Monday, January 28, 2008

Three MILF's in 24 Hours

I had just got paroled after serving 4 years for a crime I did not commit. We'll maybe I did, but fuck if I was not going to tell anyone. I took a reduce sentence for time served. It was minimum security at a federal prison outside LA. I flew back to NY to live with my folks. I was to start college courses next week at the local community college. I figured before I had to go study or look for a job I better fix the thing I missed the most in prison. PUSSY!!!!!!

No doubt I had missed pussy. I had been locked up with no visitors or women for almost 4 years. I had learn to masturbate pretty quite at night, not to alert the guards or my cell mate. I really enjoy women with large breast, curves and a nice ass. I am not to picky, just they have to be able to fuck good, look good and enjoy a big cock in there holes.

I was just about ready to stit next to a women on a bench outside the bus terminal, when I heard a horn from my dad car. He motion for me to get in the car before I could say hi to this blonde girl with big breast about 2 feet in front of me. I laughed as I passed her and jumped in the front seat. We drove home in about 30 minutes and pulled into the driveway. There was a mini van in the driveway next to my Mom's car. "Welcome home. We left your room as you left it 4 years ago. Your sister is at college and won't be home until this summer. Before I forget, your mother invited a friend of hers to stay with us along with her husband, for two weeks while there house is getting painted. So what ever you do be nice or else. Got it!!!" my Dad said.

I smiled. I hugged my Mom and went upstairs to take a nap from the long trip. It was about 8pm when I got up and went down stairs. My Mom was sitting on the couch next to my Dad. I walked by them heading toward the kitchen. I warmed up some tacos in the microwave. I was eating the tacos with some hot sauce when the kitchen door swung open. This small dude shook my hand and introduced himself. "My name Bob and this is my wife Sarah." he said.

I glanced over him and stared at his wife. Sarah was about 25-27 years old with dark hair down to her shoulders. She had a great big smile to go along with huge boobs. She had on a red cocktail dress that showed off her long legs, tight ass and great big tits. Her nipples were alomst popping out of her top. She wore 4inch black heels and had the hottest looking curves I had seen In such a long time. I instantly got a boner. I shook there hands and remained seated hiding my bulge in my shorts.

They grabbed some drinks and headed up stairs to my sister old room. I finished my tacos. I went out to the living room to watch some Tv. It was about 11pm when I was the last one in the house still awake. I climbed the stairs and walked down the hall passed my parents bed room. I walked passed my sister room and heard Bob snoring. I looked and the door was open slightly. I took a peek inside. My sister had two double beds in her room. Sarah was in one bed and Bob was clear across the room in another. I closed the door, shook my head and walked back to my room.

I rolled over and my cock hit the wall next to my bed. My cock was fully erect. I reached under my sheets and felt my big balls. I ran my hand down my 9 3/4 inch cock stopping above the massive purple head. God damn I missed getting laid. I heard the garage door open and my dad head out for work followed by my Mom. I sat up on the edge of my bed. I reached over and pulled off a towel on my chair. My Mom had left me some towels the night before. I wrapped the towel around my waist. I looked down and my cock was creating s big tent under the towel.

I walked over to the door and open it very quietly. I heard Bob at the end of the hall in front of the bathroom door. "Sarah I have to go to the bathroom. Open the door." he said. I then saw the door open. A few seconds later the door opened again and out came Bob into the hallway. He was on his cell phone talking to work. "Ok! OK I will be right there. You guys can't open a darn thing with out me. I know I have to work until 7pm tonight. Yeah! Yeah!!" said Bob. I watched him go down the stairs and open the front door. I heard the Mini Van start and then he backed down the driveway. In a matter of ten minutes the entire house was empty with just Sarah and I left.

I waited a few seconds. I wanted to make sure no one was coming back to the house. In case anyone forgot anything. I walked down the hall with the towel still wrapped around my waist covering my cock. I crept up to the bathroom door. I could hear the water from the shower running. I heard Sarah talking to her self. I open the door slightly letting a big puff of steam outside into the hallway. I looked in through the crack. I rub my eyes with my right hand. I finally could see Sarah taking a shower.

I looked on the sink next to the toilet. She had a yellow towel underneath a big large purple bra and matching panties. I walked into the bathroom. I reached down and checked her bra size. "38HH". I looked toward the shower, I could see her right hand above the shower curtain. I could tell she was standing facing the shower head opposite of where I was standing. I dropped my towel on the floor. I walked over to the shower curtain and open it slightly peeking in. She was washing her body. She was working the soap into her pussy and massaging her big breast. The water cascaded down her back and over her thick big ass onto the bathtub beneath her feet. My dick was hard and I was stroking him a little with my right hand. "Honey is that you? I can hear you Bob. Stop breathing heavy and get in the shower. You little devil!!!" Sarah said. I looked at her body and then back at my cock. I was thinking what the hell. If I get caught looking it might be worse than not fucking her. I mean right!!!

