Monday, May 21, 2007

Work Bitch

The Plane shuttered and I closed my eyes, we were 50,000 feet up and I just got done drinking my second Bud when I decide to take a nap. It had been a long week and my wife was leaving me and my dog ran away and I lost my car. My job did not give me a raise or the promotion I was looking for and they decide to hire a women to run the sales office. I was up for the promotion but they wanted to capture the women market at the up coming trade show in Houston, so I went along for the ride. I new a guy at the ticket counter, we went way back and he upgraded me to first class so not all was lost.

An hour went by and my elbow was slammed into by a women passsing by, she did not say sorry but when I looked up and saw it was my boss I knew why. She was about 10 years older than me and built like a brick shit house. She was 5ft 10 and white with a dark tan and wore these high heels that made her look lke she was going to fall over but her 4inch heels clicked on the floor were every she was. I could hear her coming before I could see her most of the four days she has been my boss. She gave everyone cushy assignments and made me get her coffee and lunch and I had to run her errands like a good little boy. I called her my work bitch but she perfered Miss Lila White. She even moved into the same complex where I lived and joined the same gym before we left this morning.

I saw her struggle with the door as it hit her large boobs and her left breast moved under her tight yellow top. She had a size 52 FFF and a 34 inch waist and a 40 inch ass, that I would find out later liked to be spanked. She glanced my way and I closed my eyes untill I felt her stand over me a couple of minutes later. She reached down and drank my beer and grabbed my beer nuts and took the small bag back to her seat in coach. I woke up as the landing gear was coming down and she passed me again with her large black leather bag that hit my knee as she passed by. "Move it. We only have an hour to get to the hotel and set up for the big presentation," she said.

I was only 25 but I had worked in the hotel business before coming to sales at a big food wholesale company and I called ahead got a big suite for me and had a friend at the hotel we were staying set up the sales display that I shipped the day before. I carried her bags and we caught a taxi to the hotel. She got off on the 6th floor and I got off on the 15th floor and went down the hall to my suite and placed my bag on my big king size bed. I saw the big jacuzzi in the bathroom and the big full length mirror on the ceiling and behind the bar. One length of the room had another fullsize mirror than ran the length of the room to the outside balcony overlooking Houston. My phone rang and it was Lila instructing me to get down to the ballroom and she would be right down. I tipped my friend who set up the display perfectly and I was talking to some people when I heard her make her entrance behind the sales display.

She gave me a look and stared at me in my suit and we began a long day of selling whole foods to different clients. She had on a yellow sun dress that clingged to her body and her tan cleavage could be seen throught the ballroom as she passed by and talked to different men. All my contacts flocked to her and bought what ever she was selling. I could smell her perfume and her gold necklace sat low on her chest. She had on yellow leather 4inch pumps and she worked the room showing off her sex appeal. I watched her out of the corner of my eye and I saw her glance at me and stare as I helped a few women with some food and advice. We worked the room untill 8pm that night and I was pretty tired. I walked out the ballroom and was getting on the elevator when the door stopped and reopened.

Lila was standing there and looked at me and said "I noticed you flew first class today and got the biggest suite in the hotel all for nothing. I see you also got the sales display up before we even got in the ballroom. You must be good at people skills. Do you like to please people?" she said. I nodded yes and then she said "we are going back to your room and you are going to start me a hot bath so I can feel better and then you are going to make me a drink. Vodka Martini straigt up. No questions are to be asked, you work for me." I smiled and the door to the elevetor opened and she followed me to my room.

I started the bath water and she went onto the balcony and the wind blew her long curly black hair and she looked out over the city. She walked passed me and I saw her shut the door and go inside the bathroom and heard her get into the big jacuzzi tub. I got out a beer and took off my tie and sport coat and my shoes and waited for her on the couch. About an hour later just passed 900pm she came out and looked at me and smiled as her drink was on the coffee table. She had a big white cotton robe that was snug tightly around her waist. She had dried her hair and it sat just passed her shoulders and she sat on the other end of the couch and looked at me over the rim of the glass as she sipped her drink. She swung her feet over and they landed in my lap and she pointed to them and said "rub my feet and calves like a good little boy."

