Monday, June 1, 2009

Big Ass Spanking

I owned a Repo Business in town. Over the last year business has really picked up. I was make a living off of people not being able to pay for things they just bought. I sometimes picked up cars, boats, motor cycles and other vehicles. I tow them back to the impound lot. The other day I had fired our home appliance/furniture person. I made some coffee and looked over the list of homes that owed us money. I made a few calls and filled in the names of the homes who still owed us money. I took my cell and the list. I took the keys for the big van. I gave some instructions to the other guys in the parking lot. It was close to 9am when I got on the road.

My first stop was about 10 minutes away. I knocked on the door. I gave the notice to the home owner. This young guy let me in and I made a list of his belongings. I took his Tv and some video games and his computer back to the van. I left him a receipt and headed to the next home on my list. I parked out front and knocked on the door. This young lady answered. She was really skinny and pale white as she opened the door. I took most of her furniture and 2 TV's out to the van. I went to the next house. I took a couple of guns, some ammo, DVD and flat screen back tot he van. The van was pretty full. I took it back and two guys unloaded while I had some lunch.

I got back in the van around 2pm and headed to the next house. No one was home. I left a note on he door. Same thing happen at the next house. It was getting close to 3pm when I pulled into the last driveway. I was making great time. I figured I might get home before rush hour and enjoy a beer in the hot tub. I parked and looked around the house. I could tell someone was home. I saw the curtains move in the front window. I walked up the front walk and knocked on the door.

It was a few minutes and two knocks later the door finally opened. I pulled down my sun glasses and looked inside. A older women was standing in the door way. She leaned around the door hiding her lower waist behind the door. She was about 5 foot six. She had long blonde hair passed her shoulder. She was wearing a orange swim suit that left nothing to the imagination. She had two big hoop earrings that dangled low on her ears. She had white painted toe nails with little orange swirls on the tips of her feet. She was wearing 4 inch black high heels. She had a dark tan and little white tan lines under her bathing suit on the sides of her breast. She had two very large breast that where set high on her chest. Her nipples were half erect and the top of the suit could not hide her big 3 inch purple aeroles. She had a medium curve in the front of her bare stomach. She was still quite the hottie as she moved away from the door.

My mouth dropped as she motion for me to come inside. I shut the door as she turned and walked toward her living room. I looked down as I finally could see what she was hiding behind the door. She had wide hips and a very large ass. It shook as she strutted down the hall. She was probably ( 46FF - 38 - 55 ) and I was starting to sweat inside her cold house. I looked at my sheet on my clip board.

"How can I help you sir?" she said. "Hmm well, I own the Repo Depot. It seems you and Mr. Hank Smalls purchased some items. No one had made payment in the last 3 months. We sent some letters to this address." I said. "Hank is my husband. He is out of town at the moment. He handles all the money you see. I was never aware of any problems. We have money." she said. "Mame what your name?" I said. "Lindsay Smalls." she said. "I am sure you have money Lindsay. Can you call your husband and ask why this amount of $10,000 has not been paid." I said. "Ok, just wait here. I will call him. Would you like something to drink?" she said. "No thanks!!"

I looked round the room. They had a big screen, some expensive paintings, a butt load of nice furniture. A big sound system, jacuzzi on the deck. I walked down the hall and peeked into the master bedroom which was huge. There was a large white canopy bed. The spare bedroom had a small bed and a nice big screen TV. I was still looking as I heard her on the phone in the living room. I heard her on the phone with her husband getting all worried. She hung up the phone after a few minutes. "Will you take a check. I can write you a check for half the amount." she said. "I need a check for the balance Mame." I said. "Ok, Ok, I will write you a check.

I watched as she went into her bedroom. A couple minutes later she came out with a check in her small hand. I took the check and put it in my front shirt pocket. "Thank you, Mame. Nice doing business with you. Tell your husband thanks." I said. She opened the door and bit her lip as I walked out to my van. I got inside and took out my cell phone. I had a friend who worked for a bank. I called him up. After a few minutes I found out the check was bogus. I hung up the phone and walked back to the front door.

"Knock! Knock!! The door opened and Mrs.Smalls was standing there with her butt around the side of the door again. "Hi Mr. Buck back so soon. What's wrong?" she said. "You know I am just doing my job. I was nice when I came in here a few minutes ago. I get out to my van. I called your bank. Guess what they check with your name on it is no good. I am starting to get mad." I said. I clenched my right hand and teeth as she backed away from the door and let me in. "Oh my god, I am so sorry. My husband said it was good. He promised me everything would be ok." she said. "Why don't you dial your husband and hand me the phone so I can talk to him." I said. "Ok, go sit down over on the couch in font of the big glass door leading to the deck. I will call him and hand you the phone."