I open the curtain wider and climbed into the bathtub. Her head was still down under the shower head. I got a little closer trying not to make a sound. I touched her lower back with my right hand. I lowered my right hand onto her big ass giving it a squeeze. She moaned slightly under the water. I ran my left hand around her waist touching her big beautiful breast. I fondled them and she kept her eyes closed. I then ran my right hand down her ass crack stopping between her legs. She spread her legs slightly giving my access to her pussy. She had a small mound of hair covering her pussy. I slipped one finger inside and she moaned loudly.

"Bob you making me so horny. Stop it!! Your getting me so wet you little devil." said Sarah. I looked down at my hard cock. I reached around the head and slowly slipped my hand down my cock to the base of my balls. I then stood behind her and she arched her back. I stuck my cock at her entrance to her pussy. I slowly inserted my cock into her tight pussy. She tighten her pussy lips around my cock as I inched farther into her hot box. I grabbed her hips with my big hands. She was breathing heavy and moaning as I fucked her faster.

"God damn Bob you cock is so big today. When did it get bigger? Over night or something. What gotten into you?" said Sarah. I smiled as looked down and she was bent over slamming her ass on my big cock. She was very tight and wet. I slapped her big ass and slid my hands around to grip her big boobs. Her breast hung over my big hands. Her nipples were erect. The water bounced off her chest onto the bath room wall. I pushed her head down using my hands on her neck. Her face was inches from the tile. I fucked her harder causing her pussy to squirt on my shaft.

"Fuck yes! Fuck!! Fuck me Bob!! I love you big cock. Show me how much love me. Cumm inside me. Drain your cock inside me big boy. Fill me with your seed. That's it. Please don't stop. Oh my god, I, I, I, am cumming again. Ahh!! Yes!!!!" She came on my cock again and her hair hung down across her face. I could not take any more. I stood on my tippy toes and empty a huge load into her pussy. I could feel it leak out on to my cock head and run down the inside of her leg into the bath water. I looked down and big gobs of white sperm were mixing with the water and going down the drain. She was still breathing heavy with her eyes closed when I quickly open the shower curtain and stepped out. I picked up my towel from the floor.

"Om my god Bob that was great!!" she yelled. Sarah was still taking a shower washing out her pussy as I was down the hall into my bedroom. I got dressed quickly and put on my shoes and headed toward the front door. I could here a blow dryer in the bathroom as Sarah was drying off her hair. I walked outside heading downtown.

I went to check in with my parole office at his office. It was close to 1pm when I got a bite to eat at the mall. I ran into a buddy from high school. He invited me to a house party a couple of streets over from my house. After I left the mall I went to hang out at the movie theater in town. It was close to 8pm when I got to the house party. The music was good and I only had a few beers before I left with my friend to his car. Mike invited me to his house to catch up on old times.

It was just after midnight when we got to his house. We walked in and sat in his kitchen making some pizza when his parents came home. The front door open and his Mom called for Mike to come to the front door. We both walked down and saw his dad passed out in the lawn. His Dad was a big guy about an inch smaller than me (6ft 3) and about 200lbs more than me. We picked him up and brought him inside the house. Mike Mom followed us up the stairs to the master bedroom. I was taking off his shoes and Mike was taking off his Dad shirt. Mike Mom took off his pants. His small cock was peeking out his underwear and his Mom smiled. "He does this every time we go out. Tonight he embarrassed us at his office party. Well at least he his passed out for the rest of the night." she said.

"Mom this is my friend from High School. He got into some trouble awhile back and just got released. Is it ok he spends the night?" Mike said. His Mom smiled and said "My name Alicia, nice to meet you. Hmm released from where?. Not jail you look harmless. Ok!! No problem honey, you two have fun. Your old Mom needs to get some sleep. Ok, good night." Mike Mom was in her mid forties with curly platinum blonde hair. She had very cute feet and long legs. She had on a small black mini leather skirt and a red top that showed off her huge cleavage. After seeing Sarah big boobs this morning I had to find out the size of Alicia juggs. I went down stairs with Mike.

