Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Lawyer and Her Big Boob Daughter

I just got of the joint, I had gotten off and a technically. I had killed a man in Reno about a week earlier outside a bar. I was out back fucking his wife in the ass and she was bent over some garbage cans. Some truckers and a bike gang were waiting there turn when her husband showed up and pulled out a piece and shot in the air. The next things I knew I pulled out and unloaded on her face and grabbed my jeans and he was dead.

I was in County for about a week when my new lawyer who I had not met got me off on the gun evidence. Since they could not prove I had shot him or that anyone saw what happen they had to let me go. I called my lawyer and thanked her and she arranged to meet me at her office at 5pm the day I got out. I took a cab from County Jail and headed downtown to a small office on main street next to a Waffle House and KFC and went up the stairs. Her office was on top of Double D Bail Bonds and they had tracked me down a year earlier at a whore house and arrested me.

I knocked on her door and a few minutes later the door opened and I stepped in. She was about 5ft 10 with big red lips and huge breast about 50FF and her blonde hair was in a tight bun. She had on a white blouse encased in a two piece black suit and 2 inch black high heels. She was alone and sitting behind her desk and looked up and said "Buck, no problems finding the place." I said "No and thank you for your help. What do I owe the great pleasure of helping me." She said "Audrey the women you were with that night is a good friend and her daughter goes to school with my daughter and I owed her a favor. She knows you did not kill her husband and left me a card to give you, when you get out." I said "thanks and I will give Audrey a call later." She laughed and said "that what all men say. Buck I am running late to pick up my daughter. Can you come over tomorrow to my house and fill out some paper work and then you are a free man." I said "sure" She wrote down her address and mention to to me if I wanted to go swimming to bring a suit.

I went down the stairs across the street and into a bar and started to drink. I passed out behind the bar around 4am and woke up and caught a taxi to Debra my lawyer house. The house was quite big with a big entrance and high fence around the house and I knocked on the door. About a minute later a maid let me in the house and said Debra would be right down. I said "do you have a washroom where I can freshen up" and she pointed out back to a pool house. I went out and took a shower and brushed my teeth and slipped on some swim truncks hanging on the wall. About twenty minutes later I heard Debra call out to me.

I had a towel hung over my back and walked across the wooden deck and she was sitting around a glass table and big unbrella with some paperwork and she smiled as I got closer. She had on a dark green one piece swim suit that was two size to small and was tight on top and rode up her ass crack. I smiled and sat down and she took off her sun glasses and pointed to where I should sign and intial on the paperwork. She said "did you call Audrey like I asked." I moved my head side to side and said "no, I haven't been near a phone." She smiled and said "the water great. why don't you go for a swim and I will go get us some drinks." I turned around and jumped into the pool and swam around untill she came back to the pool with two large Mehto with mint and she looked down at me in the shallow end. She handed me one and I took a sip and she stuck her tongue in her drink and licked her lips. I had known a few old lawyer who liked to fool around with there clients and I had fucked a few. I new Debra wanted me so I made it easy.

I reached up and placed my drink on the deck and said "these shorts are pretty tight, you don't mind if I take them off." She smiled and I slipped them off and walked up the steps of the pool and she placed her drink on the table. The water was cascadeing down my body and Debra was now on her knees sucking my big cock and licking my balls. She wiped away the water on her face and her bikin was now wet on the bottom and she started to play with her pussy lips throught the material. I grabbed her blonde hair and fed my cock deeper into her mouth and started to slap my balls on her chin. She reached up and tweaked my left nipple and licked my penis head and then slid her teeth down my shaft. Her eyes got big as I stood on my tip toes and fed it farther down her throat. She gagged at first and then relaxed her throat and smiled. I was feeling great when I turned and saw her second floor curtain move and wonder if some was watching us.

I picked up the pace not wanting to be caught and she grunted and spit on my cock and I erupted on her face. There was cum on her forehead and eye and her lips were covered in goo. She smiled and used her tongue to clean me off her face. I sipped my drink and she got up and we frenched kiseed and I fondled her big tits and she asked if I wanted to go inside. I placed my hand on her back as we walked back into her house in big white robes and we went upstairs to her room.

She had a big king size bed and I picked her up and placed her on her purple satin sheets and began to eat her pussy. She was wild and bucked underneath my tongue and I fondled her tits and ass and bit her inner thigh and she groaned. I started to get hard so I insert my half erect penis in her vagina and she got tight real soon as we fucked harder and harder. She screamed and ran her nails down my back and I reached up and held onto her tits untill I came inside her hot pussy. We were both drained and I fell asleep. About 4- hours later I woke up from the sound of a door shutting. Debra was laying next to me and still alseep and I got up and put the big robe back on and went down the hall.

At the end of the hallway I could see a light under the door and music playing. Brittney was playing and there were signs on the door not to open and go away. Debra daughter Roxy was inside and her name was plaster all over the door. I got down on one knee and looked inside the keyhole and saw Debra duaghter. Roxy was sitting in front of her computer with her underware pulled down to her ankles and a huge white bra that was pulled down and her nipples had two clothes pins on them. She had blonde hair just like her mother but her breast were bigger. Her huge boobs had to be 60GGG with huge nipples and a big hairy pussy. She was blonde on both ends and she was watching a guy with a big dick fucking her mother. I guess Roxy had made some home movies of her mom and when I saw the new batteries laying on the floor and she was changing her viberator I knew she was one frustrated young lady.

I reached for the door knob and slowly turned the knob and let my self in. I stood there with my robe open and she dropped her vibertor and said "Fuck what are you doing here. Are you a pervert or something. I said "a perv for big boob blondes like your mother, did you have fun taping me fucking you mother you little slut." She laughed and stood up and walked obver to me and said "I don't fuck my mothers boyfriends." I said "I dont fuck my lawyer kids." She laughed and said "your a client. thats different." I stared and she pulled her bra over her head and two huge tits fell and slammed into her stomach and belly button and she smiled. She took one tit and licked her nipple and I dropped my robe and my dick was hard.

She fell onto the bed and I wiped my dick up and down on her hairy pussy and finally felt her cunt lips open and jammed my cock in her pussy. "Dont worry I am legal." She said. I reached up and held her mouth shut and her eyes got big and her body relaxed and then she orgasmed loudly and bit my hand. I smiled and rammed harder and harder into her. I pulled out and grabbed her boobs and pushed them together. I spit on her tits and inserted my cock and began to tit fuck this bitch. She slapped my ass and licked the tip pf my dick that barely got out of the hotest warmest cleavage I had ever fucked. I reached down and played with her nipples and finally clenched my butt cheeks and shot a warm fluid all down her cleavage giving her a big white pearl necklace. I got off her and ate her pussy untill she came again and then went back inot her mom room.

I kissed Debra on the lips out side her front door and she gave me her card and I walked backwards and waved to her daughter beind the curtains upstaris. I got to the fence and a mini van pulled up and I handed the driver a card with the address to Audrey house. I figured I owed her another fuck for getting me out and I was going to stay in town for a while. I had a new lawyer and I was going to Roxy birthday party at the end of next week.

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