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Adventures of Big Boob Candy - Trailer Park Whore - "Back Yard"

I had lived in the Old West Trailer park just outside of Las Vegas for 4 years. I had a string of bad luck at poker and craps. I had lost my house, my wife and my dog over a short period. Being 35 years old and broke sucks big time. I now play poker tournaments on the Internet and have won enough to pay for a trailer and beer. I have open my second beer since I started writing this story. I am not sure how it happen but I am glad it did. It all started about a month ago.

I was hanging my wash on the clothesline behind the trailer. I had about an hour before another poker tournament started on my lap top. I was just hanging my last shirt and picked up my clothes basket. I heard the beeping of a moving truck and I saw a small man saying something to the driver. About 10 minutes later they were unloading some furniture and boxes in the trailer behind mine. We were separated by about 20 feet, so I could hear everything that was going on. The gentleman was unpacking the boxes and the driver left around 9pm that night.

The next morning I awoke to a women voice. She was cleaning dishes and making breakfast. "Honey, do you want some eggs or just a muffin before you go to work." she said. "Muffin!!" he said. "Thanks, here you go. Tell everyone at the Casino I said hi. See you at 7pm tonight for dinner." she said. I watched as the little guy got in his car and left out the front gate of the trailer park.

I could not see her through he curtains. She had a sweet southern accent. I was getting curious but decided to stop looking out my window and went to take a shower. I fell back asleep and got up 3 hours later. I took a long hot shower and ate some cold pizza and started on another beer from the fridge. It was 1pm when I looked outside and stumbled off my chair and hit the wooden floor. I crawled back to the window and peeked out again. I put a hand on my forehead and pinched my arm to see if I was dreaming.

The guy who moved in next door had a very hot girlfriend or wife. She was laying out in her yard on a small plastic lounge chair. It was curved almost to the ground and she had an empty drink on the ground. She had dark sun glasses on and a small paper back book next to her chair. She had a tiny two piece pink string bikini on. I could not make out her exact measurements but her chest was huge. I could tell she had big nipples and huge aerols and they laid perfect on her body. She had big blonde curly hair that came down her back. She wore pinke lip gloss and her finger and toenails were painted the same color. She had on 6 inch pink platform heels that accented her calves and feet. She had a small v shape bottom that barley covered her pussy and her thighs were to die for. I was getting an instant hard on and I closed my curtain to think.

What the fuck. Had I died and gone to heaven or something. Did I win the lottery or a huge poker game last night. I got up off the floor and headed to get another beer. I was sweating and my hands were wet. My heart was racing. I had cold feet and could not catch my breath. I had to figure out what to do next. It had been a long time since I had seen such a hot chick, especially just 20 feet away. I had to play it cool. I decided to call my friend Raj at the trailer park office.

"Raj, what's up you old shit bag!" I said. "Hey you mother fucker" said Raj in a Indian accent. "I was wondering about the new people who moved in behind my trailer." I said. "What the fuck man. They haven't been there for a day and you are all ready calling to complain you fucker!!" Raj said. "Calm down, just wondering what's up with them. Married, job, you know the vitals fucker!!" I said. "Ok! Ok! Because you let me look at your porn and let me play poker on Wednesday night. I tell you. There names are Kyle and Candy Duncan. They have been married 5 years, high school sweethearts. Both are 23 and have no kids, no pets. He is the night manager for a big Casino and I have not met her. Ok!! Is that it mother fucker!! See you Wednesday night, we play at Sugars Trailer Fucker." Raj said. Click!!

I slipped on some cargo shorts, sandals and a flowered shirt. I grabbed 2 cold one from the fridge and opened my back door. The trailer moved lightly from my 6ft 3 body. I got a small gut on my 250 lbs frame but I still got it were it counts. I picked up a small wooden folding chair and placed it under my right arm. My cock was semi hard and I could feel it in my shorts. I decide to go commando and not wear anything under my cargo shorts. My big hairless balls moved under my cargo shorts causing me to smile. I kept watching my neighbors wife sunbath and I walked right up to her before my shadow blacked out the sun.

She was still laying on her back and she moved down her sunglasses to let me look at her perfect green eyes. "Hello!! Welcome to the neighborhood! I am your neighbor just over there "Buck" !! Glad to meet you." I said. She smiled and let me shake her small hand. She had baby soft skin and her white skin was just beginning to tan. "Hi Sir!! My name is Candy. Candy Duncan!" she said. "Glad to meet you Candy. What are you reading." I said. "It's a love story. One of the trashy novels. My husband hates them. I sneak them, a girl has to have some secrets. Don't you think??" Candy said. "Yes!! Yes in deed. A few secrets, especially a good love story never hurts." I said. I looked down and the cover of the book had a big man holding a blonde women in his arms. "Love is Wet" an erotic story. I smiled.

