Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Lawn Service - Got Breast Milk

I just moved back from my first year in college and decided to fall back into old habits. I was broke and did not want to get a real job, so I went into the garage and fired up the lawn mower and pushed it down the driveway. I hit the first three house on the block and got no luck. The fourth house a old lady felt bad for me and gave me ten bucks to mow her front lawn. She told me to come back in two weeks and mow it agin. I laughed under my breath and went on looking for the next house. I spent the whole day walking and knocking and made about $40 bucks, so I called it a day.

I stopped and got a six pack and a new Juggs magazine and headed back home. I got home and my folks were out for the night. I drank my beers and ate some leftovers from the fridge and jerked off to a women with huge juggs in the back of the magazine. The model had huge tits with heavy makeup and blonde hair and she was about 45 years old in her bio. She liked to fuck young guys and take it in the ass. I wish she lived in my town instead of the old ladys and retirees. I got up and checked a few online sites on my computer. I decide to post an ad for lawn care service and odd jobs and see if I had any better luck. I drifted off to sleep and was woken up by my dad going to work.

I took a shower and put on my Rolling Stones black t-shirt and some cargo shorts and my blue sandals and sat down to check my computer. I checked my in box and I had one message. The message was from Donna White who lived about 15 miles away and she needed someone to mow her lawn and fix her fence. I picked up the phone and got directions to her house. Donna sounded real friendly on the phone. She explained that her husband had moved out and they were going through a seperation but her one son was 10 and she just had a new baby and her grass was getting quite high. I reasured her that it was no problem and that I would be over right away.

I grabbed my scooter and pulled my lawn mower behind me. It took about 25 minutes to get to her house, I used some short cuts to get there faster. Her green mini van was in the garage and there was a bicycle on the front lawn. Her house was a two story brick house with a 1/2 acre of land in front and two acres in the back. She had a big deck out back and the picket fence on the side was broken and weathered and in need of repairs. I knocked on her front door and after 5 minutes Mrs. White came to the door. Donna White was about 5ft with big green eyes. She had bleach blonde hair that was curly on he ends and fell half way down her back. She had on small gold earrings and a few rings on her fingers. She was wearing black spandex shorts that hugged her thighs and nice firm ass. She had a white shirt that was hung loossely around her waist and covered her chest. I could not see if she was wearing a bra becuase the light was not hitting her shirt just right. She shook my hand and my dick instantly got hard. She looked like she was tired and she reached back and put her hair in a knot as I stood in the doorway. I heard the ten year old running around and her new born crying in the back ground. I smiled and said "Mrs. White don't worry I can find my way around out side and I will start on your lawn."

I started up the lawn mower and got to work. It was noon when I got the front yard done and 2pm when the back was completed. I picked up some branches and leaves and went into her tool shed out back near the pool. I got out her edger and edge the front and back and knocked down some brush near the garden. It was going on 5pm when she called my name and waved her hand over her head for me to come to the house. Mrs. White reached her wallet and gave me $60 dollars and asked if I could come back tomorrow and do some more work around her house. I smiled and said yes. I had taken a few glances at the house all day but onyl saw the kids and her once maybe twice.

The next day I got to Mrs. White house at 9am and started to fix her side fence. I found a hammer and nails and it only took about 30 miutes to get all the fence lokking new again. I went into the garge and got some paint and I heard a car door slam and a person get out of his car. I watched as the front door of the house opened and I saw Mrs White let go of her son hand as he ran toward the man on the sidewalk. She smiled and said "Victor you have the kids for the next three nights. I put some extra diapers and towels for the baby. I put some formula incase my breast milk runs out and you need to feed the baby. I pumped enough for the next three nights and I just fed him. Juniors clothes and his sleeping bag is in his duffle bag. Call me if you need anything." Mrs White stood there and watched her husband take the kids down to his new BMW and when a young girl got out and helped him she frowned and walked back inside the house. Victor handed the young girl the kids and got in and drove away.

