was small and already red. I think Mistress got to it before I showed up after school. I then watched as Ms. Smith started the fucking machine.

She slowly inserted the fake big black cock at Tina tiny pussy entrance. She restrained Tina hands and feet. Mistress turned the machine on medium as it started to fuck poor Tina little pussy. I thought it might break her into but she screamed with pleasure. "Stop yelling Bitch. No orgasm for you. If you come I will punish you." Mistress said. With that Mistress went to the mirror and came back with a small hand held camera. She took a few pictures of Tina being fucked by the machine. Mistress stuck her gloved finger down to check Tina pussy. She was wet but had not orgasmed yet.

"Buck come here!!" Mistress said. I walked over and she placed my hands on the steel fence. She restrained my hands and feet. I was facing the steel fence. My chest was on the links. I turned my head to see Mistress had dropped her whip on the floor. She had a huge 4ft yellow ruler. There were a few notches at the top. I could see she had painted some small footballs at each mark. "Hmm - looks like your gong to be the next big jock from school I had the pleasure to spank. You certainly have the nicest cock of them all. Don't worry this is going to hurt me more than you." she said. "WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!!! Mistress was spanking my cold hard ass with he ruler. At first it hurt but then I could feel excitement all over my body. I was tingling as she kept spanking me. My cock was rock hard. Harder than ever before. I heard Tina giggle. Mistress stopped and put a ball gag in Tina mouth. "First time the Bitch been quite all night. Damn Buck your ass had gone from white to red. It's quite yummy. I love a good hard ass." she said.

I could feel Mistress long red nails on my ass. She kissed my lower back and rubbed my burning ass. She started to use a riding crop next on my butt cheeks. Then she used her hand on my ass. She pulled my hair and slammed my face in the fence. I bounced off a few times. I closed me eyes as she continued to spank me. After a few minutes she stopped. A few seconds later a felt some ice on my ass. She had taken some ice from somewhere and was rubbing it on my ass. I almost orgasmed through the fence from this. I then felt her lick me butt cheeks. She walked over to stop the fuck machine on Tina. I watched as Tina got on her knees behind me. "Lick his ass. Eat is ass bitch. That it pull his hot ass apart. Damn Bitch your eating his ass hole. That it. Fuck him with your mouth." Mistress said. I could feel Tina eating my ass. I was trying not to cumm. It felt so wrong but there was nothing but pure excitement and tingling in my body.

I watched as Mistress came in front of me. We started to kiss and exchange tongues as Tina kept eating my ass. "Bitch lick his big balls. Do not suck his cock. I will punish you." Mistress said. I felt Tina mouth on my balls and Mistress hands on my chest. I started to kiss Mistress more harder. She untied my hands. Tina untied my feet. They pulled me away from the fence. Mistress looked down. Then she walked over to the mirror. She pulled out a huge purple butt plug. She spit on the end giving it to Tina. Tina inserted into her small ass. Mistress tied Tina to the fence. She was pretty stretched out as Mistress began to spank Tina. "Whack! Whack!! That it bitch. I can tell you like that. How that big butt plug? Don't you orgasm or you will be punished." Mistress said.

She then untied Tina and placed her on the Big steel X. I watched as Tina was fully restrained to the Big X. She facing forward as Mistress clicked on a switch. The Big X start to rotate. Tina was slowing turning up side down. She stopped the machine once Tina was up side down. Mistress took off her g-string and placed her pussy on Tina chin. Tina started to eat Mistress pussy upside down. I watched as Mistress orgasmed twice and the juicy fell off Tina face onto the ground. Some got in her eyes as Mistress wiped her pussy all over Tina face. Mistress clicked the Big X again. It began to turn and Mistress pussy juice flowed all over poor Tina.

Mistress grabbed my hand. We pushed over the Big X in front of the king size bed. I watched as Tina was slowed down but still turning as Mistress pulled off Tina top on the floor. Tina was now completely naked. Mistress went back to the mirror and grabbed some nipples clamps and a huge vibrator. She placed the clamps on poor Tina small breast. She stuck the vibrator inside Tina pussy. Tina was mouthing yes and she was really loving what Mistress was doing to her. I sat on the edge of the bed. My ass had finally stopped hurting and felt good. I watched as Mistress took off her corset. Her huge breast cascaded down on her curvy frame. She smiled as my cock was still hard. She left her black fishnets and large heels on but was totally naked in front of me.

