Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Step Sister are Hot - My Step Mom Hotter

Ever since I was little I was always getting into trouble. I bounced from one school to another before my Dad sent me to military school when I was 8yrs old. He was in the military and had been station around the world. I had enlisted last week to join the Marines and was shipping out to Irag in 6 months after basic training. I had not seen him since I was 8yrs old. He got married about 5 years ago and now had two step daughters. He divorced my mom and had been married twice before he married the 4th wife. He called and told me last week that he was shipping out for 6 months to sea and was unable to come and see me graduate. He invited me to stay at his house until I had to report to the naval base in San Diego for deployment. He lived about 15 minutes from the base and he thought I would like to me his new wife and her two girls. He was hoping I could help out around the house and keep an eye on his 2 step daughters before they went to college in 3 months.

I had a couple days to kill before I got to San Diego, so I hitch hiked across the USA. I got plenty of rides from folks who saw me in my military fatigues and stopped and helped me get back home. It took about a week to get to San Diego and I got dropped off at night about 7pm in front of a very large house in the rich part of town. My Dad had said that his wife Ginger had inherited some money some years back and wanted him to retire but he loved the military and wanted to retire in 5 years. I buzzed the front gate and I heard a women voice say "Hello; Who is it?" I said "It's me, Matt Ozburger." "Hi, Matt come up we have been expecting you, the girls can't wait to meet you." said Ginger. I walked up passed the palm trees and flowers and peeked in the back yard and saw a great big pool and tennis court.

I knocked twice on the front door and a few seconds later the big red door swung open and there was my step mom and step sisters standing waiting to see me. My mouth almost dropped to the floor and I was speechless staring at them. "Hi, I'm Ginger and this is Hannah and Candy your step sisters. Girls say hello to you step brother Matt." Hannah was 5ft 5 and had dark blonde hair that was tied in a knot and was wearing a white t-shirt and small white shorts. I could tell she was not wearing a bra and could see her nipples stretching the fabric. She had a medium size ass that was coming out of her white shorts and she pulled down her shirt to cover her belly from being exposed. Hannah had two large breasts and looked to measure 38 DD - 30 waist - 32 ass and she could barely reach around them to shake my hand. "Hi Matt, nice to meet you finally." said Hannah.

Next was Candy who was 5ft 9 and had long jet black hair that was pulled back and she had two great big red ruby lips and she smiled and winked as she checked me out. She was wearing a red and white wife beater shirt with candy canes on them and a big pair of yellow sponge bob square pants shorts that were stretched out and her love handles came over the sides. Like her sister Candy was also blessed with a nice rack. I figured she was about 42 FF - 30 waist - 36 ass compared to her sister. "Hey, what's up bro." Candy said.

My step sister were hot but my step mom was hotter. Ginger was 5ft 8 with platinum blonde hair that curled at the end. She had long legs and a great ass that looked hard and jiggled when she walked toward me. She had matching red finger nails and toenails and all three had great California tans. She had two of the largest juggs I had ever seen on a women with such a small frame. She had to measure 50 HH- 26 waist- 32 ass. "Your Dad has told so much about you. We have been waiting for you all day and just order some pizza and were going to watch a movie on TV. Would you like to throw your stuff upstairs and come back down to the living room. Hannah show Matt were he will be staying." I smiled and followed my step sister upstairs and watched her ass jiggle in front of me. I could easily figure out why my Dad had married Ginger and moved into this kick ass mansion.

"You can put your shit on the bed and here is the closet and your bathroom you can have. We all have are own bathrooms and we would appreciate you not use them or come into our rooms without permission." Hannah said. "Don't worry about me, you won't even know I am here. I know how to keep a low profile and keep my mouth shut." I said. "Just follow the stairs down to the living room on the first floor, you kind of stink - you might want to take a shower." Hannah said. I nodded my head and watched her leave my room. I took of my shirt and and dropped my jeans and boxer briefs on the floor and walked into my bathroom. The bathroom had a marble sink with waist high table and it had pink throw rug and a pink towels that matched the pink bath mat in the huge jacuzzi bath tub. There was a glass shower that had a marble sitting area and 4 shower heads that cascaded on your body. I think the girls moved some of there stuff in here thinking it was there before I came.