I went out and finshed painting the fence and walked around back and got the skimmer off the tool shed and began to skim the bugs out of the pool. I turned my head and watched the second floor and saw Mrs. White walk passed her bedroom window. The blindes were slightly open and I saw Mrs. White pull up her shirt and throw it on the bed. She was looking into her mirror on the closet and she started to take off her bra. I thought she was little busty but I was not prepared when she took off her bra and her juggs fell onto her stomach. She had such a tiny frame and small ass that I was surpirsed she did not tople over from her massive juggs. She reached over and grabbed her breast pump and started to manually pump her breast. The white milk slowly pumped into some bottles and she closed her eyes. My cock was begining to stir in my pants and after the second bottle I almost lost my load in my shorts. She got up off the bed and walked passed the window and placed the two bottles of fresh breast milk and her breast pump on her big oak dresser. She then walked into the master bath and shut the door. I walked over to the back sliding glass door and slowly open the door. I crept up the stairs to the second floor and could hear her in the shower. I walked over to the bed and picked up the huge white bra and read the inside. "48FF." I never knew they got this big. I once dated a girl who was a C cup but those were organges compared to these watermelons. I pickup her spandex shorts and they said size 0. Her huge tits dwarfed the rest of her fine assets. I walked over to the bottles of breast mil and tok my finger and wiped some milk on my finger. It was hot and I licked my finger clean. It smelled sweet and it had a slight heavy tatse but it was beautiful and I wanted more. I left the garments were I found them and headed back outside.

I listen and after a half hour saw Mrs white walk pass her windows with a great big white robe on. I pretend to be busy and was in the back yard picking out weeds and moveing dirt around her plants in the back yard. The slding glass door open and Mrs White said "you must be hot from all this work, why don't you come inside to cool down. I just made some fresh lemonade if you would like some." I smiled and nodded my head and shut the door behind me. I took off my sandals and follwed Mrs white into her kitchen. She got out two glasses and some ice cubes and said "open up the fridge and get out the lemonade and I will get down some cookies to go with it." I opened the fridge and saw the lemonade on the top shelf and two fresh bottles of breast milk sitting in the front. I had to move the bottles to the left to reach the lemonade and could feel the warm milk just filled a few minutes before she came and got me from the back yard. I smiled again as I turned and she was getting on a small 3 step ladder to get the cookies on the top shelf. I said "Mam'e let me get those for you. I mean Mrs. White." She smiled and said "Mam'e, Mrs.White, they makes me sound older than I am. Please call me Donna. I know my husband left me for his secretary and got a new car and condo but I am still a women." "Sorry, you look great and I am sure your husband regrets what he has put you and the kids through." I said.

She smiled and tossed back her hair and I followed her outside toward the pool. She had put on some wodden platform shoes that made her appear 4inches taller. She had a little problem walking but her ass jiggled under her bathrobe. Her two big tits were trying to escape and I was having a hard time keeping my dick in my cargo shorts. She sat on a white folding chair and placed the lemoande on the glass table. I was still standing next to her and looked down and saw her cleavage was huge from this vantage point. I slowly wiped my forehaed from sweat and she finally looked up and smiled. "Have a seat before you passout from looking at me." she said. I smiled and sat next to her. She said "It's nice not having to watch the kids and getting to go outside and enjoy the sun. I don't get a chance to do that anymore since having my newborn." I smiled and she then pourned the lemonade and took a sip. She wiped her lips with her middle finger and licked her nails on her right hand. She gently opened her robe exposing more of her flesh. "Do you have a girlfriend? I mean am I keeping you away from someone or something else to do?" she said. "No I don't have any plans and I broke up with a girl before coming home from college. She caught her mother and I making out at school. Her mother came to see her and I walked in to her room and one thing lead to another." I said.