"Do you mind if I sit?" I said. "Please go right head. Its been awhile since I have talked to someone besides my husband. He is at work right now." she said. "Thanks. Did you just move." I said. "Yes, We moved from Kansas. He could not find a job since his parents farm went belly up. I used to help around the farm. He took some night classes and answered an advertisement for a hotel job in Vegas. He works weird hours and the money is ok. I have my free time most off the day to do what I want." she said. "That's cool." I said. "He doesn't want me to get a job. we have been trying to have children for a while but no luck yet."she said with a smile.

I was watching her breath and her huge rack was causing her tits to almost come out her bikini top. She had a flat stomach. She smelled of sweet perfume and when she took off her sun glasses she sort of look like a younger Ann Nicole Smith but her body was more curvy. I offered her a beer but she said "my husband won't let me drink. How about some lemonade. Would you like to come in side." I nodded yes and helped her get out of her lounge chair. Her ass squeezed out and I smiled as her breast bounced in front of my stomach. I looked down and could see the top of her nipples trying to pop out her top.

I walked behind her and her ass vibrated from her platform heels. She grabbed a hold of the railings and walked up the 3 metal stairs to the trailer. "My husband does not like it me to have strangers over or friends when he is not here. Of course he never said nothing about neighbors." she giggled. I walked behind her holding my cock in my shorts and quickly sat down on her couch. I watched her stand on her tippy toes and reach two glasses from the top shelf. She opened the freezer and pulled out the ice trays. 4 big ice cubes in the glass followed by some pink lemonade. She handed me a glass and said 'I will be right back, nature calls." she said with a giggle.

I watched her go down the hall and I jumped up off the couch. I wrote down her cell phone and her husbands. He had work schedule for the moth on the fridge. I placed the schedule in my pants. I checked out her drawers and cabinets. I saw a bank statement and noticed they had $50.00 in there checking account. I looked around and noticed no Tv but a few box's at the end of the couch. I peeked around the hall and noticed the door to the bathroom still shut. I quickly went over and opened a a box. It was Candy clothes. I pulled out a bra. "54L". Next a pair of jeans. "30 waist & 36 hips/ass". She had size 5 inch shoe. My mouth fell open again thinking about her ass and her huge juggs. (54L) What the fuck??

I heard the toilet flush. I put everything back and sat on the couch. I was sipping my lemonade when she walked back. "Hey you!! How's the lemonade Buck?" "Great! Well I hate to drink and run but I have a darn poker tournament to get back to.' I said. "You like to gamble? she said. "Yes! I like to play on line poker and the people in the park play every Wednesday night. Do you play?" "No! my husband says I am too dumb to play any card games. He thinks my blonde hair makes me a big air head when it comes to card and gambling." she said. "I think your smart. Maybe If your not busy tomorrow I can stop by and show you how to play. Maybe we can surprise your husband with the way you play cards. A little secret between us. how does that sound?" I said. "It sounds fun, I will see you tomorrow about noon. My husband goes to work from 11am to midnight tomorrow. See ya!" said Candy.

I walked out the back door over to my trailer and start to drink heavily. I figured if I got drunk and pass out maybe I won't masturbate until after tomorrow night. I rolled over about 10pm and see Candy on the floor in there living room next to the couch. Her husband laying on the couch. She is pouring him a beer and then she gets up and goes down the hall. I see the bedroom light come on. Candy has the curtains pulled but I can still make out her taking off her big bra and playing with her nipples. I reach down and take a sip of warm beer. I wake up again and its almost 11am in the morning.

I go down the hall and jump in the shower. I take a cold shower followed by a energy drink and 2 bananas and a orange to kick this hangover. That doesn't work to well so I take another beer from the fridge and pop the top. I looked under my bed for some poker chips and some cards. I watch out the window as Kyle leaves for work and Candy waves to him from the porch. Candy goes back inside and down the hall to the bathroom.

It just a little bit after 12pm when I knock on the back door to Candy's trailer. A few seconds later the door opens and Candy is standing in the doorway. She motions for me to come in. Candy is wearing a yellow T-shirt that is stretched over her large breast. I can tell she is wearing a white bra. She also has a mini white pair of shorts that just covers her perfect ass. I smile as she moves and I look down and she is wearing her 6inch wooden platform heels and her toe nails are painted white to match her finger nails. "Did you bring some cards Buck!!" said Candy. "Yes! I also brought some poker chips. Where can we play?" I said.

