Wednesday, April 1, 2009

S&M Robbery - All Tied Up

I was just getting out of my cargo van. I had a dark pair of jeans on, black boots and a black long sleeve shirt on. I had a ski mask in one hand and in the other a small black duffel bad. I had some duct tape, rope and some tools inside. I was a career criminal who like to burglarize and rob homes. I usually scout out my target a couple days in advance. I like big homes with lots of big ticket items to steal.

I walked down the sidewalk in front of this large house. I could see a light in the front window. I had checked the last few nights and noticed no one home at this hour. There were no cars in the driveway or out on the road. I watched for a few minutes and noticed no one going by the window. I looked around and saw no other lights on. I looked around the neighborhood but everything was quite.

I walked up to the back door. It was locked but I cracked the lock with a brick that was laying on the ground next to the house. I opened the screen door followed by the back door. I put the duffel bag on a big kitchen table. There was a a large cake on the table in the middle. I licked the frosting and opened the fridge. I took out a beer. I popped the top and drank it down. I wiped my mouth and started down the hall to the living room. There was a nice TV, Dvd, old VHS and a nice stereo in the living room. A computer was on a desk on the far side. I began to round all the items in the house on the main floor. I took them all back inside the kitchen.

I went back inside the living room. I peeked out the front curtains but did not seeing anything. I started up the stairs to the 2nd floor. I few of the wooden steps creaked as I got to the top. There were two bedrooms and a big bathroom on the 2nd floor. I looked in the first bedroom but it was being used for storage. I opened the bathroom door and saw a large amount of femine products on the sink. There were two large black bras that hung on the shower curtain and some black hose on the towel rack. There was a big brush and lots of makeup, perfume and creams on the sink also.

I turned around and head out the bathroom door. I got down the hall to the last room. I saw there was a light on under the door. I paused for a second. I crouched down on one knee to look through the wooden doors key hole. There was a light coming from the hole. I put my right eye on and looked inside the room. I had to take double take and pause. Sitting not more than four feet from the door was a very hot girl. She had long black hair. She was sitting down on a chair looking at herself in a mirror. I could smell she had just painted her finger and toe nails. I could also see she painted them bright red. She had on some black puffy slippers. She had on a black see through teddy that left nothing to the imagination. She had two small silver earrings to match her necklace around her neck. She was looking so amazing with her large breast expanding as she breathed.

I turned my head and thought for a few moments. I had never in my history of stealing from house come in contact with he owners of the homes. I also had never come in contact or been so close to such a beautiful women. I had spent the last 5 years in prison from just out of high school for my past crimes. I had only been on parole for a bout two weeks. I took one more look inside.

I was just about to move from the door when I hear a phone ring. It was the girls cell phone from inside the room. "Hi, thanks for calling me when you got to work. Have a good night. I am just going down stairs to watch a movie. I will be in bed soon. See you in the morning." she said. Hmm, it must be her boyfriend or husband who was on the phone. I got up and went down stairs. I walked over to my bag on the kitchen table. I took out the rope and duct tape. I put on the ski mask and headed back upstairs.

I was just about ready to open the bedroom door when I heard the girl from inside get up and walk toward the door. I turned and went into the bathroom. I stood there as she walked by me. I watched as her large 50GG breast moved under the black fabric. She had put on some red 4inch heels that made her nice 34 inch ass move inside a black thong. The thong rode up hide on her amazing 38 inch hips. She reached the top of the stairs and turned on the light to go downstairs.

I peeked around the bathroom door and watched her go down the wooden stairs. I could here her heels click on the stairs as she finally got down to the bottom on the carpet in the living room. I crept down the stairs as she turned n the light in the living room. "What the FUCK!!! Where is my TV. God damn what is going on. Where is my stuff." she said. As she paused I was finally down the stairs right behind her. I was now standing directly behind her. I brought my hand up to her throat and put it around her making her go quite. She tried to move her head to see me but I kept it forward.

"Don't scream. I have your stuff now. I need for you to be quite. Is there any one else at home with you right now." I said. She shook her head. I looked down and her ass was brushing up against the front of my jeans. Her eyes went back and forth again. She closed them and gasped for some air. "Come with me toward your kitchen. Here sit down in this chair." I said. She sat next to the kitchen table. I took the rope out and tied her feet and both her hands behind the metal chair. She did not say a word but kept looking at me. She tried to move her hands, then her feet. But they did not move.

"Are you Ok? Can you breath. It's ok you can talk now." I said. "Yes I can breath. I'm ok. You just startled me. Why are you doing this. Just take our things and leave." she said. I smiled. "Why are you not screaming or anything. Have you been robbed before. Why are you all sexed up tonight. I mean your man at work. Your sitting around in a black teddy. Just done your nails. Walking around in high heels." I said. "We'll if you must know. I don't get to spend much time getting made up. Plans fell through and I thought I come down and use the computer. I was going to send some hot pics and talk to this hot guy." she said.