Mrs. White smiled and said "you perfer older women with more experince don't you?" I smiled and mouthed yes. She opend her robe completely and her chest was resting on the glass table. She had a tiny black bathing suit that had small shoe string straps keeping her huge melons from escaping. She had two tiny black bandaid strips that kept back her bright pink thumb size nipples and she was touching the side of her tits as she looked in my eyes. Her right hand fell into my lap and she fondled my big 9 in my shorts untill it got hard. "My husband was always ashmed of my big breast and liked me to cover them up. He left me for his flat chested secretary. Do you like big tits." I smiled and answered "Yes, I don't like big tits, I love big tis and your big breast are amazing." "You are not feaked out by breast milk. They need to be sucked and played with alot." she said. I shook my head no and smiled again. Donna grabbed my hand and I followed her inside to the living room.

She stood and took off my clothes and through them on the floor next to the coffee table. I sat down on her leather couch and she got on her coffee table and took off her bra and matching black thong and through them at me. I sniffed her thong and licked her bra that was wet on the front from breas milk. I said "touch your self, show me how you like to play with your bald pussy." Her fingers touched her pussy and after 2 minutes she rocked back and forth and I leaned up and stuck my tongue in her gash. She orgasmed hard and clamped on my ears and screamed. I stood up and guided her on to my 6ft 2 frame and sank my big cock in her wet pussy. She bit my lip and then my neck and I slowly fucked her standing up. Her thighs gripped my waist and I held onto her legs as she rode up and down on my cock. Her brest rubbed against my hair on my chest and warm milk leaked out of her nipples onto my chest. I pulled out and spun her around and started to fuck her doggstyle on her leather ottman. She grunted and screamed for me to fuck her harder. "Fuck me lawn boy! Show momma how you service the ladies! Fuck ! Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me harder! Cum in my pussy! I slaped her tiny ass and left my right palm inprint on her right ass cheek and then I dumped my first load in her hot pussy. Her cunt lips and muscles sucked me dry and after a few minutes I slipped out and she tossed me on the couch.

She started to lick my cock and bring it back to life. She sat on her knees and fondled my balls and sucked my cock harder. I reached down with my hands and fondled her big juggs and tugged on her pink nipples. Warm milk squirted out into my hands and fingers and she grunted and screamed. She was crying and her masscare ran and she lost a earring that hit the coffee table when she stroked my big cock. i smiled and she got on my cock reverse cow girl and beggan to fuck me. Her hair hit my face and I reached up and played with her big tits. She got off my cock and then spit on it and slowly sat her tiny ass on my cock. I was a little taken a back, that my big cock could fit in her small ass but after the first 2 inches got wedge in we both screamed. I slid my hand onto her hips and slammed her body on my cock. She reached up and fondled her tits and shot big white stream of milk into the air. I smiled and watched in amzement as her milk hit the tv on the wall across the room. She rode me for twenty miutes before I exploded in her hot ass and she was sucking her nipples and did not stop till she fell on the couch to right side of me. I looked over and my sperm was leaking out of her butt crack, She smiled and took my hand and we walked outside to the pool. We fucked in the pool and then for the next tree days fucked in everyroom of the house. On the last night her husband called and he said he had filed for divorce and wanted to see her reaction. She put the phone on the bed and screamed as I fucked her ass. "Yeah baby show momma how you like!! Fuck me with that huge cock! Make it so I can't walk again!! Yes! Yes! Yes!!! Pull out and goo my tits with another big load. Suck my breast dry. She picked up the phone and smiled and hung up the receiver.

I herd the door bell ring and Donna called out from the shower. "Can you get the door!" I got up and put her bath robe on and head down the stairs. I open the door and there is Victor and his secretary with the kids. They give me a dirty look and then I shut the door in there face. I am holding the new born when there is a knock on the door. I expect its Victor but when I open the door a women is standing there. She comes on in and I hear Donna coming down the stairs and she says "Ingrid you here so early. I hired Ingrid to be our nanny. I saw her picture on the internet and she loves kids. Her hobbies are older lacting women, younger guys and big dicks." Just as I turn, Ingird drops her coat and she is wearing a black leather french maid outfit and her huge tits are barely contained. She had a breast pump in one hand and a bottle of baby oil in the other.