I watched as he had a few drinks in the living room. I could here his Mom upstairs walking around in her high heels on the wooden floor in the hallway. I heard the toilet flush upstairs and then two doors slam. "Mike where is you bathroom, I really have to go." I said. "Upstairs second door on the left. Be quite don't wake my parents." said Mike. He cracked another beer as I got off the couch and headed upstairs. I opened the bathroom door. I leaned back and peeked down the hall before going inside to use the bathroom. I turned and walked down the hall quietly.

I went to his parents room and the door was closed. I could her Mike Dad snoring. I turned the knob to the door and peeked in. Alicia was sitting on a white fuzzy chair in front of her makeup table. She was taking off her makeup in front of a big mirror next to her bed. I could see her husband had rolled over and was looking at the wall breathing heavy. I looked back towards Alicia and she stood up in front of her mirror. She had a black lace thong that sat high on her hips. She placed her top on the bed followed by her mini skirt which fell to the floor. She then slowly took off her huge black bra causing her big juggs to fall on her stomach.

She was stunning. Her huge boobs were exposed to the light next to her bed. She was almost the size of Sarah but just a tad big bigger. I would later find out she was a size 42FF. She had a small waist probably about a "26" and a nice big firm ass maybe a size "34". She brought her right hand up and played with her big nipples getting them nice an hard. I watched Alicia tug on her breast. She was watching her reflection in the mirror. After 20 minutes she finally had enough of playing with her big breast she climbed into her bed under the top silk sheet. She turned off her light on the night stand and went to bed.

I closed the door. I walked down the hall and took a long piss trying not to jack my cock before I went back down stairs. I got to the living room and Mike had passed out in his chair. I turned off the lights in the living room and fell asleep on the couch. About an hour later I heard Mike wake up and go down the hall to his room on the first floor. I rolled over on the couch. I could feel my dick was rock hard in my underwear. It was almost 2am know and everyone was sound asleep. I decide to get up upstairs to use the bathroom again.

I took another piss for a few seconds. I washed my hands and turned off the light in the bathroom. I walked down the hall towards the stairs. Before I got passed Mike Parents door I heard some moans from inside. I had to peek in to see what was going on. I looked in and could make out both Mike parents laying in bed. Mike Dad was still facing the wall snoring. Alicia was rolled on to her side with her back towards her husband. Her huge breast were outside the top sheet glistening in the moon light. Someone had open the window shade letting light from outside into the bed room. I smiled as I could see Alicia had her right hand down inside her thighs. I could tell by her breathing she was probably playing with her pussy. I figured it was now or never in making my move.

I waited for Alicia to stop playing with herself. I opened the door slightly and walked into the bedroom. I looked over at the window and could see a small love seat for two was in front of the big bay window. The curtains were pushed open letting the moon light fill the room. I took off my shirt followed by my shorts. I was standing next to the bed with just my underwear on. I looked down at Alicia. She was completely naked with half of her body under the sheets. Her huge breast hung out gently falling over the bed on the side. Her big nipples were erect. She had huge silver dollar aeroles that were brown with tiny bumbs on them.

I got down on one knee in front of the side of the bed Alica was laying. I looked over her huge breast at her husband who was still passed out. I brought my left hand up to her waist. I ran my left hand down her back feeling how hot she was. Her breathing increased. Her eyes were closed. I reached with my right hand towards her huge breast. I ran my fingers down her neck to her huge breast. I traced a outline around her huge breast stopping at her big nipples. I tweaked her left nipples causing her to moan. I rubbed my fingers in my mouth getting them nice and wet. I brought them down to her nipples alternating between each nipple.

When she did not protest or wake up, I leaned forward and stuck her huge melons into my mouth. I looked up at her face as I sucked on her left breast. I was making disgusting noises with my mouth on her breast. I started to run my hands inside her cleavage making it feel like a big dick between her huge mounds. A few minutes later I felt a hand move up my leg to my underwear. I looked up again towards Alicia face. Her eyes were wide open. She was biting her upper lip as she watched me suck her huge juggs. She reached down with her left hand to my stomach. She let her hand fall onto my underwear. She traced my cock with both of her hands and smiled as she felt my cock get bigger inside my underwear.

I let go of her breast with my mouth. I reached down and pulled my cock out of his confinement. She gasped at its size. She mouthed I have to suck him. Be both got up and walked towards the window. I sat down on the love seat. Alicia got on her knees in front of the love seat. She quickly deep throated my cock and balls. I watched as her head bobbed up and down on my cock. She played with my balls. Her breast rested on my thighs. She brought my cock inside her cleavage smashing her big breast against my cock. I watched her suck the tip of my cock as I fucked her tits. After a couple of minutes she got up on her feet. She started to play with her pussy. I played with cock as I watched her bring herself to an orgasm.