I smiled and started to rub her feet and her ankles and calves and she finshed her drink and placed it back on the table. She leaned her head back and I saw that her breathing increased and her hair cascaded down the end of the couch. She placed her left hand on the top of the couch and slowly opened her legs for me to rub farther up her legs. She smiled and reached in her bag and lit a cigareette and started to smoke and blow smoke at me. Her perfume and Virgina Slims were getting to me and she rubbed her heel on my cock inside my pants she giggled. "Wow you are pretty good at rubbing feet and legs. Does your wife like what you are doing to me." I said " she left me a week or so ago when I did not get the promotion." She laughed and shifted her hips causing her robe to open slightly. I could see her right breast half in view and her nipple was the size of my thumb, Her aeroles were dark and she had a few freckles on her baby soft skin.

After 20 minutes she put out her cigerette and looked at me and said "is it hot in here?" I smiled and started to rub farther passed her knee and half way up her big thigh and she smiled and opened her legs farther. Her left leg was on the floor and I sat up and started to deep massage her thighs and legs. She looked at me and said "I don't like men, they are all bad lovers and can't eat pussy or fuck right. I don't normally let men touch me, but you are doing a good job. Get on your knees and leave you pants on and eat my pussy really good and I will give you a reward." I got down on my knees and she took off her robe and placed it on the end of the couch were I as just sitting.

She sat with her big ass on the couch and her legs were spread and she sat on the edge of the front of the couch. I lowered my head and began to lick her pussy. I inserted one finger than another and started to finger fuck her tight pussy. She squeezed her breast and grabbed my head and placed in between her thighs and I stuck out my tongue as I got my first taste of her pussy . She was wet and a strong musk smell filled the air and I swirled my tongue over her big clitoris and she orgasmed for the first time. Her hands squeezed and pulled my hair and she said "eat my pussy, suck my clit you fucking man." I gaged as she pushed my down into her hot box and her juices went down my chin and neck. I ate her for about an hour causing her to climax and scream and she rolled me over with her legs on to the floor. She sat on my face and put her face into the couch and I finger fucked her tight wet snatch and she scramed and flooded my mouth again. Her thighs squeezed on my head and I had a hard time breathing with her pussy and thighs on my face. Lucky she shaved her pussy bald or I might have suffocated from her pussy. She smiled and rocked up and down on my face and then got up and looked down at me on the ground. She went and got her cell phone and took a picture of my face with her pussy juices on it. "You can get up and go in and start the shower and I will be in a minute, "Lila said.

She came in the shower stall and I got to watch her take a shower behind the glass and towel her off using my mouth and she smiled and got dressed for dinner. "Order your self dinner and I am going down stairs to meet some clients. Turn down my bed over there and you are to sleep on the floor at the foot of the bed by the time I get back at midnight. If you do a good job then I will give you another treat." I nodded my head and she left and an hour later her bags were brought to my room and I put them away for her. I ate a big steak and lobster and fell alseep when she woke me up just after midnight.

She was standing above me naked except for her red 6inch heels and her pussy was dripping on my stomach. She pulled out a big viberator and smiled at me on the floor. "What a good little boy. Rollover!!!!!" she said. I rolled over and she placed the wet viberator at the entrance to my asshole and inserted it in in one big push. It was tight and I grimaced as she rubbed her heels into my balls and fucked me with this big black 8inch viberator. About 10 mintes later she order me on to the bed with my face on a pillow and my ass hanging over the edge. She got behind me and inserted a large strap on dildo into my ass and she began to fuck me. My breathing was heavier and she slapped my ass and called me names and ran her long bright red finger nails down my back. "This is how you fuck someone my little man whore," Lila said. I closed my eyes and my dick was getting hard when she looked down between my thighs and rode me harder. She stopped and said "roll over and let me see your dick man slave!!" I rolled over and saw her eyes widen as my 9inch dick was hard and precum was on the tip. "Nice cock man whore, to bad I like girls. Probably been a while since you pleased a women." I layed expressionless and she slapped my face and pulled my hair and I follwed her into the bathroom.

I layed in the tub naked and she squatted over me and took a long pisss and laughed and then took a shower as I layed there and said nothing." I cleaned her and dried her off and we went to sleep. I at the foot of the bed on the floor and her in the king size bed. I order breakfast for her and ate her pussy as she dropped eggs onto the floor for me and the rest of the week at the trade show was the same. She made me eat her pussy at lunch time back at the room and at ngiht and I watched her make more and more sales for the company.

