Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Making The New Boss Happy

I had just been promoted to VP of the Company. I got a hefty raise along with a new car and house paid for by the company. The only draw back was I had to move across country to NYC. I did not mind moving, I just did not want to give up the great pussy I was getting. I had two employees having sex with me on the job. I was also banging a few of the wives of the guys that worked under me. I was single and I had been blessed with a huge 16 inch cock. Once I got a girl to see my cock and then touch it, she was mind forever. I had a big party the last night I was at my old job. I said goodbye to my whores one last time before I had there husbands help me move my stuff out of my old house.

I drove my Cadillac into the city to the office tower east of the river. It was Thursday. I took the elevator to the top and got off on the 87th floor. I walked down a narrow hall to my new office. I shook the hands of the workers who were going to report to me. I stooped and checked out my secretary. She was retiring in a few weeks and I had her set up a few interviews for me next week. I ran a few scenarios in my head on quality I would like in a new secretary for me. She would have to be young, huge breast and a nice round ass. She would have to be able to have a big enough mouth to swallow my huge cock. I could care less how many words she could type. I would have one of my other employees do that shit.

I walked around the office checking in on my new employees. I was hanging out near the water fountain around 11am when I spotted a hot looking chick in a picture frame on a desk near the copier. I walked over and lifted up the picture. The women in the frame was smoking hot. She was about 5ft 8 with long curly blonde hair. She was a realtor of some sort. She had a for sale sign to her right in the picture. I could make out she had a nice firm ass and two very large breast. Her animal print blouse was stretched over the limit. She had on black pants that were showing off her many curves. I smiled and set the picture back on the desk. I waited a few minutes drinking a glass of water before John Wall in Sales came back to his desk.

"Mr. B!! How is it going? How is your first day? said John. "Great!!! How's Sales?" I said. "Good. Very good this morning. John is a skinny white guy about 5ft 2 with a beer gut and is balding. I'm 6ft 4 with a very athletic build. I used to play college football before tearing up my knee. I work out very regularly to keep in good shape. I am not sure what John wife saw in him but, I had to find out more about his family. "So you married? Any kids?" I said. "Married for about 15 years to a great gal. High school sweethearts. My parents new her parents kind of thing. Tonya is a couple years younger than me. We have a daughter who is adopted. Her name is Lisa, she just graduated from school. We have been trying for kids but I just can't slip one by the goalie. Ha Ha Ha! said John. I laughed also and high fived John in front of his desk.

"Are you married boss? Any kids? said John. "Single life for me. No kids - not any that I know. A few paternity test over the years. Ha Ha Ha. I just left last week to get here. Been kind of lonely in my new big house." I said. "Boss, we should go catch a beer after work." said John. "Maybe another night." I said.

I walked backed to my office. I picked up the phone and had my secretary bring me everyone personnel file. I copied down John address and all his phone numbers including his wife cell, and daughters. I put the files in my desk. John wife was 35 years old and his daughter was barely legal. I left the office telling my secretary I was heading out for lunch and that I would be back in the afternoon.

I pulled about a half block from John house. I was eating a sandwich when I caught his wife Tonya coming out of the house. She was quite the hot blonde MILF. She was wearing a big green hat with some short cut overalls that barley covered her huge breast. She had a light blue tube top that stretched over her juggs. It look like she stuffed two large beach balls under her top. She had red high heels shoes on that made her wobble as she walked. She bent over to get the newspaper on the lawn. My dick popped up in my pants almost causing me to spill my beer. She was strutting around the lawn picking up things. I would guess Tonya measurements to be 54KK - 32 Waist - 38 Hips/Ass. She went into the garage and the front door opened a few seconds later.

Out came John daughter Lisa. She was almost a mirror image of her mother. She was about 5ft 2 with dirty blonde hair. She had two big pink earrings that matched her bathing suit. She had a towel over her arm and walked out to her Mom minivan to get some sun screen from the trunk. She bent over causing her thong to ride high in her ass crack. She had smaller breast then her Mom about a size 40DD. Her waist was small and her ass was small but really tight. You could bounce a quarter off it with no problem. She looked around and then pinched her right nipple causing it to get erect. Her cell phone rang. She picked it up talking to one of her friends. She walked back inside the house. She probably went out back to lay out in the sun.