I climbed in and started the shower. The hot water was great and I reached down and began to soap my body. I am about 6ft 3 with an athletic build. I have ripped arms but my stomach is a little soft. I have a blonde buzzcut to go with almost no hair on my body. I like to shave off most my body hair including my privates. I was feeling kinda of horny from seeing my step mom and sisters. It had been almost 4 years since I caught a glimpse of a women. The wife of the Major of the military school was caught with some of the cadets and I used to watch her undress through her windows near the dorms at school. My dick was getting hard and after picturing my step sisters and mom naked and sucking my cock I exploded in no time and covered my hand and the wall of the shower with some white goo. I turned off the water and step out and grabbed the handle of the door and noticed the door was not shut tight. I thought I had pulled the door tight. I guess maybe the steam from the hot shower caused the door to unlock.

I went down stairs and sat on the couch and had some pizza and watched a movie with Ginger, Candy and Hannah. I covered my cock with a throw pillow as they walked around the living room giving me great shots of there boobs and ass. It was around 11pm when we all went to bed. I went first upstairs and shut my door and was out before my head hit the pillow.

I awoke about 9am and heard some girls laughing outside my window. I rolled over and put on my glasses and looked out the window toward the tennis court. Hannah and another girl were playing and they were both wearing matching white half shirt showing there tits and flat stomach. Hannah had on small white shorts that exposed her ass cheeks and her friend had on small baby blue mini skirt that just covered her nice small ass and the front of her crotch. I watched for about ten minutes and saw her friend bend over to pick up a tennis balls and noticed her friend was not wearing panties. She had a small bush with just a 1/2 inch landing strip on her pussy and she had a small tattoo on inner right thigh. I smiled and took a quick shower and slipped on a white t-shirt and cargo shorts with no boxers underneath. I thought I would go commando and maybe get Hannah friend to notice me.

I got down stairs and walked outside toward the girls playing tennis. Her friend was toweling off near a green metal bench near the court and Hannah was walking toward her. I walked up and said "Hey Hannah, how is going? I noticed you guys playing tennis and was wondering if I could play next?" Hannah smiled and said "I am a little bit tired from playing. My Mom and Candy just left for the day. Candy has to go look at a college today and won't be back until dinner. My friend Lindsay stopped by to play and we were going to go swimming and have lunch later." Lindsay said "Hannah this is your step brother, I thought you said he was gross. He is kinda of cute. Maybe he liked to join us for a swim and lunch." I said "it's ok if you guys want to be alone I can go back in the house and do something." "Nonsense" said Hannah. Lindsay point to the pool house and I followed her.

The girls went into the pool house and I took of my shirt and jumped into the water. It was hot outside and the water was cool. I heard the girls laughing and giggling and after 20 minutes they finally came out. Hannah brought out 3 towels and Lindsay had a small two piece black swim suit that barely covered her 34D - 24 -26 body. Hannah had on a red two piece that the material was stretched I could see her big nipples and her camel toe on her thong. I smiled as Lindsay jumped in and swam and splashed me with water. Hannah sat in the shallow end and put her feet in. After a few minutes she went in and made us some sandwiches and chips and a water and we ate by the pool. After a hour the girls went inside and I laid out on a towel. I heard some more giggling and looked up to the second floor and saw Hannah and Lindsay talking and looking outside at me on the pool deck.

I rolled over and after an hour went inside and upstairs to my room. I passed by Hannah room and before I could get to my I heard Lindsay say "Hey, Hannah step brother we need you for a minute. I have a question I would like to ask you." I paused and turned around and walked back and went inside Hannah room. Lindsay was sitting on the queen size bed next to Hannah and there was about 40 stuffed animals on the bed and floor. I smiled and said "what question would that be?" Lindsay said "You went to military school since you were 8. Hannah and Candy are your step sister and are not blood related to you in any manner, correct?" I nodded yes. "Are there any girls at the military school or just all guys." "All guys." "Have you ever been with a girl? Are you still a virgin?" said Lindsay. I paused and said "I am 100%all man and love women and lost my virginity awhile back." I said. I was lying about the virginity part but I did want to seem lame.