We left on Friday and headed back home and we departed at the apartment complex and I noticed my wife had come back. She hugged me as I got home and the next day I went down to the pool to work out and have a swim. I saw Lila but she played it cool and not untill Monday did I know she wanted more. I came into the office and I sat down and she closed the office door and I got under the desk and ate her pussy. I heard everyone come in and some people asked where I was but she said I was busy eating my lunch.

I played along with her games for about a month and my marraiage was coming back together and even the dog came home. It was a Saturday and my wife went to go see her mothers and I was laying out by the pool when I saw Lila and another women walk over and sat next to me on some lounge chairs. "This is my friend Rebecca from college and her husband just past away about 3 months ago and she came to see me. I told her I had a freind at the complex that makes great Vodka Martinis." I smiled and said "it is getting a little hot out here, maybe we can go inside for a drink." Rebecca was about forty and had 40DD breast and a small waist and cute ass and looked great in a black thong bathing suit.

I was mixing the drinks and looked over at Lila when she said "come over here and show Rebecca how good you eat pussy. She doesn't believe a man could be better than me. We used to be college roommates." I handed them there drinks and Lila peeled off her bathing suit bottoms and she sat on a bar stool as I ate her pussy. She orgasmed and was breathing hard and playing with my hair and I heard Rebecca shift her body on the couch. I turmed around on m knees and Rebecca stood up and peeled her thong down, over her ass and thighs onto the floor. I placed her back on the couch and began to eat her hairy pussy and she orgasmed hard and quick and screamed out. "Fuck this boy know how to eat pussy Lila. Where did you ever find such a wonderful stud? Can I take him home with me." I smiled and Rebecca pulled my shirt over my head and I heard Lila get up and go into her room. I felt Lila take off my shorts and my dick flopped up and hit my stomach and Rebecca eyes opened up. She stared at my dick and licked her lips.

I looked at Lila and she motion for me to fuck her friend. I place my cock on the couch and slowly guided into Rebecca wet pussy. Rebecca said "fuck Lila, our stud dick is going to break me. If he fucks like he eats pussy, he might be better than you." I quickly thursted my cock into her pussy and a big slurping noise could be heard as she rocked back and forth on my cock. Rebecca was mouthing fuck to me and I saw Lila come over and watch her frend get fucked my my big dick. After about ten minutes and two powerful orgasm I withdrew and stood up and aimed my dick at Rebecca face and chest. Hot goo shot out and big wads of cum slapped onto her chest and they both screamed. I saw Lila rubbing her pussy and wipeing the cum off her friends chest and licking her fingers. Her friend licked her breast and the girsl started to make out as I fell back on to the floor. I watched them as they frenched kissed and saw that Lila had starddled Rebecca and her pussy was now in my face. I had never fucked or stuck my dick in any part of Lila but that was about to change.

I stood up and Rebecca reached around Lila and spread her ass cheks as I crawled up and placed my cock head into Lila pussy lips, Lila gasped and fell forward as I inserted my cock deeper into her pussy. I slapped her ass and we fucked on top of her friend. Both girls kissed each other and we all played with each other nipples and breast. I was fondling Lila left breast and sucking Rebecca when I started to pump my first load into Lila pussy. "Fuck, you are so tight and good bitch's." I said. Lila said "fucker, your better than any girl or object that ever fucked me." Rebecca was speechless and cried whent I started to eat both girls pussy at the same time. They sat next to each other and I rotated back and forth untill one would scream or orgasmed on my face. Rebecca cleaned off Lila and then the swapped my goo as they stroked my cock to make it harder for there pleasure. I took both girls into the bathroom and they serviced me and dryed me off and Rebecca watched as a warm yellow liguid hit her friends pussy from my fat dick on the toilet and they both fingered each other pussy.

My wife and the dog left again.

I am sitting behind my desk in the new big office and my secretary Rebecca is putting my name on the door. There are 4 brand new girls from college starting today. All four girls are big breasted blondes with boobs just larger than the next. They introduce themselves but I can barely hear them talk as Lila is on the floor sucking my cock and drool is htting the floor.

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