I sat in my SUV trying to think of an idea. I had to come up with something to get Lisa out of the house. Once I got her then getting invited over to meet the mother would be easier. After much deliberation, I decided to text Lisa in hopes she might fall for coming over to my house. I picked up my cell phone. I decided to text "What's up! LOL U know ?" then I typed in her cell phone number from my list.

A few seconds later I got a response. "? is this" I text back "We met last week :) LOL" Lisa responded, "At my BFF Rose's party?" I text back "Yes" Lisa text back "Were you the guy hitting on me and Rose" I text back "Yes, can I see you tonight" She text back "your address" I respond "7pm tonight 1515 East Side Circle" Lisa text back "C Ya Babe!!!"

I put down my phone on the passenger seat. I turn on the ignition and head back to the office. I go over some more files at my desk. About 5pm I stand outside my door and watch everyone go home for the night. John shakes my hand. Man does he have a small chubby hand. I watch a girl from accounting checking me out. Any other night I would go try to get with her but with a young girl coming over to my crib in 2 hours. I decide to leave before things get interesting.

My plan is to take a shower before Lisa comes over and make it look like I just got out of the shower. That she interrupted me. I then drop by towel some how. She sees my big cock and I proceed to give her a great fucking. At least that the plan.

I take along shower get out about 6:30pm. I wrap a big white cotton towel around my waist. I comb my short hair. Bush the teeth. Put on some body spray and sit down on the couch in the living room.

At just after 7pm there is a knock at the door. I look around the room to make sure everything looks good. I jump off the couch and walk to the front door. I peek through the peep hole to see if it is young Lisa. My heart began to pound as she was standing there in a tight pink shirt stretched out from her huge breast. She is wearing tight low cut shorts that ride up the crack of her ass. She is turning her head, looking around the yard. I grip the door knob and pull it open.

I take two steps outside the door. I look over her shoulder and spot John standing in the driveway about 4 feet behind her. "Your not Steve from the party the other night!!" said Lisa. Before she can speak or John can say a word, I grab Lisa hand and pull her inside the house. John follows quickly behind before I can shut the door. "Geez come in before my neighbors catch me standing outside in a towel. I just moved here, I don't want them thinking I am a pervert or something. Why are you both knocking on my door?" I said. I drove my daughter to a friends house, we must have the wrong address. Honey is this the right house." said John. "I must have got the wrong address from my phone. I thought it was a friend I met last week at Rose's birthday party." said Lisa

"Listen sit right on the couch. I have to go turn off my computer in the other room. I will be right back." I said I walked across the living room and around the corner to my den. I leaned back to listen them both talking on the couch.

"Dad is that your boss or something?" said Lisa "Yes he is my new boss. I have to make a good impression on him. I can't believe you screwed this up. I'll probably get fired or something when I go to to work on Monday." said John. "Maybe he won't remember in two days we were here. Maybe he will be nicer to you at work. What's the worst that could happen." said Lisa. "Did you not here me before. I could get fired or he may tell everyone at work how I am such an idiot." said John. "Ok! Ok! I get the point Dad. What should we do next??" said Lisa.

Before John could respond I walk back into the room. Lisa is sitting on the edge of the seat cushion on the big couch. John is sitting about arm length from her on her left side closer to the front door. I keep walking as they both look up at me. Lisa smiles and John closes is right eye looking in my direction. Before I get to the couch I rub my hip against my big lazy boy chair causing my towel to drop to the floor. It's now lying bunched up around my feet on the wooden floor in front of them.

I hear John, "Gasp!!! Ahhh!!!! Boss!!!" I turn my head toward Lisa and her mouth is wide open. I look down my stomach and my dick is about half erect. My big naked balls are glistening from a fresh shave in the shower about an hour ago. My dick is getting bigger. My cock head is dark purple from the build up of fluids. "Oops sorry about that. I hope you don't mind. I'm sure your daughter has seen one of these before. Isn't that right sweet young thing!!!" I said. "I may have seen one before, but nothing that huge. It's still growing." said Lisa.

I inch closer to the couch in front of Lisa. I step to her side and her knees is now touching mind. I lean forward with my hips causing my dick to just touch Lisa cheek. She makes a weird face and moves just slightly. "Where are my manners. This things has a mind of its own." I said. I put my hand on my hips and move my waist to the right causing my dick to move from the side of Lisa face to just in front. I look over on the other side of the couch and notice John mouth is wide open also. He is either to weak to say something or maybe he wants to see where this is going.

