Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bus Ride

I hate taking the bus but back a few years ago I was stuck in Las Vegas and broke and had to get back to NYC after Thanksgiving. It was about 95 degrees when I left and I had on shorts and a t-shirt and a wind breaker that rolled up and made a great pillow. The bus driver was a big black fellow and there was a 80yr old couple who sat in the front. Next row had a nerd guy typing on his laptop and another lady in row 3 with a small baby and 2 other mid forties women who wore to much makeup and had the hair stuck straight up. The trip should take about 10 days and we were going to stay overnight in Memphis about half way across the country. There were two drivers and the bus topped out at 55 mph most of the trip.

It was hot and a/c barely worked as I finally made it to the back of the bus and sat down in the last row. There were three seats in the last row and the bathroom was one aisle before the last row and I could see anyone who came down the aisle. The bus smelled clean and there were little TV in the corner and I cracked the window and watched the casinos go by as we left Las Vegas. It was 7pm when we rolled across Hoover Dam and we were just entering Arizona border and it was starting to get dark. The desert plays tricks on you and I could see the desert sand and cactus as I stared out the window. We stopped and got gas and switched drivers and headed back into the night.

About an hour outside are last pit stop be slowed down in a small town off the highway and waited for 30 minutes and were just about ready to leave. It was almost midnight and the door broke open and a women called the bus driver to help her with her luggage. He got down and put her luggage in the hold in the bottom of the bus and she climbed the steps. Her heels clicked on the metal as she walked farther thru the bus. She had big blonde hair and bright red lipsticks and a big leather jacket that covered her massive boobs. I could tell she was packing some huge tits and her shirt was yellow and it was cut real low and her cleavage was milky white. She slid into row 15 about 5 rows in front of me and I saw her black leather skirt ride up her ass and she had long legs encased in black stockings and her finger and toenails were painted a bright yellow. She had on 4inch black high heels and she had a big black leather purse that she propped up against the window,

The bus pulled away and the engine reved up and I started to fall asleep. It was about an hour later when I heard the door to the bathroom shut and I got a whiff of her sweet perfume as it invaded my nose. I awoke right up and a smile crossed my face. After about 30 minutes the door open up and she walked out and smiled at me. She started to go to her seat but she stopped and turned around and said "is that seat next to you taken'" I said "no." She smiled and sat down and put her hand out and said "I'm Michelle from Philly. Were are you going?" I said "NYC and my name is Buck." She said " I used to live in NYC but I went to Los angles to make it as a actress and got worn out and broke and now I am moving back with my parents." I said "were you in any movies, I might have seen." "No, I could not remember my lines and after awhile they just want to put you in movies were I show my body and don't talk. I showed my body a few times but never got anywhere." she said. I said "we'll it always nice to see friends and family. you can always go back to LA in a few months."

"You don't mind if I sit here do you? I am tired and bored." I said "no" again and laughed and put my head against the window and handed her my jacket for a pillow. About an hour later I felt her head rest against my shoulder and her breathing increased. I peeked out my right eye and she unzipped her jacket and placed in on the chair next to her. Her breast were moving up and down and her right nipple was peeking out the front of her blouse through a button hole. She was not wearing a bra and her perfume smelled great and her hair was soft and smelled great. Her breast were at least 48FFF and she had a small 32 inch wiast and 34 inch ass and she had a tight stomach. I breathed her in and open my left eye and looked at the people in the bus. They were all sleeping and the bus driver had turned off his light and was watching the road, The light next to the window shined just enough to see Michelle perfectly.

I moved my hand and placed in on her thighs and kept it there thinking she would wake up and move my hand, I rubbed her thigh and leg and her breathing increased and her eyes were still closed. I said "Michelle are you awake can you hear me?" I waited a few more minutes and she shifted her body and her boob was now laying on my thigh still in her tight blouse and I reached up with my fingers and traced her nipple under her shirt. Her nipple sprang up and was very hard and she moved her arm so I could fondle her chest better. I undid one button on her blouse and got my thumb and 2 finger under her shirt and start to play with her tits. She started to breath harder and her leg moved down to the floor and she started to play with my leg. I leaned in and her eyes were still closed.