"Well you did do a great job cleaning my house Young Buck. I need to show you my appreciate for hard work." Mistress said. I watched as she walked closer in front of me. She turned to bend over. Her large ass hit my lips as I kissed her all over. I ran my hands up her long legs and thick thighs. She orgasmed when she felt my hot tongue inside her pussy. She smelled great as I ate her pussy. I used my big hands to hold her hips and large ass. I started to fondle her large breast. She slammed her ass on my face. I looked into the side mirrors around the room. Mistress looked very hot as I ate her pussy in the reflection. I could here Tina being rotated as the big vibrator was in her pussy. "Wait!! Tina did you orgasm? I told you not to." Mistress said. She went to go check poor Tina. Mistress pulled out the vibrator and placed it on the floor. She went back to the mirror and got a bigger anal plug. She replaced it inside Tina ass.

"Now watch!! Learn how a big gurl fucks Bitch. Watch an learn skinny Bitch!!!" Mistress Estella Smith said. With that she stopped Tina from rotating. I crawled back onto the pillows. Mistress had me lay down flat as she got on the bed. She then lowered her bald pussy on my erect cock. I watched as her cunt lips parted and her wetness came down the side of my cock. She was so wet all of hard cock when in very tight. I winced as Mistress began to fuck me. She placed her large tits on my face and head. I reached back to pull her butt apart to give Tina a better look at Mistress fucking me. I could feel Mistress Smith body on my chest and sides as she fucked me. She was really slamming her large frame on me as I caught my breath. I started to fuck her when she lost her breath. We began to kiss as she took over fucking me. She was using my cock for her pleasure. "Damn Young Buck. Your cock feels great inside me. Don't cumm yet. I will tell you. Don't make me punish you Buck!! Got it baby??" she said. I just bit her lower lip as she squirmed on top of me. I slapped her big ass as her long blonde hair fell on my left hand.

I rolled her over. She was on her back now. My cock was till in her as I started to fuck her. I put my hands on her thigh pulling them wider. She screamed..Yes!!..Yes!! Fuck Yes...Young man..Fuck your teacher..Fuck me!!!!" Mistress said. I started to hold her large breast together and slap them. She bit my lips this time. I heard Tina moan behind us. I really picked up the pace fucking her. I was slamming my erect body on her as you could here are bodies slam together. She grabbed my back as she orgasmed beneath me. I kept fucking her harder and harder. "Ok!! Ok!! I need you to cumm inside me. My pussy needs you big load. Tina!!!! TINA!!! You can come too." she yelled in my ear. With that I heard Tina orgasm followed by Mistress and then fianlly me. "YES!!!! Here it comes!!!" I yelled. Mistress held my cock inside her as I came. I filled her up as some leaked out her tight hole. I could feel it come up the side of my cock as she pushed me off her. Mistress cleaned me up then untied Tina to clean Mistress hot pussy of my seed. I got instantly hard again when they passed my sperm in there mouths.

She tied Tina back on the fence. Mistress walked over to the middle side mirror. I was still on the bed getting to my feet. I then saw her open one of the mirrors. She pointed for me to come over. I walked over look inside. I smiled as I saw Teresea on her knees. There were five big guys from the football team. They were tied in a circle on a metal wall. There hands and feet were tied down. There cocks were spent as they had all just watched us from the other room. Teresa was covered in sperm as she got off her knees and walked over to the Mistress. She inspected Teresa mouth to make sure all the sperm was on her and not in her mouth. Mistress used her long gloves to rub in the sperm on Teresa body. She licked some of the sperm off her gloves. "Follow me you two." Mistress said.

Mistress went and got some big strap on cocks and placed them over the football team guys limp cocks. "You will fuck the Bitch until morning. Do what ever you like but do not fuck her with your real cocks. I will inspect you in the morning. Buck and Teresa follow me upstairs. Goodnight Bitch. Maybe tomorrow you will earn enough extra credit to pass my classes." Mistress said.

We followed Mistress all the way to the 2nd floor. She locked her play room as we climbed the stairs. We gave her a nice long bath. Scrubbing every inch of her large frame. I ate her pussy under water as she sat on my face. She ate Teresa pussy as we switched roles in the Mistress bedroom. I lost count of how many and different ways I fucked them. Later that night into early morning we fell asleep.

Both Teresa and I passed Ms Estella Smith class that semester. Strange things was I had to spend allot of time with Teresa after class. We kept getting detention and had to do extra credit at Mistress house. We had to go after class last week. I parked the car out front and noticed Principle Shelia Babcock car parked behind the garge door. I walked around with Teresa to look inside the garage. I saw a pretty dusty pink mustang inside the garage. Seems Tina Bell had been skipping school. Her folks had been looking for her also. They called the principle.

Teresa used her key to open the play room door. We walked down the stairs. I could hear some moans and groans. Teresa turned to hand me a note. "Come over after class bring your new key I made you. Bring your DVD recorder and Buck." said the note. I saw Mistress she was having her pussy eaten by Tina. I then saw Tina parents were watching to the side. Principle Babcock was laying on the bench. The fuck machine turned on. Buzzz!! Buzzzz!!! I love passing notes.



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