I look down again at my cock which is beginning to grow bigger. It is almost 3/4 erect (12 inches) and a little precum is on the tip. I turn my waist back to my left causing my cock to slap into Lisa face. She puts her hand up to block her lips but rubs up against the tip of my cock. Next Lisa drops her fingers on to my cock. She begins to trace a line down my shaft to the base of my cock. my cock twitches in front of her face. She opens her mouth and slides the tip into her mouth. Her red lips are stretched and she gags a little from the tip. "Ummph Umph" is all she cam get out from cock beginning to grow in her mouth. Her yes close and I grab her other hand to bring it up just under my balls. She rubs her fingers on my balls. She continues to suck my cock taking a little more down her throat.

"Sir what are you doing? Boss!! Boss!! Lisa stop that this instant. Your Mom is going to be so mad." said John. "Do you like your job John???" I said. "Dad be quite before he firs you. MMPPhh!! Yummy!!!! Lick! Lick!!" said Lisa Lisa know has both her tiny hands around my cock using them to jack me off into her mouth. "That it baby. I have to see those big breast your hiding in that shirt lift up you arms above your head. That's a good girl keeping sucking my cock. Your lips are great baby!!!" I said. John leans back on the couch. I finally get Lisa shirt over her head and I toss it on the floor next to my towel.

Her breast are huge for such a young small girl. "Damn I can't decide what I like best on you little Lisa. Your fine cock sucking skills are those big boobies." I said. I look again at John and he is rubbing the front of his jeans, I can tell his small dick must be hard watching me get a blow job by his daughter. John slowly opens his fly pulling out his small penis. I turn my dick in Lisa mouth so she can see her Dad is pulling on his cock. Lisa hand drops from my balls and she places it on her Dad lap. She begins to jack her Dad cock with her tiny hand. After 4 strokes he starts to cum. A little drop comes out of the head onto the back of her hand. "Arrgh, Oh no what have I done!!!!" said John.

I watch as she wipes her hand on Johns pant leg. I pick up the tempo of my cock inside Lisa mouth. "Are you ready babe. Ok here it comes. Fuck!!!!!" Spurt after hot white cum shoot out my big cock into Lisa mouth. The first shot hits the back of her throat as she gags from the big load. She begins to jack my cock and tries to swallow all of my sperm. Some dribbles out the side of her lips onto her big juggs. Lisa pulls my cock from her mouth and slaps my cock on her face. She rubs the excess semen on her face. She sucks me dry. She then sucks my balls not missing any of my cumm.

I take a few steps back to see Lisa began to lick her huge breast. John mouth is wide open and his dick is back inside his pants. Just then Lisa cell phone goes off. John answer the phone. "Hi honey. there was a mix up and some how we our at my new boss's house. We were just coming home. Lisa got something on her face and is wiping it off. See ya soon." said John. They both left without saying a word.

I came into work on Friday and got a message on my machine that John was home sick. I spend the rest of the day clearing my schedule before I decide to leave at 2pm to make a surprise visit to John house. I straighten out my yellow power tie and knocked on the front door.

A few seconds later the door opens. "Om my god its you!! My dad boss! What are you doing here?" I stepped inside and noticed Lisa is wearing small red lingerie barely covering her big tits. "My Dad is out back mowing the lawn." Lisa said. "Wow you look very cute today Lisa!!! I came to see how your Dad was feeling. He called off sick. He is not playing hooke from work is he. You said he was mowing the lawn. Hmm maybe he is not sick. I wonder what the company would think about that." I said. Lisa frown and looked around the room tilting her head toward my crotch. "Where is you Mom? Take me to her." I said.

Lisa smiled and I followed her through the living room. She opened the sliding glass door. I could see John at the other end of the large back yard mowing. I looked over next to the big inground pool and Tonya was sitting with her legs up on a lounge chair. I followed Lisa and watched her ass jiggle as she strutted across the concrete. We stood next to Lisa Mom Tonya. My shadow blocked out the sun casting a big shadow over her face. Tonya had a tiny yellow bikini that could not cover her huge juggs. She had bright red lips, nails and matching toenails. She had huge platform high heels that glisten from her sweat running down her long legs. Her big ass sat high and her yellow thong rode high on her hips.