"Sorry I messed those plans up. Your the first home owner who been home when I robbed the place and second of all you are one hot girl. I have been in prison for a long time and forgot how hot a women can be." I said. She smiled. I was standing across the other side of the kitchen table going through my duffel bag when I began to remember a smell from before I went to jail. I looked at the girl. She had her eyes closed and her mouth open licking her lips. I think she was getting wet from being tied up. "Excuse me, are you ok again?" I said. She paused and said, "God I don't now what has come over me. Its always been a fantasy of mind to be tied up like this. I really never imagined it would make me so wet. Damn I cumming on my chair. OMG I just had a big orgams. MMPPHHHHH!!!! MMhhhpp!! O'Baby!!!!!"

I was first stunned but then was getting a real hard on watching her. My big 9inch cock was now fully erect as I watched her across the table. I walked over to her and stood on her side. I eased the chair back giving her plenty of room. Standing 6ft 3 and looking down my flat stomach I watched her some more. "Touch me! Touch me sir, Play with my big boobs. Please!!! I need your help!!" she said. "Hmm your not like going to get mad and send me to jail? I mean I can go for robbing the house but not doing anything you don't want me to do." I said.

"NO!! No!!! Just help me get off. I need for a man right now to make me feel like a women. Do what ever you want with me. Just do it now." she said. I reached on the counter and put a piece of duct tape on her mouth. Her eyes were glassed over and I could smell her through out the kitchen. I reached into my bag and pulled out a bandanna and put it over her eyes. She was now tied up and blindfolded and could not scream. I could still here her through the duct tape as she moaned.

I took off my shirts, followed by my pants. I quickly tossed my white cotton briefs on the pile of clothes next to the kitchen table. I stroked my cock making it harder. The was a drop of pre-cum on the tip. I wiped it on her cheek. She moaned loud and I could tell she had another orgasm. I bit her ear lopes causing her head to drop back. I reached down and ripped off her teddy. Her breast were ripe. Her nipples were fully erect. I reached down and began to tweak and fondle her breast. Her head moved back and forth. "You like this? Don't you? You like being tied up and having your big breast fondled? Don't you? All she did was say yes and move her head forward and back in a "Yes" manner.

I got on my knees and began to lick her nipples and suck on her breast. I was between her thighs as she was still sitting down. I put my cock on the chair and she could feel my big cock head on her pussy hairs. I watched as her breathing inceased. I got up and stuck my dick inside her cleavage. I started to spit on my cock to lube her boob for my pleasure. My cock felt so warm inside her breast as I fucked her tits. I pulled on the nipples as she screamed under the duct tape. I watched as her pussy was trying to get my cock to go further past her pussy hairs. I could feel how hot she was from her pussy.

I stood up and rubbed my cock all over her face and forehead. I then reached down and removed the duct tape. She quickly sucked my dick into her mouth. First only a small amount then half, then got all 9 down her throat. I was standing on my tippy toes as she sucked me off. My big balls hit her chin. She then sucked each ball as my cock rode the side of her face. I could not hold back much longer from her expert cock sucking skills. My legs began to shake. "Hey, I think I am going to cumm baby." I said. She sucked it back to the base and I erupted into her mouth. She did not miss a drop as it slid down her throat. She finally spit my cock out as she had sucked him clean.

I went back to fondling her tits and biting her nipples. She was now breathing hard again as I went further down to her pussy. I started to eat her out and stick one finger inside her. I got two more fingers before she exploded in my mouth. I was now hard again. I got back on my knees and slowly stuck my cock inside her as she cried out with pleasure. "Yes! Yes! Yes!! Fuck me big cock stranger. Fuck your cock feels great. That it bit my right nipple. Kiss me while you fuck my tight cunt." I began t french kiss her as I fucked her harder and harder. I could feel her cunt lips on my cock as she bit my lower lip. Damn she was tight and so wet. She came again before I finally pulled out and came on her big tits. I untied her arms and she scooped up my sperm and sucked her fingers.

"Hey stranger you haven't seen the inside of my room have you. she said. I smiled and I united her legs and picked her up. I carried her to the 2nd floor bathroom. We took a long shower together before I took her into her bedroom. I stayed the rest of the night. We fucked in her bed then on the chair in front of her mirror. The one I saw she was sitting on when I peeked through the key hole.

I left before sunrise. She helped me carry her things to my van. I packed the van and gave her a kiss good bye. It was two weeks later that I came back to the back door. I looked inside the kitchen. The light over the table was on. She was siting in the same chair naked. She had a blind fold on. A small new TV on the counter. There was a new video camera set on a new tri pod in front of the hallway looking in on her. I smiled when I turned the door knob and it was unlocked,