She pushed me back so I was laying with my back on the arm rest of the love seat. She climbed on my cock facing me with her big tits on my stomach. I reached up and fondled her huge breast as she rode my cock. Her ass slammed down on my thighs. She moaned, screamed and pulled on my hair as she continued to fuck me faster. She tensed up and came again causing a big puddle on her love seat. My lap was wet from her big orgasm. I rolled her onto her back onto the floor. I stood on my tippy toes and fucked her pussy. I was doing push ups ramming my cock into her pussy. After a few minutes she orgamsed followed by me. I pushed my cock inside her and started to cumm deep inside her pussy. Some leaked out her pussy running down her thighs. She smiled and we Frenched kissed before I got up and collected my clothes.

I looked back when I got to the bed room door. Alicia was playing with her pussy. She had got back to her bed and opened her night stand. She had a big fake dick between her tits and a red vibrator in her pussy. She waved to me as I shut the door. I went back down stairs and fell a sleep on the couch. It was 8am when I heard Mike Dad come down stairs to make himself breakfast before he left for work. I then heard Mike who woke me up. I left a few minutes later walking back towards my house.

I got home around 9am. I went to my room and took a long nap. It was almost 2pm when I woke up. I rolled out of bed. I put on some tan cargo short. I slipped on my flip flops and head down the stairs. Everyone had gone for the day. My parents left me a note they were going out of town for two days. I went to the kitchen to grab a drink. I heard a loud vacuum cleaner coming from the back yard. I went to the kitchen window to see what the noise was. I looked out the back yard to the neighbors house just beyond the big wooden 8ft fence. I put my drink down on the kitchen table.

I opened the sliding glass door. I walked back toward the fence separating our properties. I had only met a few of the neighbors before I went to prison. I figured the Nixon had moved since I left. I got to the fence. I could not find a vantage point to look in to the neighbors yard. I walked down in front of a big tree and found a hole cut into the fence. I got down on my one knee and looked into the backyard of the neighbors. I almost fell over on my back from the sight.

There was an older women in her thirties with some of the largest pair of breast I had seen. She had a leopard print design one piece bathing suit. Her huge breast made the front of the bathing suit sag almost passed her waist. The middle of her bathing suit was separated by a big gold ring holding up the bottom of her g string. How her huge juggs did not fall out I was not sure. She had two large thumb size nipples that were erect from the breeze. She had a pair of sunglasses on her blonde head. She had a pair of 4 inch wooden high heels that when she walked made her whole body shake. She had a medium size waist "34" and a great big ass "40" that looked great spread from the bathing suit. I got an instant boner watching her try to clean her pool. She had a long hose stuck in the pool and was vacuuming the deep end while I watched.

I stood up and looked down the fence. I saw at the far end of the fence a door. I ran down to the end of the fence. I pushed down on the latch holding the door in place. The door swung open towards there back yard. I shut the door behind me. I turned around and looked for the women vacuuming her pool. She had her back toward me. I walked toward her across her grass. I could feel my dick getting bigger inside my shorts. She bent over to pick something off the concrete next to the pool and I almost fainted.

I stopped when my shadow passed her body and could be seen in the pool. I was about 4ft away when she turned her head towards me. She smiled. She tuned off the vacuum and dropped the plastic hose into the water. "Hello, you must be the neighbors boy I heard so much about. My name Mrs Smith but you can call me Gina. Nice day to do some yard work. My husband and the kids are at his Mom for the day. It's just little old me." said Gina. I smiled. I inched closer to her. She looked down and saw my bulge in my pants. "How long were you away. Your folks said you went to prison for 4 years. Is that a long time? You sure don't say much." said Gina.

"Four years is a long time. I sometimes have a hard time talking to strangers. I am not use to seeing women. Especially someone so beautiful." I said. She giggled, "Well I'm no longer a stranger. Were neighbors and your more than welcome to anything you want at our house. Do you like to swim?" said Gina. I was now standing behind Gina in front of the pool. She pushed her ass back onto my bulge in front of my cargo shorts. Had all mother gone completely wild since I left.

"Maybe we can going swimming later. First I need to do something I have been needing to due since I saw you." I said. I reached around her waist and pulled down her bathing suit top freeing her big juggs. "My god!!!! Help there is a young man touching me." she said. "Shut up bitch. I am going to teach you what they do to people in prison." I said. I reached down freed my big cock. I slid my erect cock up her ass separating her g string to one side. I plunged into her wet pussy causing her to moan. I pushed her over holding onto her big hips slamming my cock in her pussy.