I reached over and unzipped her leather skirt and slid my finer inside. I followed her waist around and went over her boob and down her stomach and got to the top of her bell button when she turned over and layed her head on the seat next to her. I let go of her body and looked over and her left breast was hanging over the seat about halfway down to the ground and I saw her zipper on her skirt between her ass cheecks. I pulled down her zipper and her skirt opened up and I stuck a finger in her pussy and I then clould smell a musk aroma hit my nostrils and I new she was excited. I kept waing for her to stop me but I contined to play with her pussy and her muscles contracted on my finger and I fondled her tits for about an hour untill I got bored and zipped her back up and went back to sleep.

About twety minutes later I felt her roll back and sit upright and she fixed her blouse and check her skirt and se breatheed a big sigh. She said under her breath "fuck that was a weird dream. I've never had such a real erotic dream like that before". I smiled and she looked at me and slid her butt on the seat and I coud feel her hand slide down my thigh and leg. She rolled her leg into my lap and started to massage my chest and look into my eyes wich were still closed. She blew lighlty into my face and then started to unzip my shorts. She withdrew my cock and started to jack him and then she palced her mouth over my dick and started to suck. She was really good and her tongue licked my balls and she deep throuted my big 9 1/2 dick. She was sucking hard and loud and I looked down and her blonde hair was bopping up and down. I placed my hand on her back of her head and she sucked harder.

I said "baby are you ready for my load." she smiled and nodded her head with my dick in her mouth. She pulled out my dick and jacked me two strokes and I shot it on the back of the seat in front of me. It was covered in white goo and she stuck her finger and wiped up my cum and put her fingers into her mouth. I pumped about 8 big shots and then she engulfed my cock and sucked me dry. She looked into my eyes and said "that was hot, get up and fuck me in the ass while this piece of shit bus goes down the road." I laughed and she got on her knees and looked out the back of the bus as I shot some spit on my dick and placed into her ass. She arched back and my cock was now a huge butt plug and she orgasmed onto the seat and her pussy juices flowed down her thigh. I picked up speed and came again after 30 minutes into her ass and she moaned and I fondled her tits from behind and she laughed.

I kept my dick in her ass and after a few minutes was hard again. She sat me down and climbed on and her tits hung in my face as her pussy rode up and down on my shaft. I reached up and placed her nipples in my mouth and squeezed her rock hard ass. "Fuck me starnger, bus fucker." she said. I grunted and slapped her ass and she bit my lip and her nipple at the same time. I pushed her back and she grabbed her big breast and started to suck her own nipples and I grabbed her waist and continued to fuck her. She was getting a good rythm and her pussy was leaking onto my cock. I heard the bathroom door close and a few minutes later the toilet flush. She kept ridieing my dick and I saw the old women get out of the bathroom and head back to her seat. A few minutes later her husband came back and stood three rows in fron of us. He took out his cock and came in 2 minutes and went back to his seat.

I fondled and molested her body for another hour bfore she got up and went into the bathroom to wash her body from all my cum. She came back out and we cuddled for the rest of the night and by the time we got to Memhis in 4 days I had fucked every part of her body and made her orgasm multiple times. We got a room in a seedy motel and the bus parked out front and we shared the same room. I poured some rum and cokes and she went to go get ice. About an hour later she came back and her hair was disholved and her lip stck was smeared and she walked passed me on the bed and took a long shower.

She told me later that the bus drivers had dragged her into there room and fucked the shit out of her. She let them have her way with her when they showed to vidoe of her fucking me in the back of the bus. They had been watching us since she got on the bus and gave her the tape of us in exchange for sex. I smiled and mounted her agian in the hotel.

The next day we got on the bus and the small tv in the back of the bus near my seat was not there and Michelle got on last and winked at the drivers as she walked by on her way to back of the bus. I smiled as she open her new coat and she was complete nude and she climbed on my dick and we fucked untill we got to Philly.

I found a job in Philly and she got a job on stage in a few plays around town. Its been two years and I just rented a RV and said "honey I thought we would travel across country for our vaction." She smiled and took off her cloths and put on her jacket and said "Ok I am packed lets go."