I took a seat. I straighten my shirt and cargo shorts. I watched as she called her husband while walking in to her kitchen. A few minutes later she came out with a cold beer in her right hands. She was leaving a message on his phone. She handed me the beer. I took a few sips before the phone rang and she handed me the phone. I turned my head up as her body was blocking the sun from her back. She was about 6 inches to my right side next to the arm rest. I shifted my ass on the white leather couch. "Good day Mr. Smalls. I just got a check from your wife for payment on your over due furniture. I am not a happy camper. First of all, I am just doing my job. 2nd the check is bad. She wrote me a check knowing there was no money to cover the check. I think maybe I should turn this over the the police. I mean she could get into a lot of trouble." I said.

There was a long pause. "I am so sorry. I got laid off from my high paying job. I have not told her about this. She still thinks I am working at my old job. I am selling cars at a used car dealership. I have been in a bad stretch lately and got behind. She really likes the furniture. She is s such a good person. Can you feel it in your heart to cut her and I a break." he said. "You know, on most day I would say ok but not just after walking out and finding this out. I know times can be tough. I mean the furniture guy going to come looking for his money or the furniture or something. Do you have anybody you can turn to." I said. I watched as Mrs. Smalls looked across the room at a full length mirror next to her white leather recliner chair. She fixed her hair. She wiped her right hand down her side stopping at her big ass. She smiled as she looked down at me.

I took another big sip as Mr. Smalls was giving me a song a dance about money. "Where are you right now Mr. Smalls." I said. I am across the state about 5 hours away picking up a car at another dealership. I am in the car driving right now" he said. "Hmm, I might have an idea. I don't really think your wife or you are getting the situation. Writing bad checks and not paying for things and lieing are very very bad. Pull the car over now." I said.

I could hear the car pull over and come to a complete stop. "Mr. Smalls I am going to hand the phone to your wife so she can put you on speaker. I watched as Mrs Smalls put the phone down on the coffee table. I pushed the coffee table away from the couch. "Is it on speaker. Hank can you hear me? Did you pull over like I asked?" I said. "I can hear you loud and clear. I also have the car stopped. I pulled into a parking lot of the highway." Hank said. "Ok! Now Mrs. Smalls come over here and stand next to me. That is it. Stand right next to me." I said.

She was standing next to my right knee. I could see her breathing had increased. She was looking at her self in the mirror across the the room. Her toes were wiggling in her black heels as her nails touched my feet next to the couch. Her large butt was right in my line of sight. "Ok Hank and Lindsay I am going to do you a big favor today. I am not going to call the police. I might also not take all the things in this house to pay for the furniture. I might even not take you to court. I am normally a very nice guy. Hank I need for your wife to apologize and I need you to listen to something Hank." I said. "Lindsay do what he says. I dont care what he asks for. You do it. You want all those nice things in the house. Go ahead." Hank said. "I am so sorry Sir, for writing that bad check." she said.

"I am not feeling the love Hank. I mean she can't even look at me. She keeps looking in the mirror and fixing her hair." I said. "Hello!!! Do it again. Say your sorry or so help me women." Hank said. This time Linsday turned her head to look down at me on the couch. I finished my beer and put it on the coffee table. "I am sorry. My husband said the check was good. Why are you mad at me?" Lindsay said. "Linsday are you crazy. Say your sorry or he takes everything. He takes us to court or worse he calls the police." Hank said. "Ok! Sorry! How was that?" she said. I shook my head and looked down at her long legs. I scanned back up her body to her blonde hair and big tits. She definenlty had some big curves.

"I dont think your getting it baby. All I am asking is you put a little effort in to saying your sorry. You put allot of effort in picking out the bathing suit. You put on those black heels and your out side today getting a tan. How much time did you put into putting on the makeup and doing your hair today." I said. "What the fuck! Are you wearing that orange bathing suit again. I told you, I did not want you to wear that anymore. Every guy in the neighbrhood stares at you. Your married for god sake." Hank said. "I know but I like the ornage bathing suit. You know I like to tan. Everyone is at work. The guy next door got a new job last week. He can't see me with the big fence you put up the other day. I need some time for myself." Linsday said. "You listen so well. Were broke. You spend more money ordering stuff from the computer than I can make a day. You wonder why I return everything. I am going to lose my mind." Hank said.

"Looks like you have been a bad girl Mrs. Smalls. Not listening to your husband. Not being sorry to me. Hmm maybe I should take everything. Better yet maybe your husband wont come home tonight. What do you think of that?" I said. She just smiled as she turned her head to look back at the mirror. "Hank she just smiled and looked back at the mirror. I know what I have to do." I siad. Hank cleared his throat.