"Mom this is Dad new Boss. He came over to see if Dad was really sick or playing hooke." said Lisa. "Err what did you say? Why hello!!!! Welcome to our home John new Boss. So glad to meet you." said Tonya. She put down her girlie magazine - the one asking how to satisfy her man. I smiled and kissed her hand slid my lips on her ring finger. She giggled slightly as Lisa was watching my dick move in my pants. "How did my daughter and husband behave at your house the other night?" said Tonya "Ohh they were nice. Your daughter had her mouth full and you husband was a little shy. I see he called off today. Is he ok?" I said.

"Yes!! He had to cut the lawn before tomorrow. My entire family is coming over for Lisa graduation party. Maybe you should come over tomorrow. I know John would like it." said Tonya. "Hmm. I don't think the other people at the company would appreciate someone calling off just to mow there lawn. But maybe I can look pass it if all women in your family look like you. Is this true Lisa? I said. "Yes sir, they all look like my mother with big smiles and big other things. All three of us laughed. "Would you like to go for a swim sir?" said Tonya. "I did not bring a bathing suit but I am wearing some underwear that might pass as a suit." I said

I stepped back from both women. I took off my tie and shirt followed by my shoes and socks. I placed them on another chair. I took off my belt. Lisa eye got big and her breathing increased. I could hear the lawn mower at the end of the yard still going. "Lisa what's wrong with you, are you going to hyper ventilate or something" said Tonya. I unzipped my pants and they fell to the concrete. I heard both girls gasped. Tonya eyes got real big and her mouth dropped open. Lisa mouth was open also. I had on a small white string bikini that barely covered my large cock.

I moved my hands to place my pants on the chair. I could feel my large wrinkled balls fall out of the tiny white string holding them up. Tonya licked her lips when she saw my big balls slapping against the insdie of my thigh. I smiled as Tonya leaned up off her chair and reached her hands toward my cock. Lisa walked behind me and started to massage my rock hard ass. I started to french kiss her as her Mom unleashed my cock into her tiny hands. "My god he is so big. Slurp pp!!! MMppph!!" said Tonya.

She started to get 3/4 of my cock down her throat. I ripped off Lisa lingerie and tossed it on the grass behind us. I was fondling her tits and fingering her ass. Lisa gasped for air and orgasmed hard into my right hand. Tonya smiled as her daughter wetness hit the outdoor air so close to her face. Tonya released my cock into the air and started to pump my cock with her tiny hands. A few minutes later I tensed up and looked down as Lisa stopped turned her head down to watch my big load hit her Mom's face. "Ohh yes, come on give it me. That is honey spurt on my face, and big juggs. Yes!! Yes!! God damn that was a load. My whole face and chest are covered in white. Lisa help me lick him clean." said Tonya.

Lisa got on her knees and licked her Mom big breast. They both took turns licking each other until my load was clean. I smiled as I watch Tonya get off the lounge chair. Her ass shook and her big juggs swayed from side to side. I layed down on the lounge chair and both girls got me hard with the mouths. I wrapped Tonya big breast around my cock and she let my tit fuck her before Lisa got on the lounge chair. Lisa stood up and guided her small tight pussy on my cock. It slid in tight and after a few strokes guided in about half way. Lisa rode my cock up and down while her Mom sucked her tits and fingered Lisa small butt hole.

I was sucking Tonya big orbes when I finally looked down to the right of Tonya big ass. I saw two male feet with a pair of shorts around the ankles. A few seconds later a little yelp and two droplets of cumm hit the concrete floor. A few seconds later I saw John face as he bent over picked up his shorts and resumed mowing the lawn. Lisa kept fucking me for another 20 minutes before she fell off. Tonya took her turn and I wrapped my big hands on her huge breast and erupted a large load in her pussy.

I stayed the rest of the day at John house. In the morning both girls made me breakfast. While John set up for the graduation party I gave Lisa her nice graduation present in the ass.

Tonya decide to quit her job as a Realtor. She became my new secretary. John got a promotion and is a traveling sales man. He spends all most 28 out of 30 days on the rode. The other 2 days he films his wife and daughter being fucked by me.

"Welcome everyone to Lisa graduation party. We would like for you all to meet John new boss "Buck". Can I have my sisters Tina, Theresa, and my Mom Tilly meet me in the house upstairs. I have a big surprise to show you. Tonya Mom Tilly and her sister were just as endowed as her.

Thank you!!!!" GASPED!!!!! "Yummy!!!! Mommy!!