"Hmm, 100% all man you say. Can you prove it. Your not shy are you?" Lindsay said. I said "No! Why are you asking." "I think your real cute and Hannah starting to come around to thinking your cute and since no one is home. Why don't you show us your penis and we will be the judge if your 100% real man or are you chicken." I just smiled and took off my shirt and dropped it onto the pink carpet. I unzipped my shorts and my semi erect penis flopped out into my hand. I looked and both girls eyes got big and then there mouths opened and Lindsay said "Damn, he is not even hard yet and is bigger than my boyfriend Rick. It must be 9 -10 inches and thick Hannah." I sucked in my stomach and Lindsay fell to the floor and crawled over and started to suck my cock. She ran her tongue down the shaft and pulled down my shorts to to my ankles. I looked over and Hannah was licking her lips and rubbing her left breast. "Matt you can't tell my Mom and especially not Candy." I nodded yes and mouthed OK.

Hannah stood up and walked over and I cupped her ass cheek with my right hand and rubbed her left breast. Lindsay was sucking my cock and fondling by big balls and saliva was falling on her chest. I looked down and Lindsay was now naked and playing with her pussy and I was french kissing Hannah and teasing her nipples. I watched as Hannah took off her bikini and was now naked and rubbing my shaft as her friend tongued my balls. I could not last any longer and I grunted and Hannah fell to the ground and I shot a big load on her face and Lindsay. Both girls sucked me dry and licked up the cum off each other breast. They kissed and swapped my cum in between them. I followed them down the hall into the bathroom and fucked both of them until 5pm in many different positions before they took me back to my room and I fell asleep on my bed.

I awoke about 9pm and went down stairs and saw Hannah and Lindsay talking with Ginger and they all said hi. I asked how Ginger day was and she asked about my and the girls laughed and ran upstairs. Ginger said "what has gotten into them." I smiled and said I was tired and went upstairs to bed.

The next day I got dressed and went around the house looking for everyone and opened the door to the basement. I heard some music coming down stairs and the sounds of jump rope hitting the floor. I walked down and Candy was working out. They had a stair climber , bike and rowing machine and some free weights. She was skipping rope and her big juggs were flopping in the air. Candy had a blue sports bar on and a white cut up tee covering her top and black spandex shorts that accented her big ass. I just smiled and Candy said "Hey bro what's up?" I said "you need some to work out with?" Candy smiled and said "Yeah, I am always looking to work someone out, I mean work out with." She shot me a smile and a wink. I got on the StairMaster and started to work out next to her. Candy got on the bike and was telling me her Mom had taken Hannah to see a college today and would be home later.

After about 20 minutes Candy got up and grabbed a bottle of water from the mini fridge and started to drink. She let some of the water out of her mouth and the cold water hit the front of her work out clothes. "Oops clumsy me, always spilling things. I always seem to spill on these big boobs, my sister always says it's not a meal until Candy spills." I said "accidents happen." She smiled and asked me to help her with some free weights on the floor. "I bet you can't lift that bar bell over your head. I saw your Dad try and he had problems." said Candy. I said "Umm, what do I get if I can do it?" Candy said "I got to give you something." Before she could ask again I quickly walked over and lifted the weights over my head. It was not that heavy and Candy sighed as I put it back on the floor.

I smiled and looked over at Candy and she said "well you did it, now what would you like in return." I said "Hmm that is a tough one, why don't you decide." "We'll my previous boyfriend liked me to give him a kiss on the lips for winning but since we are step brother and sister. How about hug?" She walked over and crushed her big breast in my chest and wrapped her arms my neck and pushed my chin on her shoulder." "Wow! This is some hug, I was hoping for a hug. You probably can't kiss as good as this hug?" I said. Candy head came off my chest and she pulled my neck and head toward her lips and she kissed me on the mouth. She kissed my very hard and passionate and after 3-4 minutes began to slip me the tongue. I massaged her back and was kissing her hard in return. She dropped her hands and began to fondle my ass and then she let go and looked at me and said "You like the kiss better or the hug bro?" I smiled and said "hmm I am not sure." She laughed and said "we'll there is a lot of clothes between us and you could not feel how big my boobs really are.