I moved up on the couch to the end of the seat cushion. I reached up with my left hand a grabbed Mrs. Smalls left hand. I pulled her down over my knee. Her big breast flopped over my left knee almost to the ground. Her hips and stomach were in line with my crotch. Her big ass was perecft on my right knee. I started to spank Mrs. Smalls with my right hand. "Wack!! Wack!! Wack!!! "Oh my god. Honey this man is spanking me. Do somthing about it. Ouch that hurt. My ass!!! Sir your hurting my big ass." Mrs Smalls said. "Honey what are you doing. Just say your sorry and this nice man will stop. You will stop? Won't you? Honey was is he doing now? How come I can't hear anyhting. Lindsay!!!" Hank said.

"He is pulling down the bottoms of my orange bathing suit. He has the bottoms around my ankles. Oh no!!! He is spanking me again!!!! Ouch you fucker!!!" said Mrs. Smalls. "Wack!! Wack!! Wack!!!" Her eyes were closed. I think Hank stopped breathing I could not here him. I continued to spank his wife big ass. Her ass was tan with just a little tan line going up her butt crack. She was very sexy as her ass shook from my big ruff hands. I looked down to see her head had turned causing her long blonde hair to drop on the side. I licked my big hand to make it wet. "Wack!! Wack!!" Wack!!!!" My hand was beginning to get red and sore. I looked down to see her ass was starting to get red. I moved my spanking all around her big ass. The top, the bottom and to each side. I did not miss any square inch of her huge ass. I could tell Mrs Smalls was getting into me spanking her. I could feel her breathing getting longer and she began to moan. I was starting to get hard.

"Lindsay! Honey!! What is he doing? Say your sorry. Sir stop spanking my wife. I dont like this one bit." Hank said. "Hank your still in the parking lot correct? Ok that is good. Dont move or get back on the road. If I hear you start the car I will spank your wife much harder. Do we have a deal. I will stop spanking her soon." I said. "Ok! Ok! Man I will stay parked. Honey what are you doing?" Hank said. I started to run my hands all over her big ass. Giving her a nice butt massage. She moaned again this time much louder. I started to smell her more deeply. I would say Hank wife was really enjoying this. I started to use my finger nails to scrape along her soft skin on her ass. She moved her head to look back. She could see my two hands embedded in her ass moving all around it with my nails.

I finally took off her orange bottoms and through them on the end of the couch. I felt they were wet and they peeled down the front of the couch onto the floor. Mrs. Smalls moved her legs up when she felt her bottoms come off. With out asking or coaxing her she spread her legs apart to give me better access. "Hank your wife just lost her bottoms and she opened her legs." I said. "Honey! Honey!!" said Hank. "Oh my god. Sir those our my thighs. That is the back of my leg. Sir are you licking my toes? Those are my ankles Sir. Is your hand moving up my inner thigh? Oh my god your finger feels so hot inside me." Mrs Smalls said. "What was that?" said Hank.

I had slowly crawled up her long legs, over her big thick thighs. I moved quickly inside her big thighs to her pussy. She had a little patch of hair to keep it guarded. Her pussy hairs were already wet and matted down somewhat. I smiled when I got one finger deep inside her. I rubbed with my other finger on her labia. I gently played with her big cunt lips. She was very wet. She had one orgasm followed by a smaller more intense one. She was leaking down her thighs and leg onto the couch. "Hello baby!! Baby!! What is he doing?" said Hank. "He is doing everything I have asked for years Hank. I am a big women. Stop just rolling over on me or taking me for granted. That it! Right there! O god I am cumming again. You now your way around a pussy. I love the way your rubbing me with your thumb." said Mrs. Smalls.

Her pussy was hot. My fingers were getting cramped from working her pussy. I spat on my fingers when she got a little dryer. I stuck two fingers deep inside her as I used my thumb on her labia and hood. She screamed when she came again. I listen for Hank but he was still in hs car listening to his wife. I could here him move around in his car. I reached with my left hand up Mrs. Smalls back. I untied her bathing suit top. The big orange cups fell onto the floor releasing her monsters. I watched as they swayed back and forth inches from the rug. I started to massage and fondle her big breast. I began to pull on her nipples. She moaned loud when she looked down. I started to smack her breast. From the side then on the bottom up. Her big breast flopped around. She wiggled her pussy to get my fingers in deeper as she came again. I took my fingers out of her pussy. A long string of her wetness followed as I looked at my right hand. I pinched her nipples again.

"Shh, Mrs. Smalls listen to the phone." I said in a soft voice. We both stopped to listen to the phone. "Oh! Yes! Yes!" said Hank. We could here Hank had taken his cock out and was playing with himself. A few seconds later he came. "Fuck!! Fuck!!!" said Hank. Mrs. Smalls smiled as she got up off my lap. She got on her knees in front of the coffee table. I stood up. She reached up with her small hands. She slowly unzipped my cargo shorts. I pulled off my polo shirt and dropped it on the rug. She ran her long nails down my athletic chest. Down my tight abs. She stopped on my white cotton briefs. I was fully erect. There was a big tent inside my under wear. She slowly traced the tip of my cock to the base with her middle finger on the material. There was a tiny wet spot near the tip. She stuck her tongue on my underwear. Running it the length of my cock. She reached up to fondle my big hairless balls inside my underwear.