"Do you want me to stop? Does my new whore want me to stop. Do you bitch!!: I yelled. "No! No!! Keeping fucking me with that big fat cock. Yes! Yes! God Damn!! Your fucking the shit out of my pussy." she moaned. Gina orgasmed on my cock. I laughed as her head thrashed back and forth in front of me. I started to slap her ass causing her to scream. Her knees buckled causing her almost to fall.

"Get on you knees and suck your juices off my cock. Get it nice and wet. Yeah that it lick the tip. Now deep throat it. I know you love my big hairy balls. Rub them on your face." I said. Gina was sucking my cock and licking my balls. She put my balls in her mouth and looked up at me. She had a big smile along with my hairy balls in her mouth. I started to jack my cock. She grabbed my cock and aim it at her mouth. "Ugggh here it comes bitch.!!!!!" I said. Spurt after spurt it her mouth and face. she leaned up bring her mouth around my cock head. She got the last spurt deep in the back of her throat.

You pulled my cock out of her mouth. She began to rub my dick on her face. Big globs of semen smear all of her face as she licked my cock. "God damn that was great you young mother fucker. Can I get off my knees now?" she said. I laughed and shoved her face to the left causing her to lose her balance and fall into the pool. "SPLASH!!!!" She stuck her head out of the water. "Wipe the cum off you face and big old boobies. Meet me in the shallow end. That it fall my cock. Come on. Move it!!!" I said.

Gina got to the shallow end. I pointed for her to face the house and arch her big ass. I slowly walked up behind her. The water was just covering my stomach as I finally got to her ass. She looked over her shoulder as I slowly whacked my cock on her ass. "This is what they do to prisoners. Spread you ass cheeks with your fingers this may hurt!!!!" I said. I smirked as I jammed my cock into her tight anus. She screamed "Fuck!!!!! It's too big!!!!! Yes! Yes!!" she said. I looked down into the water. My cock was sliding in and out of her ass. She griped her ass cheeks spreading them as far as she could. I reached around and brought her huge boobs on to the concrete in front of her face.

I reached up and tweaked her big nipples. Her head fell back into my face. I kept fucking her ass faster, faster as she begged for more. I tensed up after about 20 minutes. I left my cock in her hot ass causing my sperm to be stuff farther into her ass. She screamed as I rub her tits with my right hand. I brought my left hand down around her waist and played with her pussy. She orgasmed again and clouded the pool water. I looked down and my sperm, her orgasm and the chemicals mixed together in the water. I fell back into the water. I swam to the deep end.

We both got out of the water and were towling off. I turned around as she was bending over putting on her high heels. I looked back towards my house. On the second floor I noticed there was a window open. I stared as I saw Sarah was standing next to her bed. She leaned over picking something off the floor. It was a big purple vibrator. She licked the tip. I turned around and looked down at Gina. "Follow me, your training has just begun. My parents are gone for the next couple of days. I need dome help with something." I said.

Gina and I walked through my house. I looked out in the driveway and saw no cars parked. I climbed the stairs as we were both still naked. Gina placed her bathing suit on my floor next to my cargo shorts. I laid om back and motion for her to come over. I left my door wide open. Gina climbed on with her big tits smashing my chest as she rode my cock. I reached up and slapped her ass. Gina moaned.

I felt the bed move at the foot of my bed. I then felt a knee touch my foot. Gina kept fucking me as I finally saw Sarah brunette hair over Gina shoulder. Sarah smiled. She touched Gina back causing Gina to turn her head. They both started to french kiss. I watched as each girl took turns sucking each other big breast. Gina got off and both girls started to suck my cock. I came quicker than I had before. both girls kissed swapping my sperm back between there mouths.

Gina crawled over and rested her breast on my chest. We were french kissing when Sarah finally spoke "Bob came home last night. He went to sleep early. I crawled into bed and pulled down his underwear. Not only did he get mad for waking him up but to my surprise his dick was still small. I finally figured it out when I got home and looked out my window. I saw you fucking the next door neighbor with this big cock. MMPPHHH!!!" Sarah deep throated him again. Gina giggled as I fingered her pussy.

Ring!! Ring! Ring! Ring went the phone. The answering machine in my room clicked on. "Leave a message!" said my voice. "Hello!! Is this Mike friend from last night. God you were so good. I got your address from his wallet. I should be pulling in your driveway in a few minutes. I need some more of that big cock."

Sarah smiled, and Gina got up when the front door rang. I could here the two women coming from downstairs there high hells clicked on the floor. Alicia stepped into my room and took off her clothes. All three girls took turns fucking my cock for the next three days. I have to go see my parole officer on Monday I hope I have enough strength. At least 1 of the 3 MILF's can give me a ride