Candy walked over and slowly took off her clothes and I gut undressed quickly and we met next to the StairMaster and began to run our hands over each other body. My dick got hard and rested against her stomach and she dropped her right hand and stroked my penis as I fondled her huge tits. We were still kissing when she fondled my ass and started to spank my right ass cheek. I turned her around and walked her around the StairMaster and put her feet on the steps. She smiled as she bent over showing me her big ass. She was sweating all over her body and she guided my big dick into her tight pussy. She moaned and grunted as her pussy finally took my big member and she cried out. Her first orgasm was fast and very wet and my dick was hammering her tight pussy. She started the StairMaster and was walking as I was fucking her from behind. We got off and walked over to the workout bench and she climbed on top of my cock as a laid underneath her. I grabbed her ass and her big breast rested on my chest as her pussy hammered down on my dick. After twenty minutes she climbed off and rested her boobs on my thighs and jacked my cock. I reached with my right hand and fingered her ass and she stroked my cock and sucked my balls. I grunted and thick white streams of goo spurted out and landed on her lips and breast. She sucked her nipples and licked her fingers and smiled at me.

I followed Candy upstairs and she took me into her bed room for the rest of the day. Just like the day before I fucked my step sister in every hole and learned how to eat pussy. Candy showed me how to use a vibrator and dildo. She shoved them into her pussy as I fucked her tight ass. She swore me to secrecy and I went to bed and came down stairs about 10pm that night.

My step Mom asked how I was and what I had been up to. "Matt tomorrow the girls are going shopping all day and then are going on a class trip with there friends and won;t be home until Monday night. I was hoping since it was Friday tomorrow that maybe we can do something while there gone." I smiled and "yes, what did you have in mind?" Ginger said "I'll show you around town. You must be bored with being alone with the girls since you got here." I smiled and said "its a date, see you in the morning." I went upstairs and went to bed.

Ginger woke me up around 8am and we stopped and got some coffee and donuts before she took me to the Zoo. I was having a hard time all day watching her and walking next to her trying to hide my erection. Ginger had put on tight white pants and a black strapless top that stretched around her big juggs. Every time we hit a pot hole or bump I got to watch her big juggs shake. Every once in awhile she would have to fix her top and pull it up. I wore some sun glasses and would stare out the sides trying not to be too obvious. At the end of the day we changed and she wore a tight pink cocktail dress. I was not sure how she got it over her breast and ass but she looked tremendous in it. She commented how my Dad liked it the most. Everyone men would watch her as she walked or ate at the restaurant. After diner she took me dancing and taught me how to tango and foxtrot and danced many slow numbers with me. Her breast were tremendous and ever once in awhile she would drop her hand or rub against my hard cock. I was not sure I was to obvious but I tried to behave until I could get home and masturbate.

It was just past midnight when we got home and I thanked her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She smiled and went into the kitchen and poured herself a drink. I went upstairs and took a long cold shower. I got out of the shower and was just about ready to put on my boxers when I noticed the door was not shut tight again. I looked down and noticed a drop a red wine on the floor tile. I was still wondering when there was a knock on the door to my room. "Are you decent in there? Can I come in?" Ginger said. "Wait a minute!" I said. I walked over and crawled into bed naked. "Ok" and the door open and Ginger was standing there in a black see through robe. She had black 4inch high heels with pink faux fur on the open toes. She had on black fish net stocking and matching garters holding them up and a black thong that came up high on her hip. Her robe was loose and I could see she had a black leather corset tied tight and her boobs were encased in a black leather bra and two holes were cut out showing her erect nipples. I smiled again and she said "Thanks for today, I almost forgot how nice it was to go out and be in the company of such a nice young man. I will be down the hall if you need anything tonight." Ginger turned around and shut the door. I was still in a daze from the wine on the floor and seeing her in that outfit that I pulled the sheet up and put my head on my pillow.

It was about 1am when I rolled over and took a quick glimpse of my alarm clock. I was about ready to fall back asleep when I heard a pair of high heels coming toward my room. There was a puase and then I saw the door knob to my room began to turn. I pulled my arms under my top sheet and rolled my head on the pillow to the left. The door was open and I could smell Ginger perfume. She was wearing the same perfume from early today only she had put more on. I heard the door close and heard her move toward the left side of the bed. I could hear her gulp her wine and sigh and she set her glass on the night stand next my bed. I was laying still and kept my eyes close to see what she was going to next.