I looked down when she pulled my white cotton briefs to my ankles. My big 9 3/4 inch cock sprang out hitting her on the chin. She smiled when it was so much bigger than her husband and nice and thick. The purple head glisten from her tongue as she lick the pre cum off the tip. She then ran her mouth down half way. She started to gag as I placed my hand onto he back of her neck. Her eyes got big as she gagged more. I let go for her to spit him out. "Honey what are you doing. Are you giving this guy a blow job. You made me wait till our wedding night." Hank said. "Sit back Hank. We heard you earlier when you came on you steering wheel. I am sure it was just a few drops on the bottom. I have the biggest cock in my hands that I have ever had. So much bigger. His balls are huge. I can't wait to see how big his load is. Isn't that right sexy? MMrrppppp." she said. I pushed her head back on my cock. That would be enough talking.

She could suck cock very good. Her big breast felt great in my hands as I fondled them while she sucked harder and took more of my cock down her throat. After a few minutes I pulled her off her knees. I swung her around. I than placed her on her knees with her eyes facing the couch. The rug left nice on my knees as I started o spank her big ass again. She closed her eyes as i slapped her big ass harder and harder. Making it very red. After 20 strokes I reached up and fondled her big tits again. She moan very load. I slowly hit my cock on her butt. I then slowly inserted my cock under her pussy between her legs. "OMG I can feel your cock down between my legs. He is so big. I don't know if I can fit him inside me." Mrs. Smalls said. "Honey!! What are you doing now. Is it going to fuck you. Baby no!!" said Hank. "Shut the fuck up Hank!!! Go back to your Secretary you screwed in the car lot or my friend at the bar a month ago. Baby stick that big fat cock in my pussy. I need a real man." said Mrs. Smalls.

I followed her orders. I pulled up and into her pussy. First very slow and short bursts than long and hard. She had her head on the cushion as I slapped her ass and fucked her sweet pussy. I could feel her skin on my stomach as I fucked her pussy. her butt was so red and warm. her skin was burning up as my cock slammed into her pussy. She moaned loud again as I heard Hank on the phone "groan!!!!" I was feeling like i was going to bust every ounce of juice inside her at any moment. I pulled out after a few more minutes. A big trail of pussy juice followed my cock out as I stood up. She turned around with out missing a beat and sucked my cock. She had no trouble now getting all of it down to the base of my cock. My big balls sat on her chin as her eyes got wide open. Her makeup had run as I pulled out my cock of her mouth. She grabbed the middle and aimed my cock at her mouth. My legs tensed as One big shot after another of sperm left me into the air on Mrs. Smalls. I watched as she licked her self clean. She sucked me dry as she picked up the phone.

"Hank, I think are new friend is going to stay the night. Why don't you go come home in the morning. Call me before you get home. Click!!!!" said Mrs. Smalls. I smiled as I followed her down the hall to the master bedroom. She learned how to say thank you and apologized for being so rude to me. Of course this is after I tied her up for the night on her white canopy bed. She gave me a long kiss at the door.

A week later:

Its 10am on a Monday. I pulled up the truck in the driveway. I got out and headed to the front door. "Knock! Knock!" A few minuted later the door opens. Its Mrs. Smalls and she is wearing a bathrobe and nothing else. She gives me a big kiss and hug as I twist her left nipple. "Honey!! Who at the door?" said Hank. "Some guy leaving a receipt." I take her into the kitchen and we sit down at the kitchen table. I move the chair away from the table. "Honey are you making your famous pancakes. I want two." said Hank. I had my pants down around my ankles as Mrs Smalls climbed onto my cock. She grunted loud as she rode my cock. I slapped her big ass with my big hands and bit her nipples. She felt great as you held the kitchen table over my shoulder with her big breast in my face. After a few minutes I stood her up and started to fuck her from behind. I pulled out and came on her big butt. She smiled as I got her receipt out of my shirt pocket. She still had 52 more Buck Payments to make.

"Honey where my pancakes? What that on your butt? What this receipt? You have 52 more Buck payments to make. Why are you putting on the Orange Bathing Suit again." Hank said. "I have to go down to the Repot Depot and answer phones all day. Buck asked me to wear the Orange Suit again. He just got a new convertible. He wants to show me off. Unlike some people he likes big gurls." said. Mrs. Smalls

Who Loves You?
I do!!!

Buck Kelly


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