"Follow me to the kitchen!" said Candy. I placed the cards on the table and the poker chips. I go over how to play poker. I teach candy how to play Texas Hold'em and we play a few hands. After a few hands, I let her start to win. We play for fun at the beginning. Candy gets up and grabs me a Coke for the fridge and pours herself some water. I watch her drink and a little drop falls off her red lips onto her shirt. I watch as it goes down her chest and stop just above her right nipple on the yellow shirt. I am starting to get hard watching her and after a two more hands I show her how to bet with poker chips.

"I think I am starting to get good at this game. You better watch out. Hey, let's play with the poker chips!!" said Candy. "Ok, just for fun though." I said. I let her win again and she giggles with pride. I smile and Candy says "I really like this game. Can we play a hand for real. Maybe we can play for something using the poker chips. any suggestions Buck!!" I think for a minute and scratch my head. "How about we play for a beer from the fridge. If I win we both have to drink a beer. If you win, hmm!!!" I said with a pause. "If you win you get a beer and if I win a get a beer. That's fair." said Candy. I winked and nodded my head yes.

Candy got up and pulled out a cold beer from the fridge. She took off the top and started to drink her beer. She won with two fives beating my hand. I had 3 queens but I folded before she could see my cards. "Yummy, the beer is really cold. I guess I am to good at this game neighbor. Giggle! Giggle!!" said Candy. I watched her swallow the last drop and we played two more hands before she said "I won again. This game is to easy. Here help me with this beer, I think I am getting a buzz neighbor. She handed me the beer and it was almost completely empty. I licked the top and she watched me chug the last drop. I got up and open the fridge and got another beer for both of us.

"Let play for something more exciting. What do you say neighbor??" said Candy. "What do you have in mind??" I said. "Let's use the poker chips as real money. We can divide them up and we can figure out how much each poker chips is worth. That's if your not scared to lose to a blonde." said Candy. "Ok, let say each chip is worth $1 to $25 dollars and we have a total of $500 dollars to start. Is that ok Candy??" I said. "Sounds great, but if I beat you. I may have to talk some trash." said Candy.

We played for about 20 minutes and I let Candy win the first couple of hands. I won a couple and we were back to both having the same amount. I got dealt 2 Aces and she got dealt 2 kings. The next 5 cards were dealt and I had 3 aces and she had 3 kings. I watched as she smiled and looked down at her cards. I put my cards on the table and watched her chest move. "I'm all in Mr. Poker player." said Candy. "Hmm, your going to put all your chips on this hand. You must have a big hand. I don't know - pause - $500 dollars is allot of money. Ok what the heck." I said. I pushed all my chips and showed her my cards. "Damn I lost!!!!" said Candy.

"I'm real mad at you neighbor. I thought I was going to win. I could really could use that money Buck!!!" said Candy. "Sorry, you were winning all day. Except for the last hand that is." I said. I smiled and put my hand on my chin holding up my head. "Do you want to play again. Double or nothing."

"I can't believe I lost again. I have to stop drinking. I am out $1000.00 dollars. My husband is going to kill me. How about we play again. This time for real." said Candy. I smiled and watched her lose again. "Damn, my husband really going to kill me. I don't know if we have $2000.00 to give you." she said. I smiled and said "Candy it's ok. You can pay me when you get the money. Next week ok." I watched as her breathing increased and her forehead began to sweat. "Is there something else you want besides the money. I am so scared to tell my husband." said Candy. "I don't know, what are you qualified to do." I said. "Well I can cook really good. I used to be a waitress before I got married. I lost my job after a week. The customers kept pinching my big butt." said Candy.

"You don;t have a big butt. I think your butt is quite nice!" I said. She smiled and said "I got a great idea. I should have thought of this before. How about strip poker. You can use the chips as money and I will play with what I am wearing. Each article of clothing could be worth money. That's fair!!" "Yeah that does sound fair. Only thing I ask is you have to leave your high heels on." I said. Candy giggled and put her earring on the table to start the next round.

I lost the next two hands and she won back about $500 dollars. She put that aside and kept playing with her earrings and necklace. She then lost the $500. I won the next hand and she got up and took off her yello t-shirt. She placed that on the table and I could finally see her huge white bra. It was 2 sizes two small. Her nipples stuck out the side. Her big white top of her boobs looked like they were going to fall out her bra. My mouth dropped open. She lost and then got up and placed her small white shorts on the table. She was wearing a white thong that matched her bra. I shifted in my seat as my dick was getting harder.