I felt the bed move on my left side and felt her hand pick up the top sheet and move it down passed my feet to the foot of the bed. Her breathing increased and I could feel her stareing at my naked body. My dick was laying on my thigh half erect and I could feel she was rubbing her chest. I felt her middle finger run down my chest and stop at my stomach. I then felt her touch my dick very softly and she sighed. She then began to stroke my cock and I slowly opened my eye lid to take a peek. She slapped my cock head on her erect nipples sticking out of her bra. She was sitting on the bed with her robe on the floor and her legs were lying next to my side. She bent down and started to lick my cock head and sucked off my pre cum. She pasued and sighed from the taste. I then felt her other hand began to play with my big balls. She started to suck my cock and after a few minuted engulfed my dick completely. Her daughters had trouble deep throating my size but this MILF was sucking my cock like a porn star.

I watched and felt with amazement as she stroked my cock from its base to the tip of my cock and licked my head. She then made sluring and gulping nosies as she deep throated me again. I could see the salvia was getting on her leather bra and her nipple poked me in the hip. I finally reached with my left hand and pinched her nipple. Her eyes got big and she turned and brought her throat and mouth of my cock. She took my shaft and placed my tip of my dick on her lips and said "Shh, Ginger knows what young men need. I love young hard cock big boy." I stared as she went back to sucking my cock. After another 10 minutes I could not hold back any more and she said "Yes! Yes! Yes! Let me taste that big load - like I saw in the shower." I grunted and grabbed her head and she jammed my cock down her throat and I started to cum. She gaged and chocked on my load and swallow every last drop. She broguht my cock back to life after a few minutes and grabbed my hand and took me down the hall to her master bedroom.

Her bedroom was big and she had a huge 4 post canopy bed and a big black leather ottman at the foot of the bed. She climbed on the ottman and showved her ass and arched her back. She placed her hands in some leather straps on the two post near the ottman and tunred around and looked at me. I was stroking my cock and I came up behind her and unfasten her bra and let it fall to the ground. Her huge 50 HH spilled out and fell onto her stomach. She was grunting and yelling at me to fuck her and I smiled as I saw a leather strap and feather duster on her dresser. I reached over and started to gently spank her bottom as she tried to wiggle her ass. I tickeled her sides and feet and under her huge breast causing her to orgasm tiwce. "Fuck me Matt! Fuck you step Mom! Come on baby fuck your mommy! It's been to long since I've felt a big cock in my pussy!" I smiled agian and slapped her ass and reached up and pinched her nipples. I slid my hard cock in her tight pussy and she squirted her love juice on my ock and thighs. I fucked her hard and deep and long strokes and her knees gave out and she almost fell on the floor.

I unloosed her restraints and picked her up and placed her on her black satin sheets. I moved her pillows to the side and pulled back her sheets. I turned her on her side and got behind her and started to fuck her pussy again. I reached around and fondled her big juggs and bit her neck and she screamed and oragsmed. "Yeah thats a good son fuck your step mom! Harder! Harder! Fuck me harder!! I rammed my hips into her thigh and my balls were slapping the under side of her ass and she screamed again and came on my dick. I turned her on her back and mounted her and slammed my dick back into her tight pussy. She reached around and fondle my aa and scrathed my back. "Cum inside me! Don't pullout, shoot your young sperm inside of me! Yeah! Yeah!" I grunted and shot a big load in her pussy. I felt some sperm come out and drip down her back as she laid there exhausted. She turned her head and frenched kissed me.

It's been over three weeks since I got here to my Dad house. I am still fucking my step Mom every chance I get. She does not know I am fucking her girls. Untill the other day neither sister new I was fucking them behind there backs. But Hannah and her freind Lindsay came home early one day and found me fucking Candy in there Mom's bed. They took off there clothes and joined us and now they sneek out and come in and fuck me while my step mom is asleep. I heard them yesterday night coming to see me but Ginger got home early and caught them in the hall. She sent them to there room. She opened my door and locked it and gave me a great blow job before we fucked in the shower and I came on her tits.

My Dad called and said he was being deployed for another 3 months and got the military to station me at the San Diego base for a year. I am living at home instead of the barracks. I have to go and get ready. My step Mom just got home and is bringing a foreign exchange student home today. Her name is Miotostis and she is from Africa.


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