Friday, January 18, 2008

Sticky Queen

What really happen to Sticky?

It all started a couple of months ago.

I was coming back from Juneau Alaska, with my dog team pulling the way. I live next to a river in the wilderness of the last free state. It was just beginning to get cold and the leaves were falling from the trees. The sled was going over the snow just perfect. I was hoping to get back to my log cabin before night fall.

There is one rode about 30 miles north of the cabin. It connects the main land and Canada together. There are very few cars or trucks that use it this time of the year. Most everyone uses another form of transportation to get around. It was just after 1pm when I cut over the road. I mushed about 1/2 mile before going down a ravine. I got down the bottom next to the river and looked to my left. I noticed some smoke was coming up over a small snow pile.

I stopped my team and put the brakes on my sled. I walked over and came around the snow pile. I looked, it was an accident. A white Volkswagen Beetle had crashed. It was on its roof and smoke was coming out of the hood. I quickly ran to the car. I opened the driver side door and looked in. A girl was inside. I cut away the seat belt. I dragged her out and placed her about 10 ft from her car. I opened the trunk and pulled out her suit case. She was from the lower 48 but I could not read her license plate.

I brought the dog team over. I checked her breathing. I felt her wrist for a pulse. I then open her black snow coat that was torn. She was breathing but her eyes were still closed. I put her on the sled. I started to mush the dog team back to my cabin. It was only about an hour away.

I put the dogs in there cages out behind the cabin. I carried her in to the cabin and started a fire. I laid her on the bear skin rug next to the fireplace. I got some hot water. A use a towel to clean her face of debris. Once she got warm I carried her into my bedroom. I took off her jacket. She had a black college sweat shirt the was wet. I pulled that over her head. She was wearing a black sports bra that kept her nice 36D boobs in place. I peeled off her black skin tight Lycra snow pants and through them on the back of my big wooden chair.

I pulled over the flannel sheets and fox fur quilt over her body. I lit the lamps over my bed. I finally got to see her beautiful face. She had dark hair and beautiful red lips. Her nose was small and her great big eyes were to die for. I smiled as she turned her head on my pillows. I closed the door behind me and went back to the living room. I put her suitcase on the kitchen table.

I read the tag "No Name- address - yada yada!!" What a unusual tag to have for such a beautiful girl. I was curious but I did not have a phone to call the number on the suit case. I decided not to open the suitcase but I went in and put next to the bed. I laid on my couch and fell asleep.

It was 7am when I heard the snow fall off my cabin. I woke up and open the front door. It had snowed over night about 10 inches. I went back inside and opened the bedroom door. She had rolled over and her cute foot was sticking out the side of the bed. Some of the covers hung over her foot. Her lips was curled up and her eyes were still closed. "Hello! Good morning!! Hello!!" I said. There was no response.

About 4 days had passed before I heard a noise from my room. It was 5 o'clock and I was cooking dinner. I had just fired up the barbecue out back and fed the dogs. I was just seasoning my steak when I heard a "Hello" from my room. I open the door and she had sat up in bed. "Hi, who are you?" she said. "My name is Buck, I found you a couple of days ago. We are a couple of hours from civilization. Are you ok?" I said. "I'm not sure, where is my car?" she said. "At the bottom of Moose Ravine about an hour away. Some how you managed to go over the guard rail and you landed at the bottom of the ravine. I happen to come across you. I brought you to my cabin!" "Wow, I don't remember anything. I was driving and a wolf came out of the woods and I swerved and then I woke up here in your bed." she said.

"Do you have a phone?" she said. "No!! Are you hungry? I make a mean steak. Would you like some water? I said. "Yes to the food! Do you have anything stronger say Vodka." she said. I turned and went to get some food for her. I poured some vodka in a shot glass. I also brought her some OJ. She mixed both and asked for another. "Thanks for the food and drink." she said. "No problem, I like to help cute girls who are in trouble." I said. I turned and put my food on the table next to the bed. I looked back and she was a sleep.

I did my usual routine the next day. I fed the dogs and removed some of the snow from my roof. It had snowed again leaving about 3ft of snow since my cute visitor had arrived. I came back inside the cabin. I took off my big leather jacket and placed it on the couch. I started the a fire and took of my gloves and hat. I took off my boots and socks. I pulled my red flannel shirt over my head. I took off my big camouflage pants and placed them in a pile next to the fire. I peeled off my long johns and now I was standing in the cabin with just my cotton white boxer briefs on. I walked over to the bathroom and open the door.

I had a large bathroom with a glass shower. I also had a large 2 person bathtub with jacuzzi water jets inside. I had built the cabin by myself and figured the bathroom had to be big. I lived next to a hot spring the ran next to the river. There were some hot pools around the cabin. I pumped the hot water to a storage tank over the house. It gave the best hot natural showers I ever had. I turned on the water and shut the glass door to the stand up shower. It had a large head that the water came down like a water fall. There were four other shower heads that shot water onto my body. It felt nice.

My head was under the water when I thought I had heard a noise. I felt a cool breeze enter the shower. I open my right eye when I felt a small hand on my back. I then felt a pair of lips on my neck. I am 6ft 4 and only 240lbs of rock hard abs. I felt her left hand on my ass and she fondled my butt crack. She bit my earlope and I could feel her big tits rub on my back. She turned me around and we Frenched kiss for the first time. She reached down and played with my big cock. It was hard and erect in no time. "Yummy, I love big hard cock, about 9" she said. "No- 9' 3/4" I said. She smiled and stared into my eyes.

She got on her knees and easily deep throat my cock. Her red lips stroked up and down my shaft. I stood on my tippy toes and she fondled my big balls. She pulled my cock from her mouth and spat a big wad of saliva on the tip. she sucked it off and repeated this a few times. She got up and moved in front of me. She held onto the wall in front off her. I got around her ass and slid my cock into her wet pussy. Her cunt was hot and wet and she had her first orgasm. She dripped down my thighs and balls. I fucked her slow at first but she begged me to fuck her harder. I reached up and fondled her tits and squeezed her nipples. I fucked her and slapped her butt and she moaned. "Faster! Faster!! Harder! Harder!! Fuck me, mountain man. Give me all that big cock!!" she screamed. "Arrgghh!!!! I grunted

I pulled out of her wet pussy causing a great big suction noise "POP!!!!" I looked down and she was on her knees pumping my cock with her hands. "Give it to me! Spurt your goo mountain man!! Come on!!!" she yelled. I could last no longer. "Yes, Fuck yes!!" I screamed. My cock head open up and spurt after spurt of warm thick white goo fell on her face and tits. "Yes! Yes!! Yummy! Sweet just like I like it. My god does he ever stop mountain man." she said.

She deep throated my cock and sucked me dry. She licked my cumm off her chest. She wiped the goo off her forehead and licked her fingers. My mouth was still open when she said "Hi, My name is Sticky Queen and I just wanted to thank you for rescuing me. Long Pause --- God your hard again. Lets go to bed."

"Knock!! Knock!!! I open the front door to the cabin. "Hey Mr. Buck here is you supplies you ordered. I left them over there. See ya." said a UPS man. I picked up the boxes and brought them into the cabin. "Computer, flat screen, DVD's, Stereo, Digital camera,I Pod, Satellite Dish, and mobile phone." I check them off the list. "Did you get me some more C batteries for my vibrator Buck!! Thanks for the outfits and lingerie. Wow- two tickets to Hawaii for our vacation!! God I love my mountain man."

I love you Sticky Queen - welcumm back ;)