"Ring! Ring!! Ring!!!" went the phone next to the kitchen table. "Shh be quite it might be my husband. Hello honey. How is work? You have to work a double and will be home at 9am tomorrow. Ok see you then." said Candy. I watched as she hung up the phone and she walked down the hall and looked out her back window and then the front window. Her ass looked great as the thong rode high on her hips. Her big perfect ass shook as she walked. She wiggled her butt cheeks and her hips as she walked back to her seat at the table. "Just checking!! I have to win one hand."

I watched as she reached under the table and took off her thong and placed it on the table. My eyes got big and she winked trying to distract me. Candy was sitting in her chair almost naked but for her huge white bra. "This is not fair, you keep winning. I'm almost naked and you have all my clothes and money." Candy said. "How about I play with my clothes until I am left with just money." I said. I placed my sandals on the table and she won them. I then lost my shirt and big gold watch. "Well I guess were both even when it comes to clothes. Just one item left." I said. "Your still wearing your cargo shorts and underwear. I have my bra." she said. "Shorts yes, underwear no!!" I said. She giggled and said "If I lose the next hand you can't look at my breast. Only my husband has ever seen them. He thinks there too big and ugly. I don't want you to look. Ok!!" Candy said.

I won with a royal straight over her two queens. I turned my head and put my hand to the side of my face. I can't see Candy but I can here her taking off her great big bra. The big wire clasp unhinge from her tiny fingers and the weight of her huge juggs. The table shakes as I realize her tits cascaded down her stomach and hit the top of the table. "Slap!!" her huge juggs hit the table. I smirked and tried not to peek. "Ok, you can look know. I took off my bra." said Candy. I turned my head. She was bending over by the waist and her head was just above the table. Her big juggs hung under the table out of my view. I was curious and when I saw she drank all of her beer taking off her bra, I smiled.

I reached up on the table and grabbed her large white bra. It was huge and looked so small in my big hands. I looked at Candy. We both smiled. I then brought the bra closer to my face. I started to smell the huge white bra and watched Candy face. "What are you doing to my bra?" said Candy. "It is so warm and hot. I just had to smell your sweet perfume next to my skin. You smell so good!!" I said. Candy looked puzzled and kept smiling at me. "Wow, I have sure won allot today. All your clothes and close $2000 dollars from you. I can't wait to spend it!" I said. "Your going to give me my clothes back right. Why do you need my clothes. How am suppose to tell my husband I lost all his money and his Christmas gift from this year to you. Please help me!" Candy said.

"Listen, I will give you all your clothes back but the matching bra and thong. I will forget you owe me $500 dollars. All you have to do is walk over here and stand next to me. I want to see your beautiful body. I will not tell your husband or anybody about today." I said. I pointed to a spot a few inches from my chair next to the kitchen table. I put her clothes back on the table. Candy smiled and pushed her seat back.

I was speechless when Candy stood up. Her huge tits fell forward than crashed back on her stomach. I used my hand to make her stop so I could keep checking her out. Her two big thumb size nipples were erect. Her gold hoop earring swayed and she bit her lower lip. She a perfect trim pussy, it was all blonde and covered her pussy. I could see a little bit of light coming from her inner thighs and ass. I could make out the back wall from inside her thighs, which was great. I smiled and asked her to turn around so I could see her delicious ass. She turned around in a circle. Her ass was to die for. It sat high on very tight. There were no bumbs or stretch marks and her back was arched perfectly. I motion for her to walk and stand next to me.

"God damn Candy, your are the hottest women I ever seen. If I was your husband I would never go to work. I would stay here all day and pose you in different positions with different outfits!!" I said. She smiled and giggled as she looked down at me. I pushed back from the table. I looked into her eyes. Her legs were wobbling as she stood on her wooden platform shoes. "Wow you are really hot. A blonde goddess if I ever saw one. Were you still a virgin when you met your husband?" I said. She nodded "yes" and put her right hand on my shoulder. "Have you ever seen another man naked? I mean (pause) before or after you met your husband?" I said. She shook her head "no!!"

Just then the phone rang again. She turned and strutted over to the phone. "Hi honey!! How is it going? What am I doing. Just watching some television." I stood up and walked over to Candy so I was standing directly behind her. I placed my hand on her lower back. When she did not protest I moved it down to her ass. "I,I, I am going outside to tan again shortly. I know cover up so the neighbors don't see. I love you too." said Candy. She tried to hang up the phone but I reached around her and pushed down the clicker handing up on her husband. I then reached around and groped her huge juggs.

Candy breathing increased and she closed her eyes. I bit her ear. I licked the back of her neck. She moaned. I took the phone out of her hand. It had a long cord going from the phone to the wall. I decide to wrap it around her big boobs causing them to turn dark purple. She screamed!! "Ahh, you fucker. What are you doing to poor old Candy!!!" said Candy. "Shhh, I might give more of the money you owe me. Get on your knees in front of me." I said.

Candy got on her knees and looked up into my eyes. Her big juggs rested on the top of my knees. Her eyes were wide open and her red lips were so hot. I reached down and unzipeed my shorts. "Pull down on my shorts. Whoa watch out!!" I said. My dick sprang out and hit her in the face. There was a small amount of pre cum on her left cheek. "I never done this before. I mean suck a dick before.!!" said Candy. I smiled and grabbed my dick around the base. I started to slap her face with my big 9 3/4 inch cock. She smiled as I wiped the pre cum back on my penis head. "Open your mouth. Relax your throat. That's it baby!! Open up and say "Ahh"!!" I said.

I lied, I jammed my cock into her virgin mouth and she gagged. Her eyes got big and she put both hands on my cock. Her finger nails rode up and down the side of my shaft. Her eyes were still big and she finally realaxed her throat. I got about half down her hot mouth. She slurped and tongued my shaft. "Guys like when you play with there balls. Give me your right hand and massage my big hairy balls. That's it. Know take your left hand and reach in between your thighs and finger you hot pussy!! Good!! Yeah that's it baby!!!!!" I said.

I looked down and she had my cock in her mouth. She was fingering her pussy and fondling my balls at the same time. I reached down and fondled her tits. I pinched her nipples and she almost started to cry. A great big tear came out her left eye down her cheek onto her huge boob. I reached down after 20 minutes and pulled her to her feet. I took her hand and bent her over the kitchen table.

Her big breast smashed on the table and she arched her back. I sat down in my chair. I reached up and started to fondle her ass. I spit on my middle finger and started to rub the outside of her pussy. She moaned. "No. No. No. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. Ok! Ok!! Ok YES!! God Yes!! Yes! Yes!!" said Candy. She came on my finger quickly. Her vagina closed on my finger as I slipped it past my knuckle. I slapped her ass with my free hand and she screamed. I leaned in and started to eat her pussy. she came on my face and I parted her ass cheeks. I ran my tongue the length of her ass hole and she had another orgasm.

I stood up and inserted my cock in one quick motion. She grabbed the side of the table in front of her and held on. I slammed my cock into harder and harder. she grunted and I moaned as her pussy was so tight. I looked down and could see her pussy lips on my cock shaft. I fucked her slow and then built up more of a rhythm. She yelled "Yes! Yes! Yes you fucker! Fuck me good! It's been so long!!" said Candy. I could last no longer. I pulled out and she quickly got off the table onto the floor. Her face was inches away as I started to come on her face. Big globs of semen splattered on her face and forehead. She stuck her tongue out and I jammed my cock into her mouth. She sucked me dry.

I looked down and she smiled. "Wow, that was great. Better than the game!" she said. I smiled back at her and looked down and my cock was getting erect again. She looked up and said "Ahh you dick is getting bigger. Don't you have to wait for a couple of hours like my husband." she said. I shook my cock "NO."

She followed me over to the couch. I sat down and she bent over and rested her tits around my cock. I fucked her tits as she bent over and played with her big ass. I smiled as she got my dick hard in between her tits. She then climbed onto top of my cock sliding her wet pussy the length of my cock. Her tits slammed into my face and I sucked her big nipples causing her to orgasm on my cock. I reached around and slapped her ass and dug my nails into her butt cheeks. Before I left in the morning I rode and fucked Cindy in every part of her trailer.

Ring! Ring! Ring! the bed moved as a big pair of tits slid of my face and stomach onto the bed. Candy rolled over and she picked up the phone. "Hi honey! Ok, I will see you in a hour." said Candy. I looked over and she was covered in dry cum and saliva from me. "Good morning neighbor! How did you sleep?" I said. "Great, how comes there fresh load in between my tits?" said Candy. I fucked your juggs about an hour ago when I took a piss." I said. She giggled and gave me a great big French kiss.

She walked me out to the back door of the trailer. I put on my T-shirt and shorts. She handed me the poker chips, cards and her matching white bra & thong set. "Listen, you are a really good poker player. I just got on a winning streak. I think you worked off half of your debt last night. She smiled as she looked down at me on the first step outside her back door. Today rest up and call me later when your husband is asleep. Tomorrow night is Wednesday and we need another person to play poker with." I said. Candy smiled again

Little did Candy know but the poker game would turn out to be an orgy and she was the prize.

Stay tuned for the next adventure

Adventures of Big Boob Candy - Trailer Park Whore
"